Anna Spooner

Anna Spooner

Anna has been a content and copywriter since 2011 and loves learning new things and writing about them. Anna strives to make all of her writing approachable, easy to understand, and fun to read. She has written about everything from home decor to Obamacare and published a book titled Creating Content That Gets Results. Her specialties are finance, insurance, marketing, and real estate, and home-based topics.

Finance Expert

Anna received a finance degree from the University of Iowa in 2003 and loves everything to do with the topic. She's fascinated by stocks and markets, especially international trade and currency exchange. She also writes and reads about budgeting, cutting costs, and how to earn extra money. She really believes young people need a better financial education starting in the teen years.

Insurance Background

After graduating college, Anna worked at an insurance company for 11 years. She maintained an insurance license, answered customer questions about insurance in dozens of states, and managed to stay sane all at the same time. After being in customer service for several years, Anna transitioned to scheduling where she learned about call center call volumes, the impact of holidays, and how to handle conflicts between the goals of different sets of people in the business.

Marketing, Content Creation, Copywriting

Marketing is Anna's second passion after finance. She has written extensively about small business marketing on her blog at Point Content Marketing. She has worked with small businesses on marketing strategy, created hundreds of articles for various client blogs, and studied copywriting from greats like Dan Kennedy. She continues to study and learn about marketing, content creation, and copywriting every day!

Real Estate Expertise

Thanks to a client project that can be found over at the Real Estate Marketing Magazine, Anna has become an expert in real estate marketing. She blogs regularly about tactics, tips and tricks that realtors can use in their marketing strategy. Being a real estate agent that stands out is hard, but it's certainly possible when you have the right marketing!

Jobs & Careers Experience

While attending business school, Anna went through many mock interviews and did research craft the perfect resume. In 11 years in the corporate world, she learned how to communicate with multiple levels of management and discovered more about what employers look for in the hiring process.

As a small business owner today, she has hired and worked with contractors, written extensively about insurance, and discovered the blessings and challenges of working from home.

Connect With Anna Spooner

If you'd like to contact Anna about her services, you'll find her on LinkedIn and CloudPeeps.

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