Bull and ram fighting in dusty field

The second sign in Western Astrology is Taurus (April 20 - May 20), represented by the bull. This earth sign is deeply influenced by its ruling planet, Venus - the planet of love, money, and beauty. As such, Taurus is one of the luxury-lovers of the zodiac. Don't misunderstand: they're stable and dependable, and few signs work harder. But nothing makes them happier than enjoying life's sensual pleasures.

Your Taurus friends are varsity-level relaxers, and they relish the finer things. They do have a tendency toward stubbornness (or "bull-headedness"), which they may refer to as "tenacity" or "perseverance." Really, it's that when they're set somewhere, whether it's their couch or a relationship or a state of mind, it's very diffciult for them to uproot - even if the situation isn't serving their best interests.

When choosing a gift for a Taurus, indulgence in earthly delights is the name of the game. Read on for inspiration!

Mejuri's pieces are beautiful, delicate, and surprisingly affordable for luxury jewelry, so you won't have to break the bank to truly treat your Taurus. This necklace's pendant is 18k gold vermeil draped over a solid core of sterling silver and features a Taurus constellation design made of inlaid white sapphires, one of the stones associated with the sign.
Taurus is dead-serious about their comfort. Snuggling in for the night is like an Olympic event to this earth sign. Help them achieve the couch nest of their dreams with an ultra-soft faux fur throw blanket. This one from Anthropoligie boasts over 500 five-star reviews and comes in a dozen beautiful colors!
As a Venus-ruled sign, Taurus loves a good pampering. This rosewater tonic may be called a "facial splash," but it can be used all over the body for an added dose of relaxation and hydration, even in the hair. Made simply of purified water and damask rose oil, this product is vegan and cruelty-free.
Speaking of pampering, what's more indulgent than a mud bath? Ahava is a wellness brand built upon utilizing the natural minerals of the Dead Sea and seek "a better understanding of how they benefit human skin," and if that doesn't sum up the spirit of Taurus, I don't know what does. Add a scoopful of their mud powder to the tub for a soak or mix with a little water to make a paste for a detoxifying face and body mask. Bliss.
Melding grey sea salt from the ancient marshes of Guérande, France with the finest white Italian truffles, this finishing salt will elevate anything your bull buddy sprinkles it on, be it eggs, potatoes, mac n' cheese, or popcorn. Molto lussuoso. ("Very luxurious!")
Think of a bull and where its physical power lies: in the neck and shoulders, right? That is exactly the part of the body ruled by Taurus, and it's very likely that they could use a massage right about now. This Shiatsu neck and shoulder massager utilizes eight rotating nodes to target and relax tight muscles. The armrest design allows the user to control how deeply the pressure is applied, and the nodes have an optional heat function.
Your Taurus will love the earthy, woody fragrance of this beautiful soy wax candle. The jar is heavy mercury glass with a metallic copper glaze (copper is the sign's corresponding metal), and the jar itself can be reused at the end of the candle's 35-hour burn time.
Cashmere socks are a small luxury that anyone could appreciate, but they're right up a Taurus's alley. These ones from Quince are ethically and sustainbaly sourced, come in two beautiful and fashionable colors, and cost less than $30 a pair.
Earth signs not only gravitate toward earthly delights, they also tend to be the Plant Parents of the zodiac! A money tree will purify the air in their home as well as attract the wealth and abundance vibes a Taurus craves.
And finally, since we're on the topic of wealth and abundance, a subscription to a budgeting app is a thoughtful gift for these signs. Good personal financial habits are important to a Taurus - it's a part of being "comfortable" after all. You Need A Budgt is one of the top budgeting apps on both Apple's app store and Google Play.