65 Summer Trivia Questions That Are Too Hot to Handle

We are thrilled our favorite season is here. But if you need to beat the heat, retreat into the AC for a fun round of trivia.

Published June 18, 2024
female friends enjoying a summer day at the lake

Summertime, when the living is easy. We wait for it all year, and we love it when it finally arrives. But some days get pretty darn hot, and you may want to spend some time in the shade or even indoors in the AC. We get it. We're here to keep the summer fun going with our summer trivia questions and answers. Many of these questions are easy enough that kids can answer them, while others are a bit more difficult so that everyone can feel challenged and successful. 

General Summer Trivia

How much do you really know about summer? We pack a lot into the three summer months! Try your hand at this general trivia to test your knowledge. 

What are the summer months in the Southern Hemisphere?

December, January, and February

What is the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth?


Where was the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth?

Death Valley

What are the possible dates of summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere every year?

June 20, 21, or 22

In what summer month can you celebrate National Picnic Day in the US?


What two weather conditions do summer thunderstorms need to develop?

Moisture and rapidly warming air

What annual meteor shower peaks in mid-August?

The Perseids

The Eiffel Tower grows every summer due to thermal expansion. How much does it grow?

6 inches

True or false: There are fewer babies born in summer than in other parts of the year.

False. There are more.

What does SPF stand for?

Sun protection factor

What state in the US has the hottest average summer temps?


What are summer’s three zodiac signs?

Gemini, Cancer, and Leo

What year was the “Summer of Love”?


Which US state is the Sunflower State?


Which state in the US has the coolest summers?


When it’s summer solstice in North America, the Sun is directly over what latitude line?

Tropic of Cancer

What star is the Dog Days of Summer named for?


True or false: Labor Day always falls in summer.


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Summer Activities Trivia

Head out into the summer sun and get active. Or, just play our trivia about the fun summer activities you could do if it wasn't so hot outside today.

What massive festival is held every August in the Black Rocks Desert of Nevada?

Burning Man

Where did Burning Man start?

In San Francisco

How many Major League Baseball stadiums are there in North America?


In what national park is Going-to-the-Sun Road?

Glacier National Park 

What did students in Bridgeport, CT, play with that eventually became the Frisbee?

Empty pie tins

In surfing, what foot is forward on your board if you’re a goofy foot?

Right foot

What do you call a beginner surfer?


What’s the name of the big wave surf break at Half Moon Bay in CA?


What summer lawn activity can be traced back to 19th Century England, when it was an activity the upper classes engaged in?


In the Summer Olympics, which sport involves a ribbon, hoop, ball, and clubs?

Rhythmic gymnastics

Summer Food Trivia

Just because the sun is out doesn't mean we stop eating, although we may eat different things than we do in the winter. How much do you know about summer foods?

How old was Frank Epperson when he invented popsicles?


True or false: It’s possible to fry eggs on the sidewalk.


What is the most popular ice cream flavor in the United States?


How much ice cream does the average American eat every year?

20 pounds (4 gallons)

Where is the World Margarita Championship held in August every year?


What caused the 1816 “year without a summer”?

A volcanic eruption

What’s the most popular food to grill in the US?


What’s the most popular ice pop flavor in the US?


How many billion hot dogs do Americans consume between Memorial Day and Labor Day?

7 billion

Which has more milkfat: gelato or ice cream?

Ice cream

What percentage of Americans would be likely to have ice cream in their freezer if you looked right now?


What is the chilled summer soup made from tomatoes and other pureed vegetables called?


What is the name of the traditional Peruvian summer seafood dish made with raw seafood that has been “cooked” with citrus juice?


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Summer Movie & TV Trivia

From summer blockbusters to summer camps, it's time to test your knowledge of summertime in and at the movies. 

What is the highest-grossing summer blockbuster of all time?

Avengers: Endgame

What’s the name of the summer resort that Baby and her family go to in the film Dirty Dancing?

Kellerman’s Resort

What Disney movie has two unknowing twins meeting at summer camp?

The Parent Trap

Where did the OG Beverly Hills 90210 gang hang out during the summer?

The Beverly Hills Beach Club

What’s the name of the camp in Wet Hot American Summer?

Camp Firewood

What are the names of the two summer camps in the 1979 comedy Meatballs?

Camp North Star & Camp Mohawk

Where did Jason Voorhees start his slashing career in the original Friday the 13th movie?

Camp Crystal Lake

What movie featured surfers as bank robbers and starred Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves?

Point Break

Summer Animal Trivia

One of the cool things about summer is the return of butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees. Test your trivia knowledge about the animals of summer.

What type of butterflies spend summer in North America before migrating 3,000 miles?

Monarch butterflies

In what months do hummingbirds typically start their fall migration?

August and September

Just like some animals hibernate in the winter, some do something similar in summer. What’s it called?


Why do dogs pant when it’s hot?

It keeps them cool

How many eyes do bees have?


What makes up the bulk of a dragonfly’s head?

Its eyes

What makes a mosquito bite itch?

Its saliva

Summer Music Trivia

We adore an epic summer tune, and our trivia questions cover some of the best.

What Canadian singer sang about the Summer of ‘69?

Bryan Adams

What movie musical is the song Summer Nights from?


What opera is the summer standard Summertime from?

Porgy & Bess

What year was Woodstock held?


What 80s group had a mega-hit with Walking on Sunshine?

Katrina and the Waves

What band recorded the 1983 hit, Cruel Summer?


What former Eagles band member sang about the Boys of Summer?

Don Henley

Whose joyful anthem reminds kids that School’s Out (for summer)?

Alice Cooper

Whose summer song had you wasting away again in Margaritaville?

Jimmy Buffet

Summer Trivia, Beach Blankets, and a Bottle of Wine

Keep your summer fun as breezy as a day at the beach with fun summer trivia questions that will challenge and entertain you. After all, summer isn't endless (although we wish it was).

65 Summer Trivia Questions That Are Too Hot to Handle