Selene Benjamin

Selene Benjamin

A freelance writer and editor for the last 20 years, Selene Benjamin started her career as a journalist with The Dallas Morning News. Working for the Metropolitan section, she honed her skills writing about the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and even got to write local restaurant reviews and human interest articles.

Advertising/Marketing Experience

After the newspaper business, Selene jumped on the opportunity to move to New York City and enjoyed a brief stint in advertising. After a year-and-a-half in the Big Apple, Hollywood started calling her name, so she packed up and headed west. This time online marketing found her, and she worked for a large internet company for a couple years before deciding to go out on her own and start freelancing.

Freelance Writing Expertise

Since deciding to become a freelancer, Selene's been writing and editing (as Selene Benjamin and under the byline Abby Vaun) about anything and everything. From marketing articles and fitness blog posts to ghostwriting about different types of golf cart windshields, she's done it all! She also excels in witty-yet-informative articles that capture attention on social media.

Freelancing has given Selene the opportunity to not just travel and meet all kinds of interesting people, but also to do what she loves most in the world, learn! (If you ever need to know about golf cart windshields, she's your gal!)

Connect With Selene Benjamin

If you're interested in contacting Selene about writing opportunities, you'll find her on LinkedIn.

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