Gifts for People Who Are Always Cold

Being cold is so incredibly unfun, but there are actually tons of wonderful products that can help warm up that chilly person on your list. From heated clothing to the most comforting and warmth-inducing accessories, stop their shivering with these great gifts for people who are always cold.

Every winter, as the temperature starts to drop, I begin to question the wisdom of living in a place like Minnesota. I'm the kind of person who tends to freeze even on windy days in the summer, so anything below 40 is torture. Still, over the years, I've learned a few tricks for staying toasty. These are some of the best things I own or plan to ask for this holiday season as I get ready to survive another winter in the Upper Midwest. If you have a chilly person to shop for, these are the gifts you want to buy.

For the Person Who Gets Chilled

If you're shopping for someone who gets chilled and has a hard time warming back up, the Ororo Heated Scarf is basically the perfect present. I just bought one of these as a gift to myself, and I'm so glad I did. I use it inside when I'm cold and outside under my coat to stay warm.What's great about the heated scarf is that it's versatile and super effective. It has three heat settings, and I haven't run out of batteries yet (I just charge it as soon as I take it off). It comes in three colors too.

For the Cold Person Who Hates Wearing a Hat

I realize this might sound ridiculous, but we cold people don't always love to wear hats. I'll do a hood, but the wind tends to blow right inside and make my ears cold. The solution is earmuffs.The gorgeously colorful Kaleidoscope Earmuffs are on my wish list. They're so pretty and will match any coat really well. Plus, they're lined with faux fur to keep the ears toasty.

For the Person Who Loves Fuzzy Warmth

When it comes to the very best gifts for cold people, it's kind of impossible to beat the classic awesome fuzziness of the Osito jacket from The North Face. No exaggeration, I own four of these babies in different colors and swap them out all winter long. I am always wearing one.It's not really right to call this a "jacket" because I use it more like a sweater and wear it under coats outside or over my normal shirts inside. It's incredibly fuzzy and comes in a bunch of pretty colors (plus neutrals that go with anything).Quick TipIf you buy one of these for a cold person, don't be surprised if you see it end up on their list again next year. You really can't have too many of them, since they come in so many shades.

For the Person Who Gets Cold Camping (or in the Car)

One of the hard things about being a person who is always cold is that your thermostat really just isn't the same as everyone else's. You can be in the car with your partner or family and be freezing while they're all comfy. That's where a packable down blanket comes in.My wish list includes the LUXCOL down blanket because it packs down to a really small size and fits in carry-on luggage or a backpack. You can pull it out when you're cold traveling and have it as an extra layer in your tent or on your hotel bed.

For the Person Who Loves Cozy Socks

If you know someone who runs a little on the cold side, you know how important socks are to them. It may sound like a mundane gift, but trust me, it's not. My sister gave me these Smartwool Popcorn Cable Crew socks a couple of months ago, and they are my new favorite thing.These all-wool socks are super durable (I have some pairs I've worn every week for two years, and they have no holes), and they are the warmest too. They come in lots of great colors and patterns and men's and women's styles.RELATED_1699307586703|How to Wash Wool Socks and Make Them Last

For the Wearer of Layers

Speaking of wool, it's also ideal for a base layer under jeans or pants. If cold people are good at anything, it's dressing in layers to stay warm. A wool base layer is the perfect gift for the chilly people in your life.This Smartwool pair is on my wishlist because of how much I love the socks. It comes in tons of different colors and patterns too, as well as men's and women's sizes.

For the Person With Cold Hands

Olivia Handwarmers
It's hard to beat a cozy gift that's also super beautiful, and the Olivia handwarmers are just that. I have these handwarmers and use them all the time in the winter when I'm typing at my desk. They go with a lot of sweaters and are just really pretty.They're also lined with fleece, so they are super soft and warm against the hands.

For the Person Who Likes to Feel Psychologically Cozy

The thing with feeling cold all the time is that it's also a little depressing. I've found the antidote is anything that's psychologically cozy or warm.I keep the WoodWick Fireside candle on my desk all winter. It has a crackling wick, so it looks warm and sounds warm too. It's like being able to watch a fire, even when you don't have a fireplace handy.

For the Person Who Drinks All the Tea

There's nothing quite as warming as a cup of hot tea, and a tea sampler pack makes a perfect gift for cold people. A few years ago, I got this Tea Forte sampler pack because I wanted to have some new teas to try. Several of the teas in it became favorites.Quick TipIf you want to make this a bigger gift, pair it with a nice mug and maybe a pretty spoon. Almost everyone loves tea, so it's great for any cold person on your list.

For the Person Who Always Wants a Warmer Coat

With how awesome the Ororo heated scarf is for cold people, the heated down vest is next level coziness. This is a great option if you need a luxurious present for someone special and you really want to warm them up.Like the scarf, it can be worn on its own in the house (or warmer climates) and under a coat outside. If you know someone who is always looking for a warmer coat, wearing this underneath is an answer. It's on my wishlist for that very reason.

For the Person With Cold Feet

Ballerina Warming Slippers
What could be better than slippers you can put in the microwave to instantly warm your feet? I have these and love them. They're a guaranteed hit with the cold person on your list.The slippers are cozy and soft and warm up quickly. They hold their heat for a long time too, so they're perfect if the person you're shopping for likes to sit and read or watch a movie in the evening (now they can do that with warm feet). These slippers smell pretty when they're heated too.

For the Person Who Needs a Heated Seat

Although I take issue with the name of this product, it has saved my chilly buns on many occasions. I'm addicted to having a heated seat in the car, but I had to drive a car without one for a while. I bought the Lava Buns to help, and help they did.Basically, this is a seat cushion with a special pad inside it. You put the pad in the microwave for a couple minutes and slip it back in the cushion. Then it stays warm while you sit on it. This is the best gift for someone who has to sit outside at games or concerts or needs to stay warm when camping or driving in a car without heated seats.

For the Person Who Loves a Hot Cocktail

Hot Toddy
Sometimes it's nice to have something stronger than tea to warm up on a cold day, and the Hot Toddy Kit from Uncommon Goods is kind of perfect for that. All you have to do is steep the spices included in the kit boiling water and then add liquor if you like.The kit includes two different flavors of hot toddies, and it's a really thoughtful and sophisticated kit for someone who tends to be chilly. I love how comforting this feels as a gift.

For the Person Who Needs Warmth Now

There are those times when you just can't wait for things to warm up, and that's where HotHands come in. The is a practical gift for cold people because it's essential an instant warm-up.I buy this bulk set of hand warmers often and keep them in my car. They make great stocking stuffers too (way better than candy when you're freezing).

For the Person You're Always Teasing About Being Cold

People who are cold get teased about being cold all the time; it's just part of being a person who is cold-blooded (as my kids like to say).Give a lighthearted gift that will keep them warm and make fun of them at the same time. The "Yes, I'm Cold" hoodie is super cute and comes in lots of color options.

Find the Perfect Cozy Gift 

Everyone loves cozy gifts, but some people need them more than others. The best gifts for cold people range from practical presents to luxurious options, but they will all make them feel loved and warm at the same time.