Let's be honest - shopping for your pet is almost as fun, if not more, than shopping for yourself. Whether the items are for a dog, cat, fish, or rabbit, nothing seems to delight pet owners more than finding the perfect gift for their trusted animal companion. But finding quality toys and treats for individual pets can take lots and lots of time and effort. With different interests, allergies, sizes, and preferences, it can feel impossible to sort through all the reviews, websites, and recommendations to find the perfect pet gift.

And that's where we come in. We've used our experience with our loving pets and their constant feedback to create a list of the 20 best pet gifts for the animals in your life. So whether you're looking for an energetic hound who can't get enough of fetch, a mischievous cat who can't stay out of trouble, or even a frenzied fish looking for a place to take a nap, you'll find it all and more below.

This Snuffle Matt is Both Fun and Enriching for Doggos

Not only does this snuffle mat provide your pet with a fun and entertaining activity (with minimal effort on your part), but it also provides much-needed mental stimulation to keep your dog's brain happy. This toy lets your dog indulge in their natural foraging drive in a contained and (almost) mess-free environment. Hide treats and kibble around the mat, and watch your dog sniff to find every bite. It also doubles as an excellent slow-feeder if your pup needs to slow down when eating. When it's not in use, easily fold it up and store it away until the next time your dog is ready to play.

This Cat Scratcher Will Delight Even the Friskiest Feline

If you're a cat owner, you know scratchers are essential to have around to prevent your kitty from tearing up your furniture. This scratcher toy allows your cat to flex their claws on the cardboard scratcher, and it also includes a track and ball for your cat to bat around for extra fun. Once the cardboard runs out on one side, flip it over for a fresh start. Even better, this toy is great for cats of all ages, making it an excellent choice for multi-cat homes.

Your Dog Will Enjoy Playing Hide and Seek with This Plush Puzzle

Let your dog live out their dream of catching that pesky squirrel with this hide-and-seek plush, that's both fun and enriching for canines. It comes in four different styles depending on your dog's size, small, medium, large, and extra large, and it includes a group of playful squeaky squirrels ready to entertain your pup. Even better, you can order replacement squirrels even if your dog "accidentally" chews some up. When the squirrels get tired of hanging in the trunk, use them for a safe game of fetch indoors, to your dog's delight.

This Classic Laser Toy is a Cat Favorite

Cats love lasers, and this motion-activated one is a great way to keep your kitty entertained when you're away. This rechargeable laser pointer takes only 2.5 hours to charge and works for up to 2 days after. It offers two different modes and senses up to 160 inches away. It automatically goes on standby after 15 minutes of no activity, and its silent motor makes it almost indiscernible to human ears, so you can easily work while your cat plays.

This is the Perfect Gift for Dogs Who Love to Fetch

For owners of fetch-loving dogs, this Chuckit! Launcher is a necessity. This ball launcher increases the speed and distance you can throw a ball without wearing out your arm after the one-hundredth throw. This sleep launcher is easy to toss in the car for a fun park trip or store in your bag for a day at the lake. It's also available with different ball sizes, so both small and large dogs can get in on the action.

Entertain Your Cat with This Flopping Fish Toy

Okay, so this toy is hit or miss with cats, but it's defnitely worth a try, especially if your cat loves it. This automatic teaser toy encourages your cat's inner prey drive with its flopping motion, helping to promote enrichment and exercise for your furry friend. Each fish comes with a USB charging cord and an extra mixture of silvervine and catnip to hide inside the fish cover. The soft cover is also removable and machine washable, so it's easy to clean whenever a furball strikes.

This Puzzle Toy Will Keep Pups Entertained Over and Over Again

Dog puzzles are one of my favorite toys to have on hand, especially for days when we can't get outside for a walk. This intermediate puzzle is great for dogs of all sizes, from chihuahuas to labs. Hide kibble or treats throughout this brick dog puzzle, and watch as your doggo paws, nudges, and sniffs to find every scrumptious bite. This rewarding puzzle is enriching and fun for canines and is made using plastic, food-safe material, so it's easy to clean.

Cats Will Go Crazy for These Catnip Toys

Make Homemade Dog Treats in a Snap with This Treat Maker

Whether your pup has food allergies or you just love to bake, Dash's dog treat maker is a gift both dogs and their owners will love. This machine lets you make custom dog treats in minutes for your pup, including only the ingredients you choose. Instead of dealing with cookie cutters and sticky molds, you just place the mixed dough in the 8 non-stick bone slots, close the lid and within minutes you'll have fresh made dog treats for your favorite canine. It even has a recipe book filled with dog-approved treats to get you started.

