17 Gifts for Book Lovers - That Aren't ALL More Books

A handy reading light, a unique shelving solution, and a personal library kit? Your bookish giftee will love these.

Published November 8, 2022
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Book lovers are such a special breed of people. A hobby like reading tends to attract folks who are imaginative and empathetic, curious and thoughtful. They are not, however, always easy to shop for! While it would seem that a book would be the right answer every time, that's not necessarily the case. The more voracious the reader, the less likely you are to pick something out that they haven't already read - and besides, they really don't need anyone else adding to their extensive To Be Read pile(s) anyway.

If you have a bibliophile on your gift list, don't panic. All you have to do is think outside the binding. Here are my favorite gift ideas for bookworms.

The book lover in your life likely needs a little (or a lot) more storage for that aforementioned TBR. This bookshelf comes pre-assembled and can be folded and put away when not needed or easily moved around to suit their growing collection. The verticle support bar that runs along the back can also be affixed to a wall for safety. Lightweight yet durable, each shelf can support up to 66 lbs. That's a lot of books!


Help them incorporate their life's love into their decor with a clever book-shaped night light. This one gives off five watts of soft, warm light, is fully-portable, and can be opened up to 360 degrees. It fully charges in two hours via USB port, and a fully-charged battery lasts eight hours.

This is the scented candle version of diving nose-first into an antique book and inhaling deeply. Notes of leather, wood, and old paper waft from this 100% natural soy wax candle that's sure to elevate their reading corner into the truest version of a library.

These handy little clips let them pick up exactly where they left off. No more destructive underlining: the arrow design points directly to the desired passage, eliminating the need to mark the page up. Made of stainless steel and brass, they clip securely to the page without leaving dents, so it's perfect to use in a borrowed book. And they're reusable! Each tin contains 125 darts.


These sturdy, expandable bookends made from powder-coated, heavy-duty steel keep their beloved tomes standing upright. An elegant solution to lighter books or magazines falling over, it pulls out to up to 19 inches wide!

I reckon there's a little librarian cosplayer in every book lover. If their collection is meticulously organized or they love to lend things out but hate when they aren't returned in a timely fashion, this personal library kit will be right up their alley. Each gift-worthy box designed to look like an old book comes with 20 checkout cards and self-adhesive card pockets, a date stamp and inkpad, a miniature pencil, and bookplates.

A modern classic for the bookish type who imbibes? Perfection. Combining wry literary commentary with actually delicious cocktail recipes inspired by The Great Works, this is a must-have for the "Food and Drink" section of their collection. This must-have features recipes for 65 cocktails as well as bar bites and instructions for drinking games.


Night readers don't have to put down their books just because it's lights-out. This lightweight and rechargeable pick rethinks the standard clip-on reading light and offers a super helpful solution: wear it around your neck! The brightness of both lights is fully adjustable and comes in three tones from cool to neutral to warm.

This unique bedside accessory is made of solid acacia wood and features a triangular book perch that'll save their progress in their latest literary conquest. It also features a phone nook and holders for their reading glasses and even a beverage. There are soft pads on the bottom to prevent scratching, and the triangular rest has the phrases "Save My Spot" and "To Be Continued..." etched in. Too cute.

Nothing beats a great reading chair and this little number is perfect for sinking down into. The lavishly overstuffed body is wrapped in plush, wrinkle resistant velvet upholstery and supported by a durable metal frame capable of holding up to 250 pounds. The matching ottoman invites them to kick up thier heels and get comfy. Perfect if you're looking to really spoil your bookworm.


Complete their cozy corner with this oh-so-soft fluffy throw blanket. Featuring a super plush design of fuzzy faux fur, this is the perfect blanket to curl up under as they cram in those last few chapters before bedtime.

We all know in these modern times that eReaders allow book lovers to carry around a library of thousands of books in something that weighs less than a pound. They're amazing gadgets. But if your giftee is a little old-school, and they occasionally yearn for the days of toting around their latest novel, a Kindle cover that mimics a leatherbound book may be right up their alley. This one features a sturdy foldback design and magnet closures to keep the cover in place.

"It is a truth universally acknowledged..." and the truest of Janeite book lovers will be able to finish the rest of the sentence with nary a second thought. This accent pillow features the first page of one of Austen's most beloved and famous works, Pride and Prejudice. Add that to its big, comfy 20 by 20 inch size, and you've got a winner.


This reading journal is an excellent way for a reader to keep track of and reflect on their journey through literature. A mixture of open pages and guided prompts will motivate them to share their insights with a generous amount of space dedicated per book review. They can make notes on their to-be-read list, books they finished or didn't, those they lent out, and their progress through book club challenges. The beautiful, timeless design makes this journal totally keepsake-worthy.

They'll be the envy of the library. This bag was designed for hauling: it's oversized with boxed corners and sturdy cotton handles long enough to hang over the shoulder. It's a tote to shout their undying bibliophilia to the world.

Bibliostyle: How We Live at Home With Books will not only be a joy to flip through, but may also inspire them to integrate their beloved books into the decor in more creative and aesthetically-pleasing ways. With 272 full-color pages shot by Architectural Digest photographer Shade Degges, it gives a glimpse into the impossibly chic home libraries of book lovers all over the world. Joanna Gaines even put this tome on her Magnolia Journal Fall Favorites list!


Or you can always just give them what they really want: more books! This digital gift card from Bookshop.org can be bought in values ranging from $10 - $1000. You can even opt to have them deliver it via email on a specific day, like their birthday, anniversary, or Christmas. Best of all, the site sources everything from independent bookstores all across the globe, so it's a great gift, but it's also a good deed. Happy reading!

17 Gifts for Book Lovers - That Aren't ALL More Books