90+ Fun Words Starting With B That Will Boggle Your Brain

These B words bring a bonanza of belly laughs and bewildering brilliance to your vocab list.

Published November 3, 2023
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Buckle up, word admirers, because we're about to set sail on a bubbly, bouncy, and downright bonkers journey through the English language. In the vast world of vocabulary, some words stand out for their sheer fun factor, especially when they begin with the brilliant letter B.

From "bamboozled" to "brouhaha," celebrating the beautiful and bizarre words in the dictionary that start with this letter can be a fun ride.

Fun B Words That Don't Sound Real

Have you ever heard a word and thought it was just made up? There's no way it could be in the dictionary! It's like the English language had a party and invited all the wacky words just for kicks.

  • Babbittism: Materialistic complacency
  • Backscatter: A deflection of nuclear particles in a scattering process
  • Backspang: Last-minute change of mind
  • Baedeker: A travel guidebook originally published by Karl Baedeker
  • Bafflegab: Jibberish or talk that doesn't make sense
  • Baggage: Luggage
  • Balatroon: A foolish person
  • Bdellium: A fragrant resin from trees often used for perfumes
  • Beblubbered: Covered in tears from weeping
  • Bedaggle: To soil the bottom of garments by trailing through the dirt
  • Bedswerver: An unfaithful spouse
  • Bellicose: Aggression or willingness to fight
  • Berfuffle: Commotion or fuss
  • Besotted: Strongly infatuated
  • Bizwazzle: Full of enthusiasm or energy
  • Blatherskite: Someone who talks a lot but says nothing with meaning
  • Blabberwocky: A language full of made-up words
  • Blennophobia: The irrational fear of slime
  • Bibliomaniac: A lover of books
  • Boanerges: A preacher with a powerful voice
  • Bodacious: Admirable or attractive
  • Bombastic: High-sounding with little meaning
  • Bombinate: Buzz or hum
  • Brouhaha: A noisy or overexcited reaction
  • Browbeat: To intimidate with abusive words
  • Bumbershoot: An umbrella
  • Bumfuzzled: In a state of bewilderment
  • Buttress: A source of support or defense
Fast Fact

Ever read something that makes you want to roll your eyes because of all the repetition? Turns out there's a word for that. Battology is a weird-sounding word that means wearisome or unnecessary repetition in speaking or writing. Spice up your vocabulary and you won't have that problem!  

Silly and Neat Long Words That Start With B

Some words just sound so quirky, they'll make you snicker or even burst into laughter. I've stumbled upon a bunch that, while they might sound a bit offbeat, are genuinely captivating.

  • Baboonery: Ridiculous attitude or action
  • Balaniferous: Bearing or producing acorns
  • Balbutient: Literary stuttering
  • Balbriggan: Fine, unbleached cotton fabric
  • Balustrade: The railing supported by balisters
  • Bardocucullus: Hooded cloaks worn by women
  • Bathysiderodromophobia: A form of claustrophobia; being in small spaces
  • Boondoggle: Pointless work or activity
  • Bouleversement: A violent inversion or upheaval
  • Branchiferous: Having gills
  • Breastsummer: A beam placed horizontally over an opening
  • Brevipennate: Having short wings
  • Brimborian: A worthless or useless object
  • Bureaucratization: Process of organizing an institution into a formal structure with a hierarchy

Fun Tongue Twisters Starting With B

Tongue twisters are a hoot. I love finding new words that make me question their pronunciation. Every time I find one, it's like a mini-challenge. I have to take a deep breath, try my best to sound it out slowly, and then — because curiosity gets the best of me — I'll rush to look it up and see if I nailed the pronunciation or totally butchered it.

Famous glowworm cave
  • Baccalaureate: Bachelor's degree
  • Bacchanalia: A drunken feast
  • Ballambangjang: A place that's fairytale-like in nature where a story takes place
  • Bambsquabbled: Embarrassed
  • Bandiloquy: Empty flattery
  • Bathyorographical: Relating to ocean depths or mountain heights
  • Batrachivorous: Frog-eating
  • Biblokleptomaniacs: Someone who loves books and steals them
  • Bidenticulate: Having two small teeth
  • Bioluminescence: Biochemical emission of light by living organisms
  • Blandiloquence: Flattering speech
  • Blandishment: A flattering statement used to persuade someone to do something
  • Blesiloquent: Speaking with a stammer or lisp
  • Boustrophedon: Written from left to right in alternate lines
  • Brobdingnagian: A giant
  • Buckminsterfullerene: A polyhedral carbon structure made of 60-80 carbon atoms
  • Bureaucratese: Speech or writing full of jargon typical to bureaucrats
  • Butyraceous: Something that tastes or looks buttery
Quick Tip

There are lots of challenges you can do with these long words. If you're looking for something to do on a rainy day with friends or family, pull up this list of B words and put together a few to use as tongue twisters, have everyone guess the definitions, or try their hand at the spellings. 

Funny Short Words That Start With B

You wouldn't believe how many goofy little words there are in the English language, especially those that kick off with the letter B. You might recognize a few of them here and there, but I bet more than a few of them will catch you totally off guard. It's so fun to discover these quirky linguistic gems. 

  • Babel: Confusion of sounds or voices
  • Ballyhoo: Noisy attention-seeking behavior or chatter
  • Balop: The visual material for projection
  • Barmy: Full of froth or ferment 
  • Bauble: Cheap showy jewelry
  • Beatific: Joyful
  • Bedazzle: To captivate
  • Bedeck: To cover with decorations
  • Bedizen: Dressed up or decorate gaudily
  • Bedlam: An uproar or an asylum for the mentally ill
  • Befog: Cause to become confused
  • Bemoan: To express discontent over something
  • Beseech: Ask urgently to do something
  • Bevy: A flock of birds
  • Bilk: To withhold money without justification
  • Bizzwack: Saying something foolish for amusement
  • Blabber: Foolish talk
  • Blase: Unimpressed or indifferent to something because of consistent exposure
  • Bleak: Disheartening or hopeless
  • Blighted: Have a severely detrimental effect on something
  • Blithe: Casual and cheerful indifference
  • Blunge: A clay mix with water in a revolving apparatus
  • Bonanza: A large amount of something desirable
  • Boon: Something helpful or beneficial
  • Boondocks: A rough or remote location
  • Bosky: Covered with trees
  • Bouffant: Hair styled to puff out in a rounded way
  • Bouge: Can mean either to well or bulge or to gouge/scoop out 
  • Breastwork: A low temporary defense
  • Brusque: Rudely blunt in speech
  • Buffoon: Ridiculous person
  • Buxom: Big-breasted
Fast Fact

The word "back" is a short B word that's pretty common, but this is a fun one just for the sheer number of meanings it can have! Not only is this word used in different parts of speech, but it can also have dozens of different definitions

Looking for the Odd B Words

The English language has a treasure trove of fun words that start with B. I've rounded up a starter list for you right here, but trust me, this is just scratching the surface. There are boatloads more words like these out there, just waiting to be found and flaunted.

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90+ Fun Words Starting With B That Will Boggle Your Brain