Basic Candle Wax Reading Steps and Symbols

Not sure what it means when your candle melts a certain way after a spell? Our tips can help you find out.

Published February 16, 2021
High Angle View Of Melting Candles

A candle wax reading lets you know how well your spell worked. The way the wax melts and any shapes it creates have various meanings that provide information about your candle spell.

Candle Wax Reading to Assess Your Candle Spell

Even when you take the right steps and time to create a candle spell, you can never predict the outcome. A candle wax reading proves to be a valuable divination tool that should be part of every candle spell you cast. You should never use dripless candles since you won't end up with any wax to read.

Overall Review of Candle Wax Reading

A candle wax reading can be a continuous assessment made as the candle burns. There is usually an ongoing change in the wax that can give you a better understanding of the spell process. You don't want to be impatient if you see the wax forming in a negative way at various burn stages. The negative form may be an indicator of the spell removing obstacles or other aspects of your spell. The spell must be completed since only then can you accurately divine the wax.

Basic Candle Wax Reading Tips

A candle wax reading, like any divination art form, is dependent on the individual's experience and intuition. You can use some very basic candle reading guidelines, but you must always consider the type of spell you cast. A basic general meaning may not adequately interpret the wax formation for your particular spell. However, as you grow in your spellwork, you'll be able to add to basic interpretations based on your experiences.

Clean Burning Candle Wax Meaning

A candle that burns all the wax is fairly rare. There is usually some type of wax residue with almost every candle spell cast. If your candle has a clean burn, then you've been given the rare wholehearted approval of the spirit world and your spell is a success.

Burning Candle

What Is a Candle Wax Flow in a Candle Spell?

The candle wax flow is the movement of the melted wax when it overflows. Depending on the type of candle you are using, such as a pillar, votive, tea, or taper, the flow may be significant or limited. The direction of the wax flow holds important information about the power behind your spell. The direction of the flow will tell you if your spell was successful or if you need to recast your spell.

What Does a Clockwise Candle Wax Flow Mean?

The clockwise candle wax flow is a positive sign that you are attracting something to you. If you cast a spell to bring something to you or to the object of your spell, then this is a sign that your spell was successful.

Clockwise candle wax from a candle on Christmas morning

What Does a Counterclockwise Candle Wax Flow Mean?

A counterclockwise candle wax flow means that something is moving away from you or the object of your spell. If you cast a spell to attract something to you or an object, then this wax flow indicates the timing for your spell isn't right. However, if you cast a reversal or uncrossing spell, this would indicate that your spell worked.

Meaning of Cascade Flow of Candle Wax Layers

If the candle wax cascades down the candle in a flow that overlaps like a step down or waterfall appearance, you can read the wax as an indicator of change. If your spell is to usher in change, this is a good sign. The changes are backed by powerful energies that topple onto each other as the force pushes forward.

Cascade flow of candle wax

Candle Wax Backflow Meanings

There are several ways to interpret the backflow of candle wax. A backflow is created when the melted wax begins to form a shape, but the wax flows away as though changing its mind. The wax leaves a unique hollow shape that resembles a shallow pool that has been drained of the wax. When you see a backflow form, it indicates a reversal of circumstances or events. A few examples include:

  • Someone has broken their promise or commitment.
  • It might indicate that an agreed business deal won't go through.
  • If it is a personal commitment like an engagement, the reading indicates the person won't follow through.
  • If it is a legal appeal, then it indicates the new ruling will undo the previous one.

Candle Reading for Curling Wax

Sometimes a candle will burn in such a way that one side of the candle falls over and curls onto itself. This often looks like a petal on a flower or an ocean wave. The wax curling indicates a form of inattention that is ignorant of your desires or wishes. It can also indicate the object of your spell is bending over backwards to comply with your wishes or desires. The curling signifies your will slowly overpowering that of another person, situation, or circumstances.

Red Burning Candle

Candle Wax Floodings

The overflow of wax can create a flood of wax that rushes over the candle holder. If you experience this type of wax flooding, it indicates the results of your spell will have a greater impact than anticipated. It demonstrates that the candle was unable to contain the power behind your spell and the force it gathered in its manifestation.

Melted Candle On Floor

Interpreting a Candle Wax Flood

A candle wax flood can be characterized as out-of-control. You must examine the intention of your spell to assess how this flooding of wax will impact the desired results. For example, if your spell is career related, then there will be a greater result that may prove to be overwhelming and unexpected. It will knock you off-center. If it is a love spell, you may be completely swept off your feet and carried away with emotions.

