Gifts for Crystal Lovers

If you’re shopping for a gift for the special crystal lover in your life, the most obvious answer might be a crystal. Of quartz, you could go that route, but there are tons of other creative gift ideas you should explore. From candy that looks exactly like real crystals to crystal-themed oracle cards, these presents are all absolute gems. You could even say they rock.

A Cute Floating Shelf to Display Their Crystals

A beautiful gift for crystal collectors is a place to display their crystals. This floating shelf features tons of little nooks and crannies where they can tuck little gemstones. Plus, it has a really cute moon phase image cut out on the back of the shelf that just adds to the whole vibe.

Crystal Candy That Is Actually Good Enough to Eat

crystal candy
Know a crystal lover with a sweet tooth? Get them these gorgeous crystal candies. They’re Vietnamese treats that are created to resemble gems, like red jasper, fluorite, and more, and they definitely look close to the real thing. TBH, they might be too pretty to eat…

Geode Crystal Planter for Magical Forest Vibes

The top Amazon review on this gorgeous geode planter says, “All the crystal zodiac woodland elf people will love this,” and I couldn’t agree more. As someone who has way too many plant children and loves crystals, this is the epitome of the perfect gift. I can’t wait until I have one in every single stone.

The Beginner’s Guide Every Crystal Lover Needs

Anyone venturing into the world of crystals needs this beginner’s guide, and even those who have dabbled in crystal healing for a while, like me, will gain loads of knowledge from this book. It describes the power of crystals, crystal profiles, and my favorite section: crystal prescriptions for various emotions.
If your friend digs home goods, geode coasters are the way to go. They’re stunning, so they’ll add a bit of flair to their home while working to protect their furniture. Score!

Rose Quartz Heart to Show Your Love

Rose quartz symbolizes unconditional love, which makes it the perfect crystal to gift a special someone. The heart shape of this one just adds an extra little love to the stone. I love this size because it’s perfect for holding in my palm while meditating and small enough to slip into a pocket whenever I want to carry some love around.
People who love both crystals and oracle cards will definitely appreciate a deck that combines both. What makes this deck so special is that each of the 52 cards includes an image of a crystal along with a message that reflects its core strength. But that’s not all — the booklet also includes an affirmation and questions for each stone, which are great prompts for a journaling practice.
The perfect crystal gift doesn’t exist? False. This is it. Pick the element associated with your bestie’s sign (fire, air, water, or earth) to help them call in abundance and clarity. Each candle contains real crystals for each sign, and they’re so darn magical.

Crystal Soaps That Look Like the Real Thing

A bar of soap that looks like a crystal and contains a real crystal?? Say no more. This fragrant gift goes above and beyond your typical gift of bath products because it has such a unique appearance. Not to mention, the recipient will end up with a crystal after the bar is done, which makes them that much cooler.

A Crystal Nightlight to Light Up Their Day

gemstone nightlights
Nightlights might feel like a juvenile gift, but not these. These gemstone nightlights are so magical and attractive that they can make a great gift for crystal lovers of any age. And, truthfully, who doesn’t need a little light when shuffling to the coffee pot early in the morning? Choose from healing amethyst, rose quartz, or white quartz.

Selenite Tower for Protection

Frosty selenite is a powerful crystal that’s believed to remove negative energy and support protection. I often choose this crystal as a housewarming gift or give it to friends going through tough times. The tower is a pretty design that looks great on any shelf.
Remind your loved one that they should indulge in a little self-care with crystal bath bombs. Each of the three bombs has a crystal and scent combo with the intention of relaxing, energizing, or balancing. But you don’t have to choose which one to gift because the set comes with two of each!

Window Suncatcher to Fill the Walls with Rainbows

I wholeheartedly believe that rainbows are crystal babies, and I love when my home is filled with them. But because I have cats, hanging crystal in my windows just ends in disasters, which is why I love suncatcher stickers. These window decals are inexpensive, easy to apply, and create the most magical prism effect when in direct sunlight.
No, these ornaments don’t contain real gems, but they sure are cute and make a fantastic crystal-themed Christmas gift. Grab one for a friend, and maybe even snag a few for your own tree if you like the look.
This kit includes seven crystals: one for each chakra because different crystals align with the various chakras of the body. I started incorporating this concept into meditation recently, and it’s been really fun to select a stone based on the chakra and vice versa.

Gifts for Crystal Lovers That Absolutely Rock

For some people, crystals are just beautiful gemstones that adorn their homes or bodies, but for others, they have significant meaning. Whichever camp the special crystal lover in your life falls into, they’ll definitely appreciate these thoughtful and super creative gifts.