It won't take long for your entire home to be overtaken by all of your baby's stuff. As a new parent, it can be really overwhelming trying to decide what baby products you need and what products you should skip. Instead of adding random baby gear and gadgets to your cart, get the inside scoop from parents who have been there and done that. Since they already know which products will make your life and your baby's life easier, I've rounded up the 30 must-have baby items first time parents swear by.

From a sleepsack that takes all the guesswork out of swaddling your newborn to a camera that lets you see everything your baby is doing while in the backseat of your car, these products make the parenting gig a little easier. While some of the items have crazy sounding names like the Snot Sucker and Butt Paste, they all have one thing in common. Each of these must-have products have rave reviews and are fan favorites of new and veteran parents.

Consider this the ultimate checklist of baby products you'll want to have on hand before bringing your baby home.

A Sleepsuit That Helps Baby Transition From the Swaddle

Not only will your baby look super cute in this sleepsuit, but it can help them sleep better too. Once your baby has mastered breaking out of their swaddle, this sleepsuit helps them transition to sleeping with their arms and legs free. The suit is designed with a gentle weight that makes babies feel cozy and secure. It's like a tiny weighted suit that you'll wish came in adult sizes.

An All-In-One Nightlight and Sound Machine for Sweet Dreams

From newborns to big kids, you'll want the Hatch to be part of your nighttime routine. It's a nightlight and a sound machine that you control from your phone. As your baby grows, the Hatch can be used as a gentle time-to-rise that lets your big kid know it's time to start their day or if they're up too early.

The Cold and Flu Season Must-Have: The Snotsucker

Is it a little weird that you're buying something called a Snotsucker? Yes it is, but trust us, this handy device will become your favorite tool when your baby is miserable from a cold or a stuffy nose. Skip the old fashioned bulb nasal aspirator and instead use the Snotsucker to quickly help your baby breathe easy.

Relieive Tummy Trouble and Get Intant Gas Relief for Fussy Babies

If your baby is fussy and uncomfortable with gas, constipation or colic, the same people who created the Snotsucker have a product that gives your baby instant relief. No need for drops or medicine, the Windi helps your baby pass gas, and you'll hear a whistle when it works. Is it weird? Yes. Should you add it to your cart? Also yes.

A Gentle Teether and Tiny Toothbrush for Your Baby

Teething is the absolute worst. So give your baby some comfort with a teether that also doubles as a soft toothbrush for those brand new teeth. The Baby Banana is made from flexible silicone that is BPA free and is easy to clean. It gently massages their gums and teeth, and the handle makes it easy for small hands to hold.

A Manual Breast Pump That Makes Nursing Easier

With over fifty four thousand reviews on Amazon, there's a reason the Haakkaa is a fan favorite of nursing moms. No need to plug anything in or figure out confusing parts, just let natural suction do its job. You'll be able to pump on-the-go or catch every drop of extra milk as you nurse or pump.

Get the Perfect Swaddle Every Time with this Sleepsack

Your swaddle game may be strong in the middle of the day, but when your newborn bursts out of their baby burrito in the middle of the night, it can mean no one gets to sleep. Ditch the blankets and get the swaddle sleepsack that makes perfectly swaddling your baby every time super simple with a few pieces of Velcro.

An Uncomplicated Baby Carrier That Lets You Be Hands Free

Being able to wear your baby gives you flexibility and keeps your little one happy. However, a lot of baby wraps and carriers can be intimidating and look complicated. This baby wrap is easy to use, easy to clean, and you'll get plenty of use out of it because it's designed for babies up to 35 pounds.

The Nursing Pillow That Makes Feeding Bottle and Breastfeeding Easier

The Boppy is basically the OG nursing pillow and a baby registry must-have. You'll get plenty of use out of this pillow in the early days of never-ending feedings, but you can also put the Boppy to work for tummy time, giving your baby a comfy place to hang out, and helping your little one sit up.

A Portable White Noise Machine You'll Want to Take Everywhere

For new parents, this has become the must-have product they didn't know they needed. The Baby Shusher will calm your baby and lull them to sleep with rhythmic shushing sounds. It's perfectly sized for your diaper bag or stroller. Since it's portable, you can take it in the car or when you're out and about with your baby.

The Most Adorable Pacifier That Won't Get Lost In Your Diaper Bag

It's time to give the regular pacifier an upgrade. Not only is this pacifier and plush toy combo adorable, but it helps your baby learn to grab their pacifier and cuts down on the time you'll spend searching for a paci. There's so many cute animals to choose from it may be hard to get just one.

A Bottle That Is Ideal for Breastfed Babies

There are so many baby bottles to choose from, but this product has become an absolute favorite of parents and babies. The unique design of this silicone bottle mimics the breast so it's a great option for breastfed babies. It also has a wide base that makes feedings easier and minimal parts so there's less to clean.

The Diaper Cream That Parents Swear By for Their Baby

While the name may make you giggle, this diaper cream will tackle the toughest of diaper rash. Butt Paste is free from harsh chemicals and dyes and only contains ingredients that will soothe your baby's skin. Slather it on your little one's bottom at the first sign of redness or discomfort or use it daily as a preventative cream.

