Lindsay Woolman


Lindsay Woolman is a healthcare writer who covers a number of topics including those that surround addiction and recovery, sleep disorders, and stress, among others. In addition to her work at LoveToKnow, she blogs regularly for Intermountain Healthcare.


Fiction writer,Blogger


  • Lewis and Clark College: Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature

Detailed Experience

Bachelor's Degree

Lindsay holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature from Lewis and Clark College.

Health Writing Background

Lindsay has produced health topic articles for several clients, including:

  • South Coast Medical Center's South Coast Health Magazine
  • Mayo Clinic
  • The aforementioned Intermountain Healthcare

Published Fiction Author

Lindsay also writes fiction for young adults, such as her novel The Perfect Pull.

Contact Lindsay Woolman

If you'd like to learn more about Lindsay's work, you can contact her via her profile at LinkedIn. You can also follow her on Twitter.