10 Gifts Libra Will Love

Updated November 8, 2022
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Air sign Libra (September 23 - October 22) is the seventh sign of the zodiac and the aesthete of the bunch. Like Taurus, Libra is ruled by Venus, and they take the "beauty" part of that planet's governance very seriously. Being that the sign is represented by the scales, Libras seek balance and harmony in all things, most prominently within the realm of the senses - so much so that they can get the reputation for being a little superficial.

Libras tend to gravitate toward high art and finery, and their spaces will usually reflect their sophisticated aesthetic sensibilities. However, the scales also indicate that Libras care a great deal about justice and equality. Fairness is very important to them, and they will always try to see all perspectives of a conflict rather than take sides.

When choosing a gift for a Libra, seek out elegance over utility, but be sure to put some thought into the wrapping, too.

Romantic relationships are of chief concern for people born under the sign of Libra because being coupled brings them a great feeling of equilibrium. This cocktail-making class hosted by Uncommon Goods will have them brewing up love potions using a variety of aphrodisiac elements like butterfly pea flower, rosehip, and lavender. A feast for the eyes and palette that may also attract a mate? That's Libra heaven.


Give these gorgeous coupes along with the cocktail class and watch your Libra swoon. Art Deco-inspired and laid in a protective pink satin-lined gift box, this elegant glassware will be a stunning addition to their home bar. And they're dishwasher safe!

This set of deliciously soft pillowcases are appealing enough as-is, but a custom monogram embroidered onto the edges elevates them to gift-worthy status that any Libra is sure to adore. There are dozens of thread colors and six beautiful fonts to choose from, and the pillowcases come in both standard and king sizes.

Le Creuset is the status French cookware brand, a fact that the Libra in your life is no doubt already aware of. If you'd love to spoil them with Le Creuset, but don't have several hundreds of dollars to shell out for a Dutch oven, this sweet set of oil and vinegar pourers is a great option. Made of their signature stoneware that is scratch and chip resistant, they're pretty enough to proudly display on the counter year-round.


If your Libra is particularly devoted to keeping the kitchen vibe top notch, this retro-style number in Venusian green is sure to delight them and earn a full-time spot on their countertop. There aren't many bells or whistles cluttering the design, but you can easily choose the brew strength. And it comes with an eco-friendly reusable filter!

Film director Wes Anderson's penchant for symmetry and pastel color palettes are right in the Libran wheelhouse. This coffee table book based on the popular Instagram account features 368 pages of photographs of visually-striking (real life!) places that could easily have come from Anderson's imagination. Wes himself gave the book his coveted seal of approval, and he even wrote the forward.

A vase that can stand alone as an object d'art is a wonderful gift for a Libra. This one's style is influeced by the '80s postmodern Italian design of the Memphis Group, which your art connoisseur giftee will appreciate. Don't forget to present it filled with a gorgeous bouquet to up the "wow" factor!


I think half the fun of building a home bar is collecting all of the pretty bottles and accoutrements that go into a making good drink. But what if your Libra doesn't imbibe? Ghia's booze-free apéritif is a delicious alternative that comes in a vessel they'll be proud to display. It's vegan, caffeine-free, Kosher-certified, contains no added sugar, or any artificial flavoring!

I can't tell you the number of friends I have who are obsessed with this dress from Libra Supreme Kim Kardashian's SKIMS line. It's a classic style made with a soft, body-hugging modal/spandex blend fabric that can be worn day or night - and it comes in six gorgeous colors.

Dossier's unisex Floral Rose fragrance takes the aromatic signature flower of Venus and transforms it with notes of spicy cumin, woody cedar, and deep amber for an eau de parfum as sophisticated as your lovely Libra.

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10 Gifts Libra Will Love