Jenna Hall

Jenna Hall

Jenna Hall is a freelance writer, yoga teacher and travel fanatic with over seven years of experience in blogging and social media management.

Education Credentials

In 2009, Jenna graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills, earning a B.A in Communications with a concentration in Technical Writing and English. She now writes and edits for several online publications on a variety of topics including relationships, travel, and yoga fitness.

Dating and Relationships Specialist

Jenna considers herself a dating and relationship specialist. She has been giving dating advice to people of all backgrounds since 2005 when she began her journey writing as the editor-in-chief for her sex and relationship column in The Tartan. After gaining momentum amongst the student body, the column eventually went viral, and shortly after she was recruited by Elle magazine to write as a Top Ten University Sex and Relationship Columnist for Ask E. Jean.

Dating Blogger

While studying to be a yoga teacher, she continued her path as a dating guru and was picked up by a Portland, Oregon-based active wear company to write for their blog on yoga, dating and relationships. Her article titled Why Yoga Men Make Better Lovers is an example of how her expertise in yoga and dating come together.

Jenna also used to blog for a professional matchmaking service called, Lotus Matchmaking, where she wrote dating tips, and interesting facts for South Asian professionals looking for love.

Registered Yoga Teacher

In 2012, Jenna packed her 'mochila' - her backpack - and headed off to Guatemala to pursue a yoga teacher training certification. She spent a month on a perma-culture farm studying yoga philosophy, sutras and asanas, and eating vegetarian food. She earned her 200 R.Y.T and is now a registered yoga teacher.

In 2014 she moved to Bolivia to work with a local non-profit in fundraising and yoga class facilitation. She now teaches on a part-time basis in Tucson, Arizona and Cochabamba, Bolivia.

More About Jenna Hall

You can learn more about Jenna and her writing career by visiting her profile on LinkedIn.

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