Roberta Striga

Roberta Striga

Roberta Striga is a professional freelance writer and blogger whose work has appeared on a number of online media outlets including AskMen, Kickette, NBC’s Petside, Hecklerspray and Coed Magazine. Over the years she has covered a variety of topics including (but not limited to) travel, beauty, sports, entertainment and pets. She received Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Zagreb and she is a Chevening scholar (a scholarship awarded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the United Kingdom).

TV and Movies

A dedicated TV watcher and movie lover, Roberta started blogging about TV shows and movies in 2007. She reviews both movies and TV shows and previews upcoming TV shows, but her favorite thing is sourcing list articles. She loves covering genres that are not considered mainstream such as Scandinavian noir, UK crime and comedies. The more obscure the show is, chances are she probably heard of it (and watched it at some point). She keeps up with the latest industry news and regularly attends advance screenings. Her TV and movie blog can be found at Couchslobs.

Skin Care

Ever since hitting her teens Roberta suffered with sensitive skin. The only problem? She is a skin care junkie. After a lot of trial and error (and a period where she could only use baby bottom cream on her face), she had enough. She decided to educate herself on skin care and ingredients to be able to use products that are effective and will not break her out (favorites include retinol, lactic acid and vitamin C).

Nowadays, her evening skin care routine includes ten steps. She loves French pharmacy and Korean skin care products and firmly believes you can find great quality, effective skin care at any price point. Her favorite pastime is exploring her local drugstore and reading the ingredients lists on the back of the products (that and preaching about the importance of using sunscreen).

She hopes to share her passion with her readers and help them in their quest for a healthier looking skin. She has written extensively about beauty for the now defunct LoveBeauty app.


Roberta caught the travel bug at any early age from her parents. She has traveled extensively through Europe and lived in the United Kingdom during her postgraduate studies. With the proliferation of budget airlines, she made it her mission to find the best deal possible for her travel jaunts. Whether it is a short city break or a longer multi-city jaunt, she is determined to travel in style without breaking the bank. One of her favorite things about traveling is learning about new cultures and sampling all the local food. One of her favorite travel assignments so far is reviewing a new rollercoaster ride in Gardaland.

Other Interests and Hobbies

Roberta is a dedicated baker since she finds it soothing and it satisfies her sweet tooth. Her bundt cake is considered legendary. She is also a proud owner (or a dedicated servant; it depends who you ask) to three cats and one dog. Over the years she sheltered and found homes for a number of strays (and bottle-fed a good few abandoned kittens). Recently she has taken up running for its physical and mental health benefits. Roberta is also an avid reader. Her favorite genres include thrillers, crime and cozy mysteries.

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