Dawn Reno Langley

Dawn Reno Langley

Dawn Reno Langley has written and published in every genre except screenplays. Aside from writing, she has spent decades deeply immersed in the world of antiques, both as a collector and a seller.

Antiques Expert 

Being in the antiques business is a bit like being part of a roadshow, and Dawn should know. She has spent the past thirty years being part of the eclectic profession of buying and selling antiques/collectibles/art. She ran several shops in Boston and throughout New England, specializing in (at various times):

  • Country and rustic furniture/collectibles
  • Artwork of North American tribal artists
  • Folk art by African American artisans
  • Marilyn Monroe collectibles

For more than a decade, Dawn reported on the antiquing scene throughout the country for major antiques and collectibles newspapers, as well as for magazines throughout the world. Her knowledge of the antiques world is vast, and she is well-informed.

Freelance Writing Experience

Dawn has published in many countries and in dozens of literary magazines. In her varied career, she has:

  • Worked as an editor for a feminist journal
  • Reported on antiques and art for years
  • Supported a family by freelancing
  • Written and published many books
  • Collaborated with several children’s book illustrators

Dawn has also edited literary journals, managed arts journals. and created and maintained a writer’s platform. She also writes five active blogs.

More About Dawn Reno Langley

If you'd like to learn more about Dawn, her writing, and her other projects, you can follow her on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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