90+ Hockey Team Names That Are All Slapshot and No Sizzle

No doubt, these hockey team names are a breakaway for any league.

Published September 16, 2023
people playing hockey

Grab your sweater, lace up your skates, and hit the ice, champs. It's time to play some hockey. Or for those who aren't about to head to the rink, the time has come for your fantasy hockey league.

Either way, these are the hockey team names you'll want, from beer league to drinking beers while watching your teams play. 

Fantasy League Hockey Team Names

Some leagues are better when they don't involve bruises and aspirin after every interaction, and a fantasy hockey team fits the bill. And so do these names. 

  • Tim Hortons and the Timbits
  • A Regular Is a Double Double
  • Chasing Biscuits and Beers
  • Dirty Dangles and Chip Dip
  • Ach Eee Double Hockey Sticks
  • Marchand's Boxing Club
  • Puck Hoggeres
  • Gionta, Goals, and Gold
  • Hamburger Heroes
  • Dude Where's My Puck
  • Believing in Miracles
  • Martin St. Louis's Draftees
  • Zombonies and Hoagies
  • My Toothless Wonders
  • The Kings of the Sin Bin

Funny Hockey Team Names

What's life without a little fun, and what's hockey without a few chirps? Not you, you let your name do the chirping. You need to spend your time on the ice and not in the penalty box. 

  • The Icing Dutchmen
  • High Stickers
  • Stanley's Mug
  • Penalty Box Heroes
  • Chara's Socks
  • Hat Trick or Treat
  • Icing on Top
  • Tooth Fairies
  • Puckin' Around
  • Cold Shoulders
  • Bleacher Bums
  • Roll the Highlights
  • Mighty Pucks
  • Rink Renegades
  • Two Buck Puck
  • Pucker Up

Cool and Clever Hockey Team Names

Let your opponents know you won't be sweating whether your team wins or not. You're just here to get outta the house and spend some time with your buddies. Your moves on the ice may not be as sharp as your wit, but that's neither here nor there. 

  • Chill Chasers
  • Mad Hatters
  • Just Checking
  • Zom-pony Boys
  • Hockey Mountain High
  • Hat-Trick Heroes
  • Barnburning Boys
  • Cross Checkers
  • We've Got the Flow
  • To Do: Gordie Howe Hat Trick
  • Lake Placid Ducks
  • Crosby, Sticks, and Flash
  • Legion of Doom
  • Polar Power Play 
  • Pond Pioneers

Beer League Hockey Team Names

From the aspiring always wanted to play hockey members to the seasoned college hockey vet and then some, there's no league like the hockey beer league. And it's only right that your team name reflects where you've been, but more importantly, why you're here now. 

  • The Not-So-Limber-Jacks
  • Captains of the Boat
  • Bobby Orr a Beer
  • Mid Ice Crisis
  • Can't String Ws
  • Howe We Do It
  • Weekend Warriors on Ice
  • Geri-hat-tricks
  • Quit the Premier League
  • No Miracles
  • Top Shelf Cookies
  • We're Here After 22 Years
  • Icy Instincts
  • Slapshot Saints
  • Blue Line Blazers
  • Pucks for Pints
  • Our Dentist Bought a Lakehouse 

Pop Culture Hockey Team Names

From Letterkenny to The Mighty Ducks, go ahead and give a nod to the teams that you watch when you aren't hustling on the ice. 

  • Letterkenny Irish
  • No Regretzkys
  • Dazzlecats
  • Puppers on Ice
  • Always Ready to Celly
  • Chorin' to Scorin'
  • Anything Ferda Win
  • Pert Nears
  • Pitter Patters on Ice
  • Not the Shirt Tuckers
  • All-Snipes
  • Good'nuff
  • Luke's X-Wings
  • Thor's Warriors
  • Sharp Shooters
  • Boba Nett's Shooters
  • Goonie Squad
  • Puck Wizards
  • Penalty Box Pirates
  • Ice Kings of the North
  • Blades of Glory
  • Puck Dynasty

Hockey Team Names Worth Spitting Chiclets For

Hockey season is more than just a time of year. Hockey is a lifestyle. And with the right name, everyone will know exactly how much blood, sweat, and tears you give for your team. Even if that sweat is mostly beer. Brush off your skates and grab your sticks: the first period is about to start. 

90+ Hockey Team Names That Are All Slapshot and No Sizzle