24 Weird Words That Sound Like Dr. Seuss Made Them Up

These weird funny words are bound to wow even the most gifted of wordsmiths!

Published June 21, 2023

Whimsically weird words make conversations even more interesting and they certainly stump the whippersnappers of this world. You may have heard of the silly terms and phrases like gobbledygook, bumbershoot, doohickey, and hogwash, but there's a wide web of weird funny words that will flabbergast your friends!

Check out this list of eccentric expressions and then sneak them into your everyday exchanges.



While this weird word may seem perplexing to most, if you are from the deep south, you are very familiar with the term cattywampus. It simply means that something is askew. Kitty-corner is a more familiar phrase that is a synonym to this word.



No, this is not the name of a Dr. Seuss character - it is actually a term for a large, sword-like knife! This term has been around since at least the 17th century and it has Dutch origins.

Fast Fact

The very silly sounding word for a weapon can be found in Thomas Washbourne's 1654 poem "To the common Drunkard, falsely called a Good Fellow." In it, he states, "Drink till ye fight, and fall to snicker snee."



If you're enjoying time outdoors near open water, you will need to take precautions or you might get attacked by gallinippers! This odd word refers to large mosquitos that bring a painful bite. While not an official title for this mini-vampire, it is a word used to refer to these pesky pests in many blues songs and folk-tales.



If you've ever opened a champagne bottle, you are familiar with an agraffe! This weird English word refers to a hook and loop that serves as a clasp or fastener. This makes the metal casing over the champagne cork an agraffe. These were created in the mid-19th century as a way to better secure this bubbly beverage.



Talking in front of large crowds gives a lot of folks the collywobbles! This goofy word refers to either a bellyache or an intense case of fear and anxiety. While the origins are still unknown, many etymologists theorize this term was coined as a way to soften a cholera diagnosis. The words colic and wobble likely helped to shape this weird word.



Did you know you use tittles every day? This is the name of the dot that sits above a lowercase i or j! A synonym of this word is Ióta, which refers to the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet-i.



It happens to the best of us. You're walking down the street or through a store and a friendly face greets you. Only, you cannot remember their name. This hesitation is called a tartle!

Instead of brushing off the instance by saying something like "hey you!", simply say, "Pardon my tartle! Can you remind me of your name?" The person will be so thrown off by your weird word that the moment won't be awkward!



A miser, a grouch, or a "cantankerous fellow." Being a curmudgeon is definitely not a compliment! Interesting enough though, we actually have a National Curmudgeon's Day. Every year, on January 29th, you can celebrate the surly and cranky individuals in your life!



An ultracrepidarian is defined as "one who gives opinions on something beyond his or her knowledge." We all know at least one of these individuals in our lives - the resident know-it-all.



This word became much more common in 1997 with the advent of the bluffing board game called Malarkey. However, the term that means "deliberately misleading talk" or "nonsense" still seems to befuddle Americans.

In fact, during one of the 2012 presidential debates, then Vice President Joe Biden used this word, and many questioned what it meant, despite the fact that it has been used since the 1920s.



As disgusting as this word sounds, you likely degust your food on occasion. That is, when it is exceptionally delicious! This weird word is a lesser known synonym for the word savor!



We all know the word coddle - to pamper or overprotect. Mollycoddle takes this term a bit further. While it still retains the same definition, it is believed that this word for wimp was made up by "combining coddle with molly, a nickname for Mary."



Fartlek is a silly sounding word that you likely do if you are a runner! This term refers to the switching between activities like sprinting and jogging. This athletic training technique has been around for over 80 years and it is supposed to help a runner with their endurance, making it a great way to learn to run faster.



Texas Aggies know what all the hullabaloo is about, but if you didn't attend Texas A&M University, you may be unfamiliar with this old word. It means a commotion, an uproar, or excitement!



If you have an Apple device, you may have had to purchase a dongle to help you charge your phone. The word dongle is defined as "any small device which plugs into an electronic device, typically a computer, and alters its functionality." These include adapters that you plug into your headphone jack and USB drives!



You may assume that 'waesucks' means that something that sucks a lot, but alas, you are mistaken. It actually means alas! While this will certainly sound silly in the middle of a discussion, you can rest assured that it will keep the conversation going when you emphasize it for dramatic effect!



As a meteorologist, this is one of my favorite weird words because it relates to the weather! For those folks who think that they can smell rain in the air, you are actually getting a whiff of "certain compounds like ozone, geosmin, and plant oils" mixed with water. Petrichor most often occurs right after there has been a long dry spell.

During these rain-free times, these compounds have time to build up and then when the rain water hits them, the impact releases them into the air, creating this signature scent.



Did you know that instead of wasting your breath saying "the day after tomorrow," you could simply say overmorrow? This old timey term dates back to the 16th century!



If you find yourself bumfuzzled, you are likely perplexed or confused! This is similar to the term dumbfounded and is a great way to spruce up any conversation when you have a question!



This is another solid southern term that refers to a child who is dirty and in tattered clothing. Oddly enough, in the early 19th century, children used to dress up as ragamuffins for Thanksgiving.



Another weather word, a williwaw is defined as "a sudden, violent, cold wind blowing down from mountain passes toward the coast." This normally occurs in the polar regions of the world at high altitudes.



Similar to a hullabaloo, a brouhaha is another word for an uproar or a commotion. Dictionary writer Michael Quinion notes that this 16th century French word "seems to have been used in French drama as a noise made by the devil, who cried brou, ha, ha!".



The meaning of this ridiculously long work is laughably on point - it is a fear of long words. Apparently, the American Psychiatric Association does not officially recognize this fear, but that doesn't mean that the anxiety and trepidation that comes from mispronouncing a long word isn't real.



So, it turns out that there are a lot of weird words that mean uproar or commotion. This is the third word on our list that has this simple definition, yet has a wonky way of expressing it. However, a kerfuffle is associated with a conflict of some sort, whereas a hullabaloo can be both an altercation or an uproar of excitement.

Weird Words Can Create Curious Conversations


Weird funny words will make your conversations much more amusing and they can lead to even more enthralling exchanges. By expanding your vocabulary, you can become a better communicator and you can keep everyone on their toes!

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