The holidays are just around the corner, and while you probably have a good idea of what you want to give your family and friends, there is one little aspect of Christmas morning that you might be overlooking: the stockings. Kids and adults alike look forward to the little goodies that fill up these oversized socks, and it can be daunting to have to fill them up every year. (Just ask Santa. He knows this struggle all too well.)

But have no fear because we've scoured the internet to find the best stocking stuffer ideas on Amazon. From mess-free toys to colorful wool socks to a magical gel that cleans your keyboard, these items will delight everyone on your shopping list. Now, get gifting!

These WikkiStix are Just as Fun as You Remember

Not only do these WikkiStix fit perfectly inside a Christmas stocking, but they also provide screen-free fun to kids of all ages. They can be stuck together using fingertip pressure, and the bendable design allows little ones to create all kinds of fantastical 3D creations. The mess-free formula also makes them great for car or plane rides.

These Stick-On Stars Light Up the Night

Remember how exciting it was to stick these glow-in-the-dark stars onto your ceiling when you were a kid? Now, you can give your own little ones that same magical feeling with this pack of 200 stick-on stars. They're surprisingly bright, making them perfect for kids who could use a bit more light at night. The pack even comes with a bonus moon!

This Stainless Steel Bar Sends Bad Smells Packing

Here's one for the adults (or the kids who enjoy cooking with onion and garlic). This stainless steel bar has a superpower: it instantly eliminates bad smells on your hands. Just run your hands over it as you would with a bar of soap, and the molecules in the metal do the rest. It's also dishwasher-safe for easy clean-up.

This Cleaning Gel Gets into Every Nook and Cranny

If you have someone on your holiday shopping list who hasn't cleaned their keyboard in, well, ever, this cleaning gel is a thoughtful addition to their stocking. The squishy design can be pressed into keyboards and other electronics to snatch up dust, dirt, and grime with ease. Bonus: it's fun to play with even when you're not cleaning.

These Fun Scratch-Off Notes are Beautifully Bright

These rainbow scratch-off notes from Melissa and Doug are a great choice for kids (and adults!) of all ages. Little ones love using the included wooden stylus to create mini works of art, and older kids can use them for writing notes to a friend, compiling to-do lists, or making artwork for their walls.

This Handy Magnetic Wristband Keeps Small Stuff Secure

The handy person in your life could probably use this magnetic wristband, and after you give it to them, you'll realize that you could probably use it, too. It features powerful magnets that keep screws, nails, bolts, and any other small metal pieces right where you need them.

These Paper Airplanes are Good Old Fashioned Fun

Here's an idea: gift these foldable paper airplanes to everyone in your family, regardless of age. Then, hold a competition to see whose customized plane can fly the farthest. It could become an annual holiday tradition! This may not be the best idea for particularly competitive families, though. Things could get ugly.

This Tweezer Set Comes with Four Different Tips

Sure, giving someone this tweezer set as a gift could be taken the wrong way, but it's important to express that you're not implying that they need to tweeze, only that this is an especially high-quality set, should they decide to tweeze. It comes with four different precision tweezers made from surgical-grade stainless steel and a leather carrying case.
A nifty gadget is always a safe holiday gift, and this universal socket tool is the perfect combination of novelty and convenience. It can handle a variety of nuts, bolts, wings, and hooks, so every household job is instantly made easier. Plus, it's small enough to fit in your pocket.

These Binoculars are Perfect for Your Little Explorer

Help your little ones explore the big world around them with these binoculars for kids. Soft rubber at the eyepiece adds extra protection, while the FMC multi-coated prism green-coated optics system gives them a clear view of the 8X magnification. The neck or hand strap offers secure carrying options. Choose from ten different colors.
Every single one of these mini hand lotions smells incredible, and it will be fun to watch the giftee open each one to sniff while ooh-ing and aah-ing. This 10-piece set offers a variety of captivating scents, including cherry blossom, honey, gardenia, rose, and green tea. Sweet almond oil, aloe, and shea butter leave skin softened and moisturized.

These Scalp Massagers Will Be a Holiday Hit

Who wouldn't want one of these scalp massagers? No one, that's who. Luckily, this set comes with four, so there will be no festive fight on Christmas morning. To use, simply glide the massager over your scalp and enjoy the tingling feeling that instantly makes you feel calmer and more relaxed.

This Nail Polish Holder Upgrades an At-Home Mani/Pedi

Here's a product that's so simple yet so ridiculously clever that you'll kick yourself for not inventing it yourself: the Tweexy. It's a little nail polish holder that you wear on your finger like a ring, so you always have your polish exactly where you need it. Bottom line: no more awkward maneuvering with wet nails.

You Can Never Go Wrong with a Slinky

The Slinky was invented in 1943, and its simple yet ingenious design has been delighting children and adults alike ever since. Pop this retro toy into your little one's stocking and see if they can get it to walk down the stairs by Christmas evening. Bonus: it's under five bucks.

