Dawn Reno Langley

Dawn Reno Langley

An author with 29 books; hundreds of articles in local, national and international journals; and dozens of short stories, essays and poems to her credit, Dawn Reno Langley has written and published in every genre except screenplays. Her novels include All That Glitters, The Silver Dolphin, and Loving Marie; her children’s books include The Jenny Books, as well as A Tale from Lavallah and young adult novel After Always.  Her non-fiction specialties include Native American and African American art, American advertising collectibles, and time management.  Currently in her works-in-progress "file" are a series of linked essays, several novels, and a travel memoir.


Being in the antiques business is a bit like being part of a roadshow, Langley jokes.  She should know.  She has spent the past thirty years being part of the eclectic profession of buying and selling antiques/collectibles/art.  Langley ran several shops in Boston and throughout New England, specializing in (at various times) country and rustic furniture/collectibles, artwork of North American tribal artists, folk art by African American artisans, and Marilyn Monroe collectibles.  For more than a decade, Dawn Reno Langley reported on the antiquing scene throughout the country for major antiques and collectibles newspapers, as well as for magazines throughout the world.  Her knowledge of the antiques world is wide, and she is well-informed.


In her early twenties, Langley realized the power of yoga and meditation. Fascinated first by the meditative principles, she soon learned to appreciate the suppleness she felt in her spine after practicing yoga.  Those first yoga lessons introduced her to the hatha yoga tradition, which is what Langley still practices today.  Through the years, she has studied with various yogis in several of the many traditions, including Baron Baptiste, who popularized hot yoga, Rodney Yee, a yogi who creates bestselling videos, as well as the yoga masters at Yogaville in Virginia, where she’s spent several silent retreats.  Langley has shared her love of yoga by teaching small groups for the past ten years.

Freelance Writing

Langley began writing professionally at the age of eleven when her first article (a historical commentary) found its way onto the pages of a local newspaper.  Since then, she has published in many countries and in dozens of literary magazines, worked as an editor for a feminist journal, reported on antiques and art for years, supported a family by freelancing, published nonfiction books on a variety of subjects, wrote and published novels, collaborated with several children’s book illustrators, wrote theater/dance/art critiques for the Triangle area in North Carolina, and even produced a one-act play based on slavery in Vermont.  She has edited literary journals, managed arts journals and has created and maintained a writer’s platform.  She also writes five active blogs. For decades, she has shared her talents and secrets with other writers and would-be writers.  The long and short is that the only thing she hasn’t done is written a screenplay.  Yet.

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