Best Friends, Best Gifts: 15 Unforgettable Finds for Your Bestie

Your best friend, bestie, BFF, your partner-in-crime, your confidant, your kindred spirit. Give them a gift that says just that.

Published November 14, 2023
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Gift Guide for Best Friend

They're your best friend. Your unquestionable right hand pal that will just as readily defend you as they will ask you what in the world you were thinking when you decided to pick up your third side hustle.

But that doesn't matter. You love them with all your heart most days, and when it comes time to give them something a little extra special, narrowing down just what you want to give isn't easy. Is it a repeat from all those previous years? Or, worse yet, something they already have but never shared with you? These gift ideas are there to paste a smile on their face. Not only when they open it but anytime they use or see your gift. That's what besties are for. 

For the friend who loves candles (maybe a little too much because you've seen that line in their budget for monthly candle purchases) but has a hard time committing to using them, this candle is a great choice. When the time comes to finally light it up, they can soak in the essential oils of their birth month. 


For every friend who diligently charges all of their electronics, there's the bestie who struggles with keeping even a 20% charge on their phone. And carrying around a portable battery is great, except the cord always ends up lost. But thanks to you, your bestie is always in reach — sans cord. 

We all have that friend you swear is part Martha Stewart, part Mrs. Brady, and all Food Network. Their snacks? Always on point. And their fridge is reminiscent of Mary Poppins' bag; they can pull out anything you name. Why not let them know you love their love for food and hosting in a cheesy way with a charcuterie board set? And if not for hosting, it makes girl dinner all the more grammable. 

You sang along to the top ten countdown in middle school, with questionable lyrics for young teens, and you talked for hours about the perfect songs for your burned CDs in college. And while you may not be able to burn those CDs for eachother like you used to, you can still dedicate the theme song of your friendship


Did anyone else's best friend become a Stanley fanatic seemingly overnight recently or just me? Because she is obsessed. I don't think I've seen an Instagram story or BeReal picture without her trusty Stanley in tow, along with her phone, wallet, and keys, all in one hand in a long time. Cut them a break and give them a much-needed carrier so they can free up their hands to answer your nineteenth unimportant text of the day. 

Finding a signature scent is challenging work — the ever-stressful task of finding your signature perfume so everyone and every ex can be devastated anytime they smell it and think of you.

It's hard to imagine a life without that perfume by our side. But when you're traveling, the TSA isn't a fan of those big bottles. Give your best gal (or guy!) a hand so they can smell like them no matter where the road takes them

Does your best friend have a furry best friend, or perhaps a weakness for scrolling the local SPCA or shelter websites to dream of adopting a dozen or so dogs? They may not be able to save every pup and pooch they find, but Grounds and Hounds brings help to pups in need. And your giftee gets a sweet flight of coffee flavors. 


If your best friend is tea obsessed (hi! it's me!) and will occassionally turn down plans so they can snuggle up with a cup and some tv or tackle their TBR pile of books, there's no denying what they need: for you to let them know you're okay when they cancel plans to stay home and to stay cozy. You support that they take the time to fill their cup

Skincare is becoming a full-on must-have more and more. It's almost as if all those years we were told to use moisturizer and sunscreen we should've listened. But now that your best friend is also exploring the adult side of skincare, help them look their best. You know they're a 10. Help them see it too. And get yourself a matching set so you can have a girls' spa night

There's nothing like curling up under a weighted blanket, be it on those good, bad, and okay days in between. But there's something about snuggling under a weighted blanket that doesn't look like it was pulled from the black-and-white era, filled with stones. Unlike them, this blanket is chic and will always be there to hug them if you can't. 


We all have someone in our life who has a notebook problem. Whether they love to write down everything by hand or don't want to have to figure out how to digitally save everything, it is a problem. Especially for those of us who just can't say no to a new notebook. This reusable notebook lets us — I mean "them" — handwrite everything but still keep everything organized and at our fingertips. 

Their iPod is on its last life, its very last ninth life. It has been with them since high school, through every breakup and new love, and oh-so-many dance parties. And when they're in the car? They hope that their phone has something they want. Don't let them live like that anymore. Give them their jams on demand for when they can't get a signal, or they're on a flight to visit you. Bonus: Spotify makes playlists called Blend that uses songs you both listen to and songs the algorithm thinks you'd both enjoy. 

For the friend with a green thumb that's always looking to grow their plant family, give them the gift of green every month of the year. You can select from large plants, air plants, aquatic plants, indoor plants, pet-friendly plants, plants for a seasonal garden, seeds for those who love a project, or a succulent project if they don't always have the best luck. Honestly, there's a plant gift subscription for every level of green thumb best friend. 


If your friend is the type to cherish experiences over things, you can do just that, and they can do it on their schedule. Give them the gift of an experience from Uncommon Goods. They'll be a budding home florist in no time. Or home mixologist. Or vision board master. Or the queen of tarot card reading. Or macarame pro. The gift of learning never misses the mark. Aren't you always learning from each other, after all?

Gifts For Your Partner in Crime

Don't overthink what you'll give your best friend for a gift anymore. They sure wouldn't want you to have any anxiety or stress on their part. So find the present that fits their vibe, captures their aesthetic, and paints a perfect of your lifelong friendship. 

Best Friends, Best Gifts: 15 Unforgettable Finds for Your Bestie