Candle Wax Reading for Partial Burn

If your candle doesn't burn evenly and part of the candle remains standing like a partial wall, it usually reflects an unwillingness to see the spell cast. It can mean that someone is holding on to the past and doesn't want a final conclusion to the situation or circumstance.

Illuminated Candle In Darkroom

Reasons for Partial Burn

There are many emotional ties that can interfere with a candle spell and create a partial burning. There may be a lack of trust in the spell, spellworker, desire, or future. A partial burning indicates very strong emotions that may need to be addressed outside of a magical breaking down of resistance. If you're casting the spell for yourself, then you need to dig deeper into your emotions and your true desire for the outcome of the spell.

Easy Scrying Steps for a Candle Wax Reading

The other way you can perform a candle wax reading is through scrying. This method is similar to other scrying techniques. You will use water and wax candle drippings to conduct this type of candle wax reading.

Divination with a candle on the water.

Choose Natural Materials

You want to gather natural materials so you can tap into the Earth's energies. Ideally, the water you use should not be filtered or chlorinated. Spring water is always a good choice if you don't have access to water from a rainstorm, stream, or other naturally flowing water.

Supplies you need:

  • Scrying bowl (ceramic or glass)
  • Water (spring, stream, or rain)
  • White candle
  • Candle (select color for reading)
  • 2 candle holders
  • Matches
  • Paper
  • Pencil

Step One: Choose Your Candle Color

You want to select a candle color that best matches your intentions. For example, if you are scrying for a financial or money issue, then select either a green or gold candle.

Step Two: Cleanse Space

You will use either sage or another favorite incense to clear the space you intend to use while scrying. If you have a ritual you practice for space clearing, you can use it. You can either sit at a table, altar or on the floor, according to what is most comfortable for you.

Step Three: Light White Candle

You will need to set the white candle in its holder and light it as part of your cleansing ritual. You can recite a prayer, blessing, or chant if you wish.

Step Four: Open a Protective Circle and Meditate

You should open a protective circle the same as you would for any spellwork. You will then assume a comfortable position and spend a few minutes in meditation to clear your thoughts and energy field.

Step Five: Fill Scrying Bowl

You will pour the natural water you intend to use into your scrying bowl. You can say a prayer or chant to bless the water.

Step Six: Form Your Question of Inquiry

You will use the paper and pencil to form your question. Give this some thought before writing, since changing what you've written can confuse the response. You want to be very clear and precise in forming your question.

Step Seven: Light Scrying Candle

You will light the candle you selected for scrying. Repeat your question and hold it in your mind while holding the candle over the water. You'll let the wax drip into the water. Don't touch the bowl while you drip wax into the water. Once you are satisfied that you've let enough wax fall into the water, you can extinguish the candle and set it down.

Step Eight: Scry the Candle Wax

Take a deep breath and focus on the wax in the scrying bowl. You will note any shapes the drippings form. You can write them down on the paper, using the pencil, if you wish. You should write down any psychic or intuitive impressions or messages you receive.

Step Nine: Interpreting Candle Wax Meanings

Interpreting the wax drippings may take some time. You should first and foremost trust your intuition. A few tips include:

  • Shapes can have literal meanings, such as circle represents the closing of a circle, or a triangle may indicate a love triangle or opposition.
  • Numbers may be related to the calendar and represent days, weeks, months, and so on.
  • Numbers may represent a specific time such as hours, minutes, or seconds.
  • Number may be a combination of a date and time.
  • Letters can represent the initials of a person, place, or event.
  • Animal shapes can be literal or represent an animal spirit guide.

Step Ten: Wax Scrying Reading and Conclusions

While number, shapes, and letters are cool, mostly likely you'll end up with various abstract forms floating on the water. This is why your intuition and psychic abilities are so important when interpreting the message of your candle wax scrying. You should always trust your psychic impressions over all things.

Step Eleven: Close Protection Circle

You want to close your circle when you are finished with your scrying. You will then extinguish the white candle.

Learn How to Perform a Candle Wax Reading

You can learn how to perform a candle wax reading once you understand the process. The meanings of melted candle wax patterns can help you tap into your psychic and intuitive self.

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Basic Candle Wax Reading Steps and Symbols