This Snack Game is Great for Small Pets

Small pets also need gifts, and this flip board snack toy is perfect. This toy provides a fun and enriching activity for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, and ferrets as they sniff out yummy treats hidden inside. The toy is designed with a non-slip base to stay in place while your pet is looking for their hidden treasure. The toy is also dishwasher-safe, so cleaning is a breeze. It even comes with a booklet with tips and ideas to help your pet get used to their fun new toy.

Curious Cats Will Love This Enriching Activity Feeder

Dogs aren't the only ones who get to have fun with puzzles - with this activity feeder, cats can join in on the fun, too! This feeder has four sections you can scatter treats among to keep your cat entertained and engage their senses. You can use wet or dry treats to entice cats three months and older for a fun-filled activity that'll keep your kitten out of trouble - at least for a little bit.

A Comfy Bed Both Cats and Dogs Will Love

Give your cats and dogs a cozy place to lay with this much-loved calming donut bed that comes in five sizes and multiple color options. Its circular shape makes it an excellent spot for your pet to curl up and take a nap, and it is made with a vegan shag faux fur cover that's easy to remove and clean in the washing machine. The inside pillow is filled with cloud-like fibers that'll help calm and relax your pet for much-needed rest.

This Rock Cave is a Cozy Retreat for Fish Friends

Let's not forget about our fish friends who need some pampering too. This ceramic rock cave is for more than decor - it also provides a secretive hideout for your fish to chill, especially if they live in a multi-fish tank. The size is excellent for small to medium fish tanks, and there are also numerous different shapes and designs to build a tunnel system in larger fish tanks. When it's time to clean the tank, rinse the cave with water, and it's good to go.

These Limited-Ingredient Bones are a Tasty Canine Treat

These rawhide-free, limited-ingredient wild venison bones are a perfect mid-day pick-me-up for dogs who like to chew. The antler-shaped chews are high edible while still being hard enough to keep your doggo from gobbling it up within minutes but soft enough for even more timid chewers. They're also enriched with calcium and help clean your canine's teeth. They come in various sizes to fit your pup's needs and have two other tasty flavors, including bison and boar.

Bring the Outdoors Inside for Cats with This Organic Pet Grass

Stop your cat from attacking your indoor plants with this organic pet grass they'll love to munch on and explore. The kit comes with an 8-ounce bag of a non-GMO pet grass seed blend that includes a mixture of wheat, oats, rye, barley, and flax and grows in as little as four days. The grass is rich in nutrients and can help provide hairball control and aid in healthy digestion, along with being a much-needed distraction for curious kittens.

This Yummy Fruit Mix is a Welcome Treat for Reptiles

This freeze-dried reptile fruit mix is packed with vitamins and nutrients to keep turtles, hermit crabs, and iguanas happy. To use, simply rehydrate the fruit with water and place some in your pet's tank for a yummy treat. The fruits are pre-cut and require no refrigeration, making them easy to serve and store.
I don't know what it is, but Kongs are always a favorite for my two pups. Whether filled with peanut butter for a nightly treat or a frozen dog-friendly smoothie, they're always jazzed when they see Kongs. These ultra-durable rubber toys are easy to clean, too, by just tossing them in the dishwasher. And they're available in various sizes, so canines big and small can enjoy these fun and boredom-boosting toys.

This Pull Apart Toy Will Keep Mischievous Cats Busy

This fun pull-apart cat toy entices even the coolest and most aloof felines. Attach the Velcro-backed, catnip-infused bugs to the felt leaf and watch as your cat pounces and bats at them for a delightful afternoon activity. The set provides a multi-sensory experience for cats with its soft fabric and crinkle texture, allowing your cat to stalk and catch the bugs before a much-needed afternoon nap.

A Delicious and Enriching Treat for Small Pets

This edible enrichment waffle toy is perfect for small pets like rabbits and Guinea pigs for both a treat and activity. It encourages small animals' natural need to chew in a safe and non-destructive way and is made with Timothy hay, which is high in fiber. For extra fun, hang this chew in your animal's habitat or cage for extra fun and mental stimulation.

This Squeaky Plush Toy Will Soon Be Your Dog’s Best Friend

For plush-toy-loving pups, this is a winner. It has a soft cotton texture, squeaks, and rope features that are nice for chewing or gripping for an interactive game of tug-o-war. The raised cloth surface also provides a soothing massage to your pup's gums. Choose from multiple fun animal designs, like a donkey, cow, crab, monkey, and lobster. If it gets dirty, don't worry - toss it in the washer, and it's ready for playtime again.