September is the month where the warmth of summer gives way to the coziness of autumn, when the free spirit of vacation days start to take on the structure of a new school year. People born in this month are known to themselves be warm, affectionate, and friendly, yet also practical, loyal, and organized.

Celebrate your September-born loved one with gifts as diverse and beautiful as they are. From stunning sapphire birthstone jewelry to a box of self-care goodies, here are ten gift ideas for September birthdays.

Birthdate Candle Co. specializes in hyper-specific birthday gifts. From gorgeously bound Birthdate Books detailing the intricacies of their full natal chart reading to stunning birthstone jewelry, this is a one-stop marketplace for the giftee who takes their birthday very seriously.Their Birthdate Candles are so lovely, each featuring a hand-crafted fragrance unique to their special day, made to order in the United States.
September's birthstone is sapphire, that deep blue gem favored by royalty. At their cut-and-polished best, blue sapphires have an arresting beauty. These stud earrings from Uncommon Goods, though, feature the stone in a raw, uncut form that is just as beautiful, but a bit more approachable. Set in simple silver posts, these earrings are natural, minimalist, and super versatile.

Fia Stationery Cafe Notebook

One flower associated with the late summer/early fall month of September is the morning glory. These vibrant trumpet-shaped flowers grow on hearty vines and symbolize enduring love, faith, and wisdom.As September is often the beginning of a school year, new stationery is a thoughtful gift idea. This handmade notebook features a lovely botanical drawing of the morning glory and can be customized with the recipient's name or a short phrase. Choose between lined, dotted, or graphed interior paper.
Another September blossom is the bright, starburst Aster. Symbols of faith, wisdom, and love, Asters bloom in the late-summer and early-fall, just in time to signal the arrival of September babies.This gorgeous, earthy mug from Uncommon Goods crafter Anna Baldwin was hand thrown in her pottery studio in Canada and features a line drawing of that flower, drawn and stamped by the artist herself. Inscribed on the bottom of each mug is the name of each flower, the month it represents, and the character traits associated with it.
Moving somewhat outside the realm of gemstones and flowers, this cocktail-themed bath confetti celebrates the September birthday in luxurious self-care style.With its bright, slightly bitter, citrusy zing and deep red sweetness, crafter Lauren Cohen Hester has deemed the Negroni the cocktail most suited for the end of summer and beginning of fall. This handmade bath confetti fizzes to life as you soak, turning the bathwater into a colorful, fragrant, glimmering concoction.
Something new I learned while researching this article is not only are there gems and flowers that correspond to each month, but birds, too! September is presided over by the watchful hawk.This bird of prey is exacting, focused, and graceful, signifying deep wisdom through the ability to see the bigger picture yet hone in on minute details. These hawk feather bookmarks from Etsy seller Treehouse Crafts would be a beautiful gift for a bookish nature lover. They're machine embroidered on hand-stitched felt and slightly stuffed to give dimension.
As the chill of fall moves in coziness becomes paramount, and September-born giftees are sure to appreciate anything that allows them to snuggle up and embrace the hygge.This oversized woven tapestry blanket is sure to make an impression on anyone who's into astrology. Made from 100% cotton with fringed edges, each blanket features the sun sign's constellation and symbols related to it. September's signs are Virgo, the virtuous maiden, and Libra, the set of balancing scales.

Nature's Genie September Birthday Gift Box

A spa set of 100% all natural self-care goodies is the perfect thing to remind your giftee that they deserve to be pampered. This birthday parcel features an antioxidant-rich hibiscus clay mask, reviving peppermint foot soak, and aromatic sweet orange and jasmine bath crystals packed in a beautiful themed gift box.
Despite its name, Oktoberfest celebrations typically begin in September, so why not cheers to your September-born brew lover with this funny pint glass? It's made from high quality lead- and cadmium-free glass, emblazoned with a phrase that may very well become their go-to affirmation.
Love the look of sapphires, but wish they had a more sustainable alternative? Rebel Nell has a solution! This Detroit-based company's mission is to craft beautiful, wear-anywhere jewelry and stylish accessories from recycled materials while uplifting and empowering women. A noble cause, indeed.The "stones" in these pieces are actually made from repurposed graffiti cleaned up from around the Detroit area! The Adrian necklace is their take on a September sapphire. It's a deep blue pendant that symbolises loyalty, wisdom, and dignity, which is set in Sterling silver on a delicate, adjustable chain.