Kari Apted


Kari Apted is a freelance writer who has experience writing for widely varying clients and publications. Her first nationally published work appeared in Operation Homecoming in 2006. For six years, Kari penned an award-winning humorous newspaper column, and her work has been published by multiple magazines. She has a degree in visual communications and enjoys writing about arts, crafts, celebrations, and how to help families make the most of special days.


Award-Winning Newspaper Columnist,Crafter,Party Planner


  • Art Institute of Atlanta: Associate of Arts in Visual Communications

Party Planning Aficionado

In this era of virtual connections, Kari believes everyone should throw more parties to bring people together face-to-face. She hosts her extended family for every major holiday, and her kids’ birthdays are often celebrated twice: one party for family and another one for friends.

Kari's indoor-outdoor Halloween bash and end-of-school parties have become annual traditions, and she’s always eager to throw baby and bridal showers for friends. She enjoys every aspect of party planning, from finding creative invitations to cooking special foods and decorating to fit the theme.

More About Kari Apted

You can easily learn more about Kari by connecting with her on LinkedIn and visiting her at KariApted.com.