A Backseat Camera to Keep An Eye On Your Baby

Gone are the days of hanging a mirror in the backseat of your car hoping to catch a glance of your baby in the rearview mirror. Instead upgrade to this product that has a camera for your backseat and a display monitor for your dashboard. Now you'll always be able to see your baby when you're in the car.

Keep Bathtime Fun and Safe With this Faucet Cover

Add this cute whale to your bath time routine to make sure your baby is safe while they splish and splash. The faucet cover is easy to put on and suctions tightly so your baby can't get it off. When bath time is over, use the whale's tail to hang the cover so it dries.

Transform Your Sink Into the Perfect Baby Bathtub

This adorable flower fits right into your sink to give your baby a cozy and secure spot to sit during bath time. The material is super soft and the flower conforms to your sink making it easier for you to bathe your baby. It's perfect for newborns and babies getting ready to transition to a regular tub.

Turn Tummy Time Into a Water Sensory Adventure

From tummy time to playtime, this play mat is a delight to the senses for your baby. Just fill the mat with water and watch your baby squish and squeeze at the fish, sea creatures, and water, all while staying dry. The mat can be filled and refilled over and over so your baby will have hours of fun.

Make The Next Diaper Change a Little Less Messy

Diaper changes are messy. There's no way around it, but this handy invention can take some of the mess out of a dirty job. When it's time to slather on the diaper cream, use the Baby Bum Brush. The silicone brush gently smooths the cream onto your baby's bottom and your hands stay clean.

The Spoons That Will Teach Your Baby to Feed Themselves

Whether you are starting with purees, baby led weaning, or a combination of both, these are the utensils that will help your baby learn to feed themselves. The unique design of the spoons allows babies to feed themselves without balancing or scooping up food. You can even introduce the spoons early to your baby as teethers.

The Highest Rated Toddler Cup on Amazon

Parents have a real love/hate relationship with sippy cups. However, this cup is top rated on Amazon for a reason. The unique design helps cut down on spills when your toddler is drinking, and with only a few parts there isn't a lot to clean. Plus the handles are perfectly made for small hands.

Make Mealtime A Little Less Messy with This Plate and Placemat Combo

When it's time for your baby to start eating solids, it's bound to get messy. Especially when they can easily grab a bowl of food and toss it over the side of their high chair. However, this product makes the food tossing harder because the bowl is attached to a placemat that suctions to whatever surface you place it on.

An Adjustable Stroller Organizer That Holds Everything You and Your Baby Need

Because strollers never come with enough pockets or cup holders, this handy attachment gives you plenty of room for all of your items. This product is a universal stroller organizer that attaches to most strollers and has a spot for your phone, two insulated cup holders, and a zippered pouch to store your personal items or anything your baby needs

A Pacifier Feeder and a Teether All In One

This feeding tool is perfect for offering up fresh snacks, trying new foods and textures, and is a great teether. Simply fill the silicone feeder with fresh or frozen fruit and hand it over to your baby to sample. They'll love feeding themselves and it's soothing on their sore gums and teeth.

Make Cutting Your Baby's Nails Easier on Them and You

Is there anything more terrifying than trying to cut your baby's nails? Take some of the fear out of this tough job with a nail clipper that gently files your baby's fingernails and toenails. This electric file is gently, super quiet and has a light so it won't wake a sleeping baby during their mani and pedi.

Parents Favorite Baby Wipe to Keep Your Baby Clean from Top to Bottom

Parents love this product not because of what's in it, but what's not. Made from 99% water and a drop of food extract, you'll use Water Wipes for more than just diaper changes. They're fragrances and dye free and super soft, so you can use the wipes to clean baby's hands, face, feet, and everything in between.

A Bottle Warmer That Will Heat Milk or Food in Minutes

If you're short on time or if it's the middle of the night and you need to heat up a bottle in minutes, a bottle warmer comes in handy. From breastmilk to formula, this bottle warmer will have your baby's bottle heated to the perfect temperature. It's also a handy tool to thaw frozen purees for your baby during mealtime.

Stay Hands-Free With These Heavy Duty Stroller Clips

When you're on the move with your baby, you need to be hands-free and these clips help hold all the things you don't want to carry. Attach the clips to your stroller or a shopping cart and then hang your diaper bag, purse, or shopping bags. You'll find plenty of uses for the clips every day.

Make a Fresh Bottle Formula With The Press of a Button

This unique bottle holds water and formula powder separately inside the bottle. When your baby gets hungry, just press the button and give the bottle a shake for a perfectly mixed bottle of fresh formula. It's great for when you are out with your baby, and you won't waste a bottle because you only mix when your baby is hungry.

A Smart Thermometer That Takes the Guesswork Out of Fevers

When your baby has a fever, you need a thermometer that is easy to use and reliable. This smart thermometer can be used on infants, big kids, and adults, and it works with an app to help you track your child's temperature and symptoms. Plus it works fast and you'll get an accurate temperature reading in 8 seconds or less.

A Simple Solution for Getting Rid of Cradle Cap

The Flakefixer is an all-in-one solution to gently remove the crusty flakes of cradle cap from your baby's head. Simply use the tools to wash your baby's hair, loosen the cradle cap, and to lift the flakes away. It's soft and gentle and comes in a handy storage container to keep everything clean until you need it again.