Gifts for kids who have everything

When a little one's birthday party pops up on the calendar or you're scrambling for a holiday gift for your nephew, the ease of the shopping process depends mostly on the child's interests. But what if that child seemingly already has everything under the sun? That's when you're forced to get a little creative. 

If you don't have kids yourself, you may be even more at a loss for what to gift a child. You could ask your circle of parent friends or wander up and down the toy aisle of a department store. We think, though, that you're more likely to find a unique gift for a child on this list. Don't worry, parents will love these, too.

My three year old daughter is already mouthing the lyrics to her favorite songs, so this one is going on the "someday gift list" for her. I might also be interested in this karaoke machine for myself. It's a bluetooth speaker with matching microphone that includes five different voice features. This one could be as fun for toddlers as it is for tweens.
Need a gift for the boy who has every toy vehicle imaginable? This is that gift! Remote control monster trucks, helicopters, and boats are pretty common. But a remote control excavator? Imagine the sand castles you could build with this thing!
Do I really understand the point of these LED light up gloves? No. Do I still want a pair for myself? You bet I do! Adult sizes are available, by the way. Pair this with that karaoke machine and you have the makings of a pretty crazy kid party.
The kid you're shopping for who has everything, probably already has a science kit or two. But do they have a gross science kit? Complete with a fake brain to bisect and glowing slime worms? STEM projects are awesome for kids of all ages and this kit makes science even more interesting for the kid who gets a thrill from the yuckier things in life.
The young child you're shopping for has no clue what a phonograph is. But, they will still love this educational music player. It has 96 cards and, with it's user-friendly model, most kids can swap cards out themselves. This is a great gift for toddlers and very young children as it improves their listening skills and helps them glean valuable lessons from the stories they hear.
If you're shopping for a kid obsessed with unicorns, they probably have every toy, t-shirt, and stuffed animal imaginable. But, they might not have this nifty unicorn soap making kit. Inspire some creativity in kids 6+ with this gift and you might just help them discover a fun new hobby.
As the mom of a young child, let me just let you in on a gift-giving secret: we absolutely love ANY gift that might encourage our littles to actually stay in the bed after we tuck them in. I know my daughter would be over the moon (you'll excuse the pun) to have this galaxy projector on her night stand. It acts as a night light or just a novelty gift for the kid who loves all things outer space.
While we're on the topic of night lights, check out this gaming themed illusion lamp. It certainly works as a night light for young kids, but I'm picturing this more as a beacon for tween and teen gamers. I know a few adults who wouldn't hesitate to have this in their home! Parents will love this because it comes with a remote, so they can say "times up" with the touch of a button.
Do you ever see new toys for the kids today and think "well, my childhood would have been expotentially more fun if I had that?" That's how I felt when I first saw these reusable water balloons in social media videos.The main reason I wasn't allowed to have daily water balloon fights was because of all the little balloon pieces that ended up in the yard. But, that's not an issue with these. The ease and mess-free (besides the water, of course) features of these balloons will have parents singing your praises for the coolest gift their child ever received.
Since we're already bringing water balloons to the party, why not bring the bubbles as well? My daughter would probably be speechless if I broke this thing out during her outside play time. Just imagine the joy this giant bubble blaster would bring to kids of all ages.
Speaking as an adult who was once a book-obsessed and creativity driven child, please buy this book making kit for at least one kid you know. The pure glee I would have experienced from opening this would have been enough to make whoever gave it to me my new favorite person. If the book-loving child you know has too many books to count, giving them the chance to write and illustrate their own is quite a priceless gift.
If someone gifted this adorable foam ball pit to my daughter on one of her early birthdays, I would have squealed with delight. I love that it doesn't take up too much room and is simple enough in style and color that it blends into your home decor. If you want to be the cool aunt or uncle for the next birthday or holiday gift exchange, this is a really sweet gift to win the heart of a toddler and the approval of a parent.
For the tech-loving kid, the mini performer, or the adventure seeking child, this is a pretty awesome gift idea. Think of this waterproof camera as a GoPro for kids. They can document all their childhood adventures with this cool gadget.
Sometimes the best gift for a kid who has everything is something fairly practical. Adorable luggage like this is fun for the kid and the parents will appreciate it as well. This one has wheels for rolling and an adjustable height so it can grow with the child and helps them carry their own luggage during travel.
Speaking of gifts parents appreciate, I'm obsessed with this wooden cleaning set for kids. It was gifted to my daughter on her second birthday and she uses it at least once a day to actually perform a cleaning task. I'm telling you, there is nothing a mom wants more than to see her toddler excitedly sweeping up her own spilled Cheerios.
For the princess obsessed child, you have to get a little creative to find something they don't already have. But this wearable princess blanket comes in every beloved princess character, so you're sure to find the preferred one. There are even a few iconic villain options!
File this one under "toys Dad is sure to play with when the kids aren't looking." Reviewers rave about how easy this remote control robot is to put together and play with. If you bring this to a birthday party, all the attending kids are sure to beg for their own.
Let's just say I played with my Barbie dolls way past the socially acceptable age. Mainly because I loved the clothes and shoes. So, if I had the opportunity to design my own line of fashionable doll clothes, I would have spent hours on the ideas alone.If you're looking for a gift for the girl who has tones of dolls with even more outfits, this might be the ideal gift. She'll get to design her own fabulous line of doll clothing with this fashion design kit.
One of the easiest ways to nail a gift for a kid is to find something silly that serves the whole family. This hilarious card game is one that they may not likely have in the family game collection. If they do already have the game and love it, you can always gift an expansion pack so more friends can play along.
For the kid who has everything, a sweet treat is always welcomed. Baking is an absolute blast when you're a kid and this kit gives them a little more independence. You're not just limited to cake pops here. There's also a kit for making cinnamon rolls and yummy cookies.