Leah G. Reynolds

Leah Reynolds is a seasoned information technology professional with over two decades of specialized experience in information assurance and security, website design, SEO, computer programming and app design.

Information Technology

She has a fascination with all things technology and has been building her very own GTX gaming computer, complete with a neon liquid cooling system. She is skilled in managing, innovating, and implementing IT audit and risk management strategies with extensive experience in fostering compliance with regulatory information security issues.

She currently holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland with a concentration in Information Security and runs a computer consulting government contracting firm where she provides various IT services. She has trained education professionals and business owners on both web design and content design to help drive traffic to websites and social media outlets.

Writing, Editing, Publishing and Design

Leah also lends her services to editing college dissertations and doctoral theses based on the APA standard 6th edition and MLA writing standards.

Writing is a passion that Leah pursues daily.

Leah is also the CEO of RCS Publishing where she ghostwrites, edits and markets numerous novels for authors currently signed to her company.

She is also a seasoned publisher with experience in editing, typesetting and designing e-books, articles, books and novels. Leah has over a decade of experience with publishing hardback and softback books, book cover design and publication, marketing and promotion including website design and social media optimization.

Autism/Special Education Advocate

Leah is currently homeschooling her youngest son who is on the autism spectrum. She loves to share her 'on-the-job' knowledge of raising a child on the spectrum with regards to available services, resources and grants. She is also an autism advocate, championing the fight for fair and equitable education for all.

She is the author of The Optimistic Autistic: Our Testimony, which is a user-friendly resource for caregivers of individuals with special needs. Her writing has been recently published in Chicken Soup for the Soul and in the Southern Maryland Library Association publication What's Your Story, in which she details the challenges and triumphs of raising a special needs child.



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