Gift Guide for Athletes: From Weekend Warriors to Seasoned Pros

Score in a big way with these gifts straight from any athlete's wishlist.

Published November 10, 2023
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Gifts for Athletes

Being an athlete, even a weekend warrior, means pushing your limits. And sometimes, those limits push back. If there's an athlete in your life, whether it's a fitness fanatic, a yoga queen who can twist herself into knots, or a master of pursuing their next personal record while lifting, then there's a body that's in search of the next limit or relief from a workout. 

And, as someone who's gone from competitive gymnastics to learning how to run a 5K to giving yoga at home a try, as well as hopping on a Peloton, I can tell you that these are the presents that will hit all the right spots for that athlete in your life. There's a gift for every level of athlete, from those who run marathons to those who are just starting to dip their toes into an at-home barre workout. 

You don't need to give anyone those eyes that say, "Please, my muscles, they're sore." You're a strong and independent athlete. Sometimes. And this time, you don't need anyone else to soothe those muscles. From your arms to your calves, this TOLOGO massage gun can help rub the aches away.


I am a big fan of cushiony, thick yoga mats. Except for the days when my knees are really hurting, I can rely on this non-slip Gaiam yoga mat to cushion every part of my body. When I'm at a lull in my yoga, I still break out this mat for stretching or other workouts. 

Despite years of knowing better, my posture could be, well, better. And sitting at a desk all day, slumped over and in the zone, comes with a price. More than just a way to find a deeper stretch with yoga, this Vera Seigur body wheel is heaven on the back regardless.

I was an eye roller about foam rollers for a long time. But now if I have a tight neck, I break out the roller. Sore calves? Break out the roller. Sore hip? I turn to this Amazon Basics foam roller for almost everything. It's perfect for everyone from the weekend warrior to the marathon runner in our lives. 


Some people aren't bath people or don't have a bathtub. So when it comes to unwinding after a workout, help them turn that shower experience into something a bit more elevated. These Body Restore shower steamers come in incredible relaxing and energizing scents, plus they last your whole shower.

Sometimes, when the ideas aren't flowing, a workout can get the brain turning. When I have a busy day or need to exhaust some energy while I'm working, I love having this desk on hand to bike while I work. 

I've been Team Garmin since 2014 or so, and I cannot be swayed to leave. I've always been a fan of the Forerunner watches as they cover the basics better than other watches, there's no subscription needed, and the battery life is simply chef's kiss. 


I loathe, absolutely loathe, having to deal with wet hair after a shower, especially when it's either a humid and hot day or the coldest day of the year. But a post-workout shower is necessary, and this Kitsch Microfiber Towel Scrunchie means I can do the next thing in my day quicker. 

I strictly used lacrosse balls when it came to pressing out knots under my shoulder or rolling around on the ground with sore feet. But, thankfully, there is a range of lacrosse ball sizes in this KSONE set, and since they're so small, you can bring them anywhere.

I snagged these earbuds when they were on sale for around $25 and if I ever lost these, I'd happily pay full price for them again. They're comfy, the sound is great, and I'm not constantly adjusting them while working out. 


I'm hesitant when it comes to splurging on something I can so easily lose, but the sound on these Beats Studio Buds is incredible. And when I'm outside running or going for a walk, I can use just one earbud at a time so I can be aware of my surroundings. 

From Crossfitters to gymnasts to weight lifters, runners, and athletes of any kind — they're bound to end up with blisters and blisters that need some help healing. Since 1996, I have turned to BagBalm for just about any exercise-related skin injury. 

If you travel a lot for work or just want something you can bring with you when you do travel, there's nothing easier or smaller than resistance bands. You can use these Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands for arms or legs and still get in that full-body workout without having to find equipment. 


They say it's best to lift in flat shoes or bare feet, and these Ozaiic Yoga Socks are what I use when I'm working out at my house. Plus, they're great for the warm days when you're doing yoga and you're slipping all around. Work out barefoot without sliding? Absolutely wonderful. 

Midday workouts are a great mood booster. Until you realize you have to run out of the house or be on a Zoom call in five minutes so you don't have time to shower. A quick wipe down and you can get on your way and not worry about it for a little longer. 

When you're gifting to your athletic cousin, your fitness-forward friend, or your gal-pal who just loves to get her sweat on, find them something that's as personalized and unique to their fitness journey as the relationship you share. Who knows, maybe these can inspire you to get yourself back out there and get your sweat on! 

Gift Guide for Athletes: From Weekend Warriors to Seasoned Pros