Gifts for Dog Owners

As we head into the holidays, many folks are looking for good gifts for dog owners. Since they likely have the basics, we have assembled a list of more unique, yet extremely useful, gifts for dog lovers that are sure to make you the top dog at your next white elephant pawty or howliday gift exchange!

I cannot say enough good things about the Bissell Pet Stain Eraser! When we got our girls, I had never had a dog before, so I was blissfully unaware of the number of accidents that were about to occur. The most catastrophic — diarrhea in the back of my brand new car that had absorbent cloth seats.Google instructed me to use a combination of dish soap, white vinegar, and baking soda to remove the horrendous stain, but that combination made it SO much worse.Thankfully, I was told about this mind-blowing cordless creation. Combined with the Bissell Professional Spot and Stain + Oxy Cleaning Solution everything disappeared, including the dreadful smell. It is lightweight, easy to use, and you can actually see the dirt and grime being sucked out of the surfaces. It is unique and an excellent gift for dog owners with messy pups!
Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. is a fantastic brand that is committed to giving rescue pups a second chance at life. That is why 20% of their profits are donated to rescue initiatives across the United States. Oh, and the coffee is pretty paw-some, too!This starter pack features their Morning Walk (light roast), Paper & Slippers (medium roast), and Alpha Blend (dark roast). These are all 100% organic Arabica coffee. These are a great gift for dog lovers who get up early to sneak in early morning walks and might apprecate a little extra jolt of energy!RELATED_1699463604232|The Best Time to Drink Coffee
I have two purebred Newfies that each weigh over 120 pounds, and needless to say, they put toys deemed for 'power chewers' to shame — except for the Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball! This toy is in fact durable as well as bright, bouncy, bouyant, and fun!It also comes in an array of sizes, meaning that dogs of any size can benefit from this ridiculously durable toy. Choose from medium to XX-large to accommodate the size of their fur baby.
For those who don't know, Newfoundlands are the ultimate water dog, or so they say. One of my girls could not hate water more, which makes bath time unbearable, especially since she weighs more than me. Thankfully, a simple fix is some natural peanut butter smeared on the Aquapaw Slow Treater Silicone Lick Mat. This keeps her happy and distracted so that I can get her clean. It's food-safe and dishwasher safe and you can even freeze pumpkin or plain yogurt on it to extend the distraction time!
Speaking of bath time, one of the best gifts for dog parents who don't have the money to get their dog groomed every month is the Waterpik Pet Wand Pro Dog Shower Attachment.This can be used indoors and outdoors, only requires one hand to use, and it "includes the Pet Wand PRO, 8-Foot Flexible Hose, Outdoor Hose Adapter, Suction Cup Hook, and Indoor Shower Diverter for a complete pet bathing station and superior clean at home." Help them nix the plastic cup or high pressure hose with this handy grooming tool!
Possible Dreams Santas are my absolute favorite Christmas decor and they have a whole line of Santas with their pets! This can be a cheerful addition to a pet parent's holiday decor and it is ideal for the pet parents who seem to already have everything.You can choose this Santa with his pack of dogs or look for one that features the same breed as your pet parent's furry friend. Either way, this is a gift that will get use for years to come.
In case you didn't know, dog bowls are brimming with bacteria! That is, unless you wash them daily, but who has the time for that? That's where the YETI Dog Bowl comes in. This stainless steel feeder is dishwasher safe, features a non-slip base, and it holds four cups of food.RELATED_1699459428822|Other Ways to Clean Dog Bowls
If your puppy parent friends have a dog that inhales their food, a snuffle mat can be a wonderful gift option as well. This item will not only slow the dog's ability to eat but also stimulate their brain, which means that they are less likely to get into mischief later. Best of all, they are one size fits all, and they are machine washable.
Whether they go on long hikes with their pup or take lengthy car trips, the Springer Travel Dog Bottle is an ideal way to keep their dog hydrated while limiting the number of items they need to bring with them thanks to the 2 in 1 design.All they have to do is squeeze the bottle to fill the bowl with water and then release it to drain the remaining liquid back in the container! Oh, and as always, this gift for pet parents is dishwasher safe.
For the pet parents of excessive shedders, this is the ultimate cleaning tool! The broom's rubber base picks up hair on an array of surfaces, and it also comes with a built-in squeegee for those slobbery messes that big droolers tend to leave behind.
Another gift for dog parents with super shedders is the FurZapper Pet Hair Remover. It is a simple silicone laundry tool that helps to remove hair and dander from fabrics. Best of all, it is reusable and self cleaning, so all they have to do is toss it in the wash and then into the dryer.
If you are like me, 'focus' only gets you so far. The Pooch Selfie Cell Phone Attachment is the perfect way to keep a dog's attention right on the camera. You attach the tennis ball clip to your phone and then you are ready to start snapping posed photos.Fast FactThis was a product featured on the television show Shark Tank.
This may be the perfect gift for dog moms and dads who love to coordinate with their pups! E-Clover makes adorable matching scarves and blanket bandanas for owners and their dogs. You can choose from various patterns to find the combo that best compliments the dog parents and their fur baby.
As I mentioned above, both of my dogs separately weigh more than I do, which means that walks can become an unsuccessful game of tug of war on my end of the leash. I tried the harness and that only made things worse, but then a friend told me about the PetSafe Gentle Leader.This completely eliminates the instance of pulling and tugging, without causing the dog any pain. The nose loop is padded for extra comfort, and the entire leader is adjustable to ensure that it fits the dog well. It has made walking my girls so much easier.Fast FactFor those worried about the dog's ability to pant or drink, there is no concern! They can do both with no struggle when put on as instructed by the owner's manual.
Pumpkin, berries, bone broth, plain yogurt, and kefir can all be great additions to your dog's diet. An easy and fun way to add these to their meals or snack times is to freeze them and then distribute them as treats throughout the day! These silicone molds are a magnificent option because it allows you to pop out the frozen treats with ease and they can slip in the freezer drawer, without taking up a lot of space. And, of course, this is another dishwasher safe option!Quick TipThese are a great gift for dog parents that also have toddlers under foot. The kids can be actively be involved in their dog's health by helping to assemble these sweet treats.

Gifts for Dog Owners That Help Make Daily Life Better

While I am never going to turn down a custom Christmas sweater with my dog's faces on it, that type of gift will likely get very little use. The best gifts for dog owners, or anyone for that matter, are the ones that make a person's daily life just a little bit easier and that can be used readily. This holiday season, try to find out what your dog parent friends need or are struggling with the most and then try to find items that can help! This will not only serve as a useful gift, but it also shows that your listen to them, which is a much bigger present.