These Back Scratchers Have a Telescoping Feature

You know that one spot on your lower back that always seems to itch but you can never reach? It's a universal problem. But luckily, you can solve it for the people you love by giving them this set of back scratchers. The telescoping design can be extended to tackle even the most hard-to-reach spots.

This Soothing Hand Cream is Seriously Heavy Duty

When the weather turns frightful, it can seem like your hands are constantly dry and chapped. That's what makes this Working Hands lotion such a great addition to a holiday stocking. It soothes and repairs even the most extreme damage and locks in moisture so you don't have to keep re-applying.

This Wooden Robot is a Fun Brain Teaser

How cute is this little wooden robot? Aside from being an adorable little figure, it's also a puzzle, and kids will love figuring out how to convert it from a cube into a robot and back again. It's crafted from eco-friendly beechwood and has an elastic structure that allows it to be posed in a variety of fun ways.

These Cozy Socks Cheer Up Chilly Toes

Socks are a stocking staple. As a kid, getting socks for Christmas was a total drag. But as an adult, socks are often the thing that excites us as much as the toys and candy did when we were 10. These socks come in fun and funky patterns and feature a cozy wool blend that envelopes your feet in comfort.

This Infinity Cube is a Grown-Up Fidget Spinner

Over 14,000 people have given this infinity cube toy a perfect five-star rating, and some of the most common phrases from the reviews include "definitely recommend," "well made," and "stocking stuffer." Obviously, this thing has ended up in its fair share of stockings, so why not include it on your holiday gift list?

This Vanilla Lip Scrub Moisturizes and Exfoliates

When winter rolls around, chapped lips are as much a part of the season as Christmas lights and holiday hams. But they don't have to be. This lip scrub puts an end to dry, cracked lips to exfoliate, moisturize, and heal delicate skin. It also has a cruelty-free formula and a delicious vanilla scent.

This Handy Tool Scoops Up Every Last Drop

You know the old saying, "waste not, want not"? This Spatty and Spatty Daddy set puts an end to unnecessary waste so you can use every last bit of your favorite products. It features a tiny silicone spatula and an extra-long wand that can be inserted into makeup and skincare products and scoop up every last drop.

This Silly Putty has a Random Mystery Scent

The consistency of Silly Putty is unlike anything else on earth. It's not quite a solid, not quite a liquid, and incredibly fun to roll up into a ball, pull apart, or squish into your sibling's hair. But this stuff has a fun new feature: a mystery scent that might be sweet (like pineapple or cherry cola) or not-so-sweet (like mud, pickle, or stinky cheese).

This Nail Clipper Set is Extremely High-Quality

Okay, so this nail clipper set might not be the most exciting item in their Christmas stocking, but it's definitely one that they'll use over and over again. The high-quality stainless steel constriction adds durability, and the hand-sharpened blades bring maximum precision to each snip. The zippered PVC pouch keeps them secure during travel.

This Mini Simon Game Brings the Nostalgia

Every 80's and 90's kids out there will remember the memory game Simon. Now, you can give it to your own kids, but this time, in a cute mini format. The smaller pocket-sized design makes it great for road trips, and it can be played in two ways: solo or pass it.

This Build-a-Snowman is Festive and Fun

Do you wanna build a snowman? This fun little kit lets your whole crew build their own personal Frosty without having to get all bundled up and head outside. The white foam putty is soft and super pliable, and the kit also comes with eyes, a nose, a mouth, and two stick arms.

This Chapstick Carrier Keeps Lip Balm Secure

Lip balm has a way of disappearing into thin air mere days after you buy it. But with this chapstick holder, you can give your loved one the gift of soft, smooth, hydrated lips, since they'll never lose their lip balm again. The metal cord clips keep them severely attached to a purse, suitcase, or backpack.

This Detangling Brush Glides Through Knots

Combing knots out of hair can be rough for adults, but when kids are the ones being brushed, it can feel like a wrestling match. That's what makes this detangling brush from Crave Naturals such a great gift. It has unique cone-shaped bristles that gently separate hair instead of ripping through it. Choose from a variety of fun colors and patterns, from sparkly to cheetah print.

This Glass Nail File is a Shopper Favorite

This glass nail file has nearly 20,000 customer reviews, and shoppers specifically call out the high-quality construction, easy-to-clean design, and excellent customer service. It even comes with a hard carrying case, so it won't get damaged during travel. If someone on your holiday list could use some pampering, this nail file is just the ticket.

These Coloring Books are 100% Mess-Free

If you have kids who love to color, but you want to avoid getting paint all over your house, these coloring books were made with you in mind. Kiddos can color the pages using only water, so they'll be enthralled by the magical color-changing design, while you can kick back and relax on your paint-free sofa.

This Card Game is Great for Your Future Zoologist

If you've got an animal-obsessed kiddo on your list, this Guess in 10 card game from Skillmatics will be right up their alley. It can be played in teams or one-on-one, and it's perfect for children ages six and up. If your kids aren't into animals, it also comes in several other varieties, including countries, food, professions, and sports.