Stephanie M. Kelley

Stephanie M. Kelley

Stephanie Kelley has been writing articles and columns online for SGM Radio and SGN Scoops Digital since 2005. She has a Bachelor of Arts in art history/anthropology from Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington and writes on a number of topics including art, frugal living, children and travel.

Kelley is a research geek who loves learning new things. Her interest in writing sprouted during her college years. She found researching and writing term papers FUN!

Web Design

Stephanie has been doing graphic art and web page design since 1996. Her background in fine art and art history gives her a unique perspective on the world, which often translates into her design work. She has created graphics for a variety of clients including national magazines and internationally known musical artists.


What started as a passion grew into a profession. Stephanie has always enjoyed taking photos, but started doing it professionally in 2003. She enjoys every aspect of the job, from working with clients to editing the final images.


Stephanie has always loved children and now with a family of her own, she continues to learn new things about how to help them grow and develop. She is constantly on the look-out for new and creative educational activities for her family.


Stephanie's parents used to make elaborate home-made costumes for her every Halloween and for many other occasions. This sparked an interest in creative costumes that she carries today. She carries on her parents' love for costuming with her own children and enjoys sharing her ideas with others. She has also been the costume mistress for several full production ballets.


Having been home schooled herself, Stephanie carries on this tradition by home schooling her children. Creativity and patients are a must, but she feels that her children are getting a quality education at home.


Stephanie has always had a love for all things crafty. Her art background often mixes with her love for crafting to produce unique and useful pieces.She enjoys sharing her discoveries with others and hopes that it will spark their own ideas.


Stephanie has always been involved in the music industry for over ten years. She has a particular interest in the Christian music scene, but keeps up on other types of music as well.


You know those people who put bows on everything, including the dog and the doorknobs? Yep, that's her. Stephanie looks forward to next Christmas starting on December 26th every year.

Freelance Writer

Stephanie has been freelance writing for ten years and has been published in many national publications. She enjoys writing in various voices and on a variety of topics. She also likes helping others learn more about freelance writing.

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