65+ Funny Words That Start With A That Seem Absurd or Amusing

Dive nose-first into the dictionary with these fun A words that'll tickle your tongue and brain.

Published October 26, 2023
Man holding the letter A

There's something about the letter A that gives birth to some truly amusing, awkward, and abnormal words. Let's take a peek into a collection of A words that might just tickle your funny bone. And, who knows, they may become your new favorite words to add to your daily vocabulary. 

Common Yet Funny A Words to Know

There are a lot of A words out there that, when you really stop and consider them, sound hilariously peculiar. Some of them might be familiar, but have you ever paused to appreciate their weirdness? Let's take a whimsical journey through these words and savor the delightful strangeness they bring to the table.

  • Aardvark: A nocturnal mammal native to Africa
  • Abode: The place someone lives
  • Aboreal: Relating to trees
  • Abstain: To refrain from
  • Absurd: Ridiculously unreasonable
  • Abyss: An immeasurably deep space
  • Ache: A constant dull pain
  • Adamant: Persistent on maintaining a position
  • Adieu: Good wishes when someone leaves
  • Adorn: To decorate with beautiful objects
  • Adversary: Enemy
  • Aloof: Distant and reserved
  • Alpas: To break free
  • Animosity: Resentment
  • Appetence: A natural bond
  • Arcane: Secretive
  • Asinine: Foolish
  • Astral: Relating to the stars
  • Auger: Tool used for boring holes
  • Aura: A luminous radiation
  • Axiom: A true statement and obvious fact

Funny and Unique Words That Start With A

We all like to think we've got a pretty solid grip on our vocabulary, but have you ever taken a deep dive into a dictionary? It's like wandering through an endless maze of words, with each page revealing more surprises.

You don't need to go through the whole thing in a day, but one letter per week could be beneficial. To spark your interest, let's start with some funny and unique words that start with the letter A.

Teacher using flash cards with letter A Clear
  • Aardwolf: A mammal native to Africa that looks like a hyena
  • Abaft: Toward the stern
  • Abaisse: The undercrust of pastry
  • Abalienation: To transfer a legal title
  • Abarstic: Someone with an insatiable appetite
  • Abattoir: A slaughterhouse
  • Abet: To help someone with a goal
  • Abscond: To leave or flee
  • Acatalepsy: The idea that human knowledge is never factual
  • Adagio: A slow tempo
  • Adduct: To draw toward
  • Advesperate: To darken
  • Agelast: Miserable
  • Agerasia: Not appearing to age
  • Aggrandize: To praise highly
  • Aglet: The tag at the end of a shoelace
  • Agog: Full of intense interest
  • Alb: A long white robe worn by priests
  • Aliferous: Having wings
  • Ambiance: A special atmosphere
  • Apoplectic: Someone overcome with rage
  • Apricity: The warmth of sun in the winter
  • Apricate: To bask in the sun
  • Aplomb: Confidence and self-assurance
  • Armagnac: A type of brandy
  • Assuage: Satisfy
  • Astraddle: With one leg on each side
  • Ataraxia: Freedom or tranquility
  • Avarice: Extreme greed
  • Avuncular: Relating to an uncle
  • Azoospermia: Absence of sperm from seminal fluid
Fast Fact

You've heard of athletes, but what about aesthetes? The word "aesthete" means someone who has a "high sensitivity to beauty, as in art or nature." So whether you love sports or you love art, there's a word for you. 

Fun Words Starting With A That Are Hard to Pronounce

Have you ever stumbled upon those super lengthy words that kick off with the letter A? Some of them are such tongue-twisters! Just trying to wrap your tongue around them is like taking on a mini challenge. It's all in good fun, though, and makes for a hilarious pronunciation attempt.

  • Abecedarian: Someone who loves the alphabet
  • Abibliophobia: Fear of running out of stuff to read
  • Abrodietical: Dainty
  • Absquatulate: Someone leaving suddenly
  • Accoucheuse: A midwife
  • Acersecomic: Someone who has never cut their hair
  • Ackamarackus: Nonsense
  • Adumbrative: To hint at something
  • Aeipathy: A consuming passion
  • Aesthete: Someone with sensitivity to nature or art
  • Altiloquent: Pretentious or pompous speech
  • Ameliorate: To improve
  • Anachronistic: Out of place in time
  • Antediluvian: Out of date or ancient
  • Apoplanesis: Leading astray
  • Auscultation: Listening to bodily sounds to diagnose

A Words to Add to Your Conversations

It's wild how many quirky, eyebrow-raising words start with the first letter of our alphabet. Some of them sound like they're straight out of a fantasy novel or maybe even an alien dictionary. It's a hoot trying to pronounce them and even more fun using them in regular chats.

You can use them in word games, sound more intelligent than ever in your next email, or totally catch your friends off guard with a word they've never ever heard before thrown into the mix. Give it a shot and teach your buddies some new vocab. 

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65+ Funny Words That Start With A That Seem Absurd or Amusing