Spa basket with candles and soaps

Gift baskets are a classic gift, and a pampering or self-care gift basket is extra thoughtful. From the people you love to the people you're still getting to know, a gift basket feels like a personalized choice curated just for them. 

Personalized candle gift baskets and self-care baskets are a go-to gift for me since they work as thank-you presents, get well soon gifts, birthday presents, and thoughtful gifts for new moms. I can tell you from experience that making your own bath or spa gift basket is loads of fun and way easier than you might think.

It doesn't take much to get started creating your own gift baskets for that special personal touch. This is my method for building the perfect pampering or self-care basket for someone I care about.

  1. Think up a theme that suits your giftee. Themes could be based on the occasion, the giftee's interests, the season, or something like their favorite color or TV show.
  2. Find a fun basket or bag to put everything in. I love to look for something I know will match the home decor or style of the person I'm shopping for.
  3. Start with a scented candle you know they’ll love or a scent that makes you think of them.
  4. Look for self-care items they might love, like soaps or body butters. I like to choose scents that complement the candle when possible.
  5. Fill it up with delicious chocolate delights or other treats you know they enjoy.
  6. Toss in any additional gifts that complete the basket. Small decorative items, plants, and coffee mugs are fun choices.
  7. Decorate your basket so it looks presentation ready for your loved one.
  8. And last but not least, don't forget the card!

To help get you started, we've created a list of some of our favorite candle basket-making essentials. 

Start With a Chic Reusable Wicker Basket

Whenever I'm unsure of what style of basket to choose, I go for a classic wicker bin. Rectangular wicker baskets like this one hold a surprising amount of items and have a classic look that works for most home decor styles. I love that the linen liner in this one gives the basket a high-end sort of vibe.

Stuff This Round Basket Full of Goodies

A round cotton rope basket is another great option, especially if you have lots of items (or bigger ones!) you need to include. I also love that this basket is shallow enough to show off all the small gifts at a glance.

This Stylish Tote Is the Perfect Bag Option

Is it still considered cool to have everything you own monogrammed? Either way, this monogrammed bag is a thoughtful choice for your personalized gift basket. This shows your loved one that you really did hand select every part of the gift to create a basket unique to them.

Pack the Gifts Into a Bath Caddy

If you really want to go the practical route, a bath or shower caddy is perfect for storing and gifting all your pampering items. Your loved one can use the vessel alongside all the thoughtful gifts packed inside.
Here's a little secret: candles that have that boutique, found-it-on-my-last-trip sort of vibe are the absolute best. Sweet Water Decor candles have exactly that vibe. Their scents are simple but lovely, and they have that small-town boutique style that makes your gift basket feel like a curated collection of personalized items.
You're looking for an elegant candle that smells amazing and has a hidden label for a luxe vibe. This is that candle.Did I mention this also has a wood wick? That's right, it's the candle that has everything. There's nothing more comforting in a self-care basket than a candle that's lovely to look at, makes your space smell amazing, and offers a cozy crackling sound as it burns.
Whenever you're at a loss for what sort of candle to add to your gift basket, three-wick candles are a safe choice, and everyone loves them. I love that this brand has gentle scents that smell fresh and comforting.

This Candle Smells Like a Birthday Cake

If you're making a gift basket for a birthday, this candle is just too cute to leave out. Personally, I love candles that smell like desserts, and I'm a sucker for traditional birthday cake.Grab this birthday-themed candle that smells like vanilla cake to surprise the birthday guy or gal with a sweet-scented treat.

Add a Tried-and-True Chesapeake Candle

Chesapeake Candles are a solid and lovely choice when choosing a scented candle. They're the perfect size for a gift bag, and with so many scents to choose from, you're sure to find one that suits your giftee.

This Candle Is Perfect for Book Lovers

If you plan to include a book in your gift basket or you know this spa gift will be used to enhance your friend’s reading experience, you just have to add a book-inspired candle.This candle smells like a bookstore — which is arguably one of the best smells in the world — and a book lover in your life is sure to adore it.
It's easier to practice self-care when you have a good reason to linger in the bath. These Honest brand soaking salts are perfect for the person who loves to relax but prefers a gentle and scent-free experience.

Go Luxe With a Gold Face Mask

If your giftee appreciates the finer things in life, this 24K gold face mask is a luxurious addition to your gift basket. I love that this gift item is unique and probably something someone wouldn't purchase for themselves. That's the best type of gift to receive!
No, this isn't a tea you drink. This is an herbal moon bath tea that you brew and infuse into your bath. Anyone who likes to linger in the bath with a good book or just a little peace and quiet will find this unique gift an absolute delight.

Chill Pill Bath Bombs Encourage Self-Care

If you're building a gift basket for a new mom, a recent graduate, or someone who just got a promotion, they might need a chill pill or two. In this case, the chill pill is a luxurious bath bomb that promotes relaxation and rest.
If you haven't jumped on the dry brushing train yet, what are you waiting for? Because this little bristle body brush is an absolute game changer! If you add it to any bath or pampering gift basket you're creating, the giftee will thank you for totally changing their beauty routine.
Bath bombs, salts, and bubbles are wonderful. But coming from a busy mom who rarely has time for a long relaxing bath, shower steamers are such a thoughtful gift. Breathing in the lovely scent and feeling your shoulders relax should be an option in the shower just as much as it is in the bath. For someone with a busy schedule, these shower steamers help them practice self-care in a short amount of time.
I once bought this pack of face masks and split them up into gifts for three separate people. So this is a no-brainer when you're building multiple gift baskets — Mother's Day or teacher gifts are perfect for this — and need to get a few items in bulk.
Sometimes, luxury looks like keeping things simple and sticking to the classics. Many people love these gourmet Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and they're a golden gift for tucking into your pampering basket.

Book-Themed Teas Are a Novel Gift

While you're crafting that reading-themed basket, consider swapping a traditional sweet treat for a calming tea. These novel teas are all tagged with a literary quote, and any book lover in your life will love how much time you spent making their basket unique to them and their interests.
Birthdays are a wonderful opportunity to build and gift a self-care basket. These chocolate birthday cake truffles help you add that sweet touch in a small way. No one will judge you if snag a bag for yourself, by the way.
If you're building a pampering gift basket, a treat of some sort is a must. These organic fair-trade chocolate bars have intriguing flavors for the foodie or "crunchy" friend in your life.
The thought put into making a personalized gift basket is so appreciated. But what if you don't know the person that well? For all those first-time holidays with your in laws and gifts for your niece's birthday, a pre-made basket with classic spa items is still a wonderful choice. This one has such a fun vibe, and that coffee tumbler is too cute!
Some of us are pretty picky about the ingredients in our self-care products. For that reason, this natural and vegan-friendly gift set is a safe and considerate choice. With organic and natural ingredients in all the products, your nature-loving giftee will shower you with praise and gratitude.
For the elegant person in your life who is somehow always stylish and put together, this luxurious gift set will speak to her love of the finer things in life. It's full of goodies — hello, high-quality cosmetics — and will help prioritize some "me time."
What do you do when you want to gift a self-care basket to someone who doesn't love all the bath and cosmetic items? You stick to candles!Candles still encourage some self-care and are certainly a thoughtful gift. What I love about this candle set is that all three candles feature words of affirmation to inspire your giftee.