Dr. Pippa Elliott

Dr. Pippa Elliott

Dr. Pippa Elliott is a veterinarian with almost three decades of experience in small animal practice. Pippa can't imagine life without animals in it and has been known to go on vacation taking two guinea pigs, a bearded dragon, and a cat (admittedly not all at the same time.) Pippa believes in empowering owners to make informed decisions about their fur-family member, and this is one of the main motivators behind her writing.

Veterinary Experience

Dr. Pippa Elliott BVMS MRCVS graduated from the University of Glasgow, UK, in 1987. She worked for two years in a private practice on the south coast of England before moving to the charity sector. For seven years, Dr. Pippa was employed as a veterinary surgeon at the PDSA (People's Dispensary for Sick Animals.) This involved caring for sick and injured animals belonging to people on low incomes. It is said that at the PDSA, a vet sees as many unusual cases in one year as the average practitioner sees in a lifetime, and this was certainly the case. From newly hatched tortoises to goldfish and fallow deer, all manner of scaly, finned, and furry creatures passed through the clinic doors.

After two years in Australia, Dr. Pippa returned to her roots. Now with a young family of the two-legged kind, she worked at a clinic where she first gained hands-on experience as an animal obsessed 14-year-old girl. Happily, she still works there to this day, in a stand-in capacity. Pippa currently balances stand-in work with veterinary copywriting, providing easy-to-digest information about animal health, behavior, and training.

As well as contact with animals, Dr. Pippa loves the buzz of working up a complex case. She likens this to being a detective, and her natural eye for detail makes her a super-sleuth. However, Pippa acknowledges she remembers the pet names better than that of their owners, and many a pet parent has been stared at blankly until she places them with their animal.

Empowering Pet Parents

Dr. Pippa works by the ethic "Do unto others as you would be done by yourself." This means providing owners with the information they need to decide what's best for their fur-family member. This is where Pippa's love of the written word comes in. By writing articles that decode complex topics, it demystifies pet health and makes for better care.

Indeed, as well as talking with owners face to face across the consulting room table, Pippa writes as an advocate for animal health. She writes extensively for authoritative sites online, plus print publications such as the Veterinary Times, International Cat Care, and Your Cat magazine. Pippa has a special interest in the social history of pet care, which saw her giving a lecture at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, in 2016.

Dr. Pippa also has on-screen experience presenting live question-and-answer webinars. She has written numerous animal care courses and ghostwritten eBooks on pet health and dog training.

Fur (and Scaly) Family

A quick headcount shows Dr. Pippa's fur family comprises three cats, one dog, and a bearded dragon. Animals are a source of great contentment in her life, so much so she decided a long time ago that a vacation wasn't nearly so enjoyable without them. The Elliott family has been seen traveling with a car load of pets and hubs riding shotgun on a motorbike because there wasn't room for him inside the vehicle.

Hobbies and Interests

In her downtime, Pippa enjoys long walks and games of fetch with Pogs the dog. Indeed, Pogs is a natural at agility, being far better at running and jumping than she is at staying still for obedience. Pippa also likes to keep fit with gentle jogging, which is great for clearing the mind.

Connect With Dr. Pippa Elliott

If you'd like to learn more about Dr. Pippa's work, you can connect with her on LinkedIn.


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