Sue-Lynn Moses

Sue-Lynn Moses is a Jack-of-all-trades with a variety of interests. She has worked as a professional editor and freelance writer, and she excels in research.

Educational Background

Sue-Lynn has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in financial management and a Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management and Services. Both degrees were earned at Davenport University.

Skilled Researcher

Over the years, Sue-Lynn has her exceptional research skills in various positions. She was the lead researcher and writer at Skilled Reps, where she did research, developed marketing materials, and conducted interviews with high level professionals. She was also employed to conduct research for The New School in New York City, New York.

Editor Expertise

Sue-Lynn is a former Site Editor at LoveToKnow, and she also served as a legal article editor at James Publishing and Attorney Marketing. She is currently the Senior Editor at Inside Philanthropy.

Personal Interests

Sue-Lynn is also knowledgeable about food and wine, movies, and organics. She uses her years of experience to write entertaining articles which contain the info most people want to know about.

More About Sue-Lynn Moses

If you'd like to learn more about Sue-Lynn's work, you can visit her professional profile at LinkedIn.

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