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Sarabeth Asaff is a contributing writer and topic editor for She has more than 4 years of experience as a writer and editor for various topics including:

  • Home Improvements and Interior Design: Sarabeth has been in the home improvement and design industry for more than 15 years. She has extensive experience in the kitchen and bath design field and has worked hands on with many materials including tile, plumbing, hardwood, stone and concrete. When not writing about either topic, she is frequently updating things in her in 1960s ranch and prefers to do all the work herself, by hand.
  • Cooking: Sarabeth is descended from a long line of chefs and grew up learning to cook in her grandmother's kitchen. She is currently at work on a cook book for Gluten Free eating. She loves to bake and is constantly in the kitchen.
  • Gluten Free: Both Sarabeth and her son have been gluten free for nearly 2 years. She has done extensive research into the subject and is determined to create foods that taste as good as possible. She belongs to several gluten free communities and keeps abreast of the most up-to-date research and list of safe foods.
  • Yoga: In her spare time, Sarabeth is a yoga enthusiast who practices five times a week. Her discipline is in Vinyasa, but she has 20 years of experience within many others. She comes to her mat each time determined to find new stillness in her Downward Facing Dog and is currently mastering the jump through to seated.
  • Crafting and Jewelry Making: Sarabeth is also an artist who creates her own line of motherhood inspired jewelry pieces, as well as prints, memory quilts, hair accessories and small sculptures. She majored in sculpture in school before graduating and determining that her love of materials was better served in the building industry than on a small scale. Form must follow function, after all. She spends as much time as possible drawing, crafting and wire wrapping when her schedule permits and as clients request.

Sarabeth lives in the woods deep in New Hampshire with her husband, son and one very spoiled feline.

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