Meet Maven — The Ultimate Community Source for Life-Tested Products from Real-Life People

Published September 19, 2023
Maven - Live-tested reviews about things we love

In 2023, LoveToKnow brought the commerce community site Maven to life. Maven is your neighbor, your cousin, or your friend sharing a great “find” they think you’ll love. The recommendations are personal, not just aggregated reviews that have been cobbled together from people we don't know. 

Maven contributors are just like you. They are both homeowners and renters, new foodies and seasoned home chefs, parents who found the perfect distraction for their 2-year-old and the book that’s helped them manage teenage angst. These are products tested while being used, in real-life. 

Fast Fact

Did you know Amazon ships out 66,000 items per hour? That's over 1,000 per minute! 

Not a single kitchen tool, gift idea, or item of any kind is passed on to you, the reader, unless it is beloved by a Maven. Those trays and utensils recommended to help maximize kitchen space? They’re in a Maven's kitchen. The cocktail shaker and coupe glasses that come highly recommended? A mixology Maven sings praises because they use them and think they’re worth their cost. 

“The products we feature may never have graced a celebrity’s must-have list, but they have all stood the test of life with our contributors” says Chris Schenk, VP of Commerce at LoveToKnow.

Fast Fact

A study found that 87% of consumers think reviews from real customers are more important than reviews from influencers and celebrities.

Maven isn’t a commerce site, it is a digital commerce community for people who are looking for guidance, real reviews, and unbiased opinions about which coffee maker to add to their kitchen or which sandal to wear on their feet. Maven is a community where the reviewers are regular people, just like you. And with more and more people wanting input on their purchases from their friends, it is high-time the world recognizes the mavens among us! 

From tried-and-tested products to genius gift ideas, here's just some of the things Mavens discovered and loved. We think you'd love them, too.

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Meet Maven — The Ultimate Community Source for Life-Tested Products from Real-Life People