15 Gifts That Will Have Bird Lovers Flocking

Bird lovers and bird watchers will sing the praises of these sweet and useful gifts for avian aficionados.

Published November 10, 2023
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Gifts for Bird Lovers

Do you love someone who has a feathery fascination? There are so many great gifts for the bird lovers in your life — especially bird watchers who enjoy the backyard or searching out rare bird species in the wild. Everything from fancy birdhouses and feeders that double as yard art, to gorgeous bird-themed artwork and books are available to make your friend feel like they're on an avian adventure. If you're alighting on your friend or family member's love of birds for your gift theme this year you're pretty much guaranteed to snag something that'll land well. (Pun intended!)

This neat gadget lets your bird-lover buddies watch the feeder up-close and personal. It's like giving them a VIP pass to the best bird buffet in town.


This bird-on-a-wire mug highlights 18 different bird species when your buddy's favorite tea, coffee, or other hot beverage is poured into the cup. There's even a diagram on the bottom to check which species appear in vibrant color. 

Your bird-watching buddies can stick this feeder right up against their window and get an up-close-and-personal view of all the birdie action. They'll be able to see every little detail of the birds chowing down, like their tiny beaks picking at the seeds and their little heads tilting side to side.

For anyone who's into birds, this gadget is a game-changer. It’s super handy for anyone who's into capturing those spontaneous nature shots but doesn’t want to lug around heavy camera gear. Imagine getting those crisp, close-up shots of a robin mid-song or a hawk in flight, all with something that slips into your jacket pocket.


I've got these squirrels that love crashing my bird feeders as if they've got a sixth sense for birdseed. With this adorable owl feeder, the birds can get their fill, squirrels are kept at bay, and it adds charm to any backyard.

This feeder has the diner and the nursery all in one. Birds can eat the seeds and make their nests in one spot. While I don't think birds would choose to nest in a home that attracts other birds, you can re-use the feeder once the birds have pecked away all the seeds. Just slap on some organic peanut butter and add more. It's a fun way to give the birds exactly what they're looking for. 

This is a call I didn't even know existed, but it comes from Audubon, so it's definitely worth a try as a unique gift. This bird call attracts all kinds of songbirds, which could be pretty neat to watch. It's like having our own little conversation with the birds we're looking for. 


I love little trinkets like this. I have a little collection of them, actually. They're super inspirational and can put you in a good mood in a snap. This is a great charm for your bird watcher's home — with an ode to their lovely feathered friends.

Hummingbirds are one of my absolute favorite birds, but their nests can be pretty hard to spot. These hummingbird houses can allow you to watch hummingbirds bring materials to their nests and teach the babies how to take flight.

I love decorating literally everything in my house with nature decor. So this definitely sparks my interest. It's not just a splash of color for the room — it's like a dose of outdoor charm with a side of class. And it screams 'snuggle time.'


Not only can you use this as a bird feeder to treat your feathered friends to a snack, but it also doubles as a bird bath for those splashy little birdie pool parties. And you can even train some gorgeous vines to climb up it and really kick that garden glam up a notch.

I love rustic decor. It really adds a splash of pizzazz to the room. This lyrical bird wall hanging can really personalize any room you put it in. 

These mushrooms make the most adorable birdhouses and are a real conversation starter. They're unique and easy to hang. They make a super pretty gift for any bird lover. Just keep in mind that only tiny birds are likely to roost in them.


I'm always looking for cool, unique birdhouses to add to my collection outside. This one definitely stands out and is great for those smallest birds in your garden. 

It's like this flew straight out of a Disney movie, and it's totally tugging on my heartstrings. I know I'm not the only one who goes gaga for a bit of that Disney magic. This could be a hit gift for bird lovers who are also Disney fans

Gifts for Bird Lovers That Sing Happiness

Seeking out the ultimate present for the bird aficionados in your life is a real blast. Seriously, there's a whole world of quirky and one-of-a-kind gifts out there that it's almost too tough to pick just one. From the coolest gadgets that bring the bird-watching action up close and personal to handcrafted trinkets that show off their bird passion, the options are endless. Think about what your buddy will enjoy the most or, even needs the most, to narrow the list.

15 Gifts That Will Have Bird Lovers Flocking