What Seeing a Blue Orb Means

If you spot a blue orb, you could be receiving communication from the other side.

Updated August 3, 2021
Blue Orb

Blue orbs sometimes appear in photos, video, or dreams, or you might even see one with the naked eye when you're wide awake. It's an experience you won't soon forget, but it could leave you with questions. When a blue orb appears to you, what does it mean? It may be a visit from a Divine being with a message especially for you.

Visitation of Angel or Spirit Guide

Many people believe that a blue orb is an angel or spirit guide sharing a spiritual omen, communication, or guidance. Spirit guides may take the shape of an orb since it requires less energy output than a full-bodied apparition.

Blue Orb Meaning

While it may be comforting to encounter a blue orb, the interpretation of the meaning behind its appearance depends on your current life, energy, and circumstances.

  • A blue orb may serve as encouragement and a sign you're not alone.
  • When you see a blue orb, the message is usually positive, supportive, and reassuring.
  • Blue is the color of the Divine because the sky is blue and represents the gateway to Heaven.

Discovering the Message

If a blue orb appears to you, but you don't receive a message, then explore other possible meanings:

  • The message may be simple, such as "be at peace."
  • Buddhism teaches that blue represents the pure mind. The message could be for you to calm your thoughts.
  • If you don't meditate, then perhaps you're being asked to incorporate meditation in your daily routine.
  • Another meaning may be for you to have greater faith and to trust you are following the right path.
  • The orb's appearance may suggest you have creative ideas to express.

Blue Orbs Relating to the Fifth Chakra

It is possible that the appearance of a blue orb is directly tied to your fifth chakra, the throat. This chakra's vibration is the same frequency that emits the color blue. Your throat chakra is the seat of self-expression and communication, which includes speaking and listening. Therefore, a blue orb's appearance may be sharing information related to your throat chakra, such as:

  • You need to develop better communication and/or listening skills.
  • Your throat chakra was blocked but is beginning to open.
  • It's time to express ideas or emotions you've been resisting.

Blue Orbs as Ghosts

Some people theorize that a blue orb is a ghost. The blue color radiates from calm and benevolent spirits. When you have this type of encounter, it's typically the spirit of someone you knew, such as a caring and loving parent. However, it can also be that of a pure spirit, such as a child.

Woman Wearing Eyeglasses Against Blue Lens Flare At Night

Intensity of Color

Some people identify messages based on the intensity of the blue color. For example:

  • A light blue orb conveys a message and/or emotion of peace, calmness, and tranquility.
  • A medium blue orb may indicate a sign of spiritual protection, helping you feel safe and reassured.
  • A dark blue orb is less common. It is sometimes interpreted as the orb of a spirit that survived turmoil and hardships through purity of spirit.

Interpreting the Meaning of Blue Orbs

There are many theories and interpretations of blue orbs. Pay attention to other things that are happening in your life to help you better underestand its message.

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What Seeing a Blue Orb Means