40 Back to School Necessities to Buy on Amazon

Published August 11, 2022
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It's back-to-school shopping season, and we all know it can be super overwhelming. Juggling different school supply lists and getting the items in time for the new school year can be stressful. We want to help simplify your checklist and lessen the shopping chaos by creating a list of back-to-school necessities on Amazon that you can have delivered right to your door.

We've discovered great finds for all grade levels, from spiral notebooks for each subject to reusable snack bags to last an entire school year's worth of lunches. We've considered what kids need from pre-school to college, so there's a back-to-school must-have for everyone!

Store all of your pens, pencils, and small school items in this large-capacity pencil pouch. This pouch has different pockets with zippers and bands for you to organize your writing tools - up to 50 pens! You can even fit a pair of scissors, sticky notes, tape, and a calculator.


It's a good idea to have an expanding file folder to store packets, worksheets, and notes. Organize your papers with this set of four file folders and have a snap closure for quick access. Each folder has five pockets and includes adhesive labels to title each section. The outer cover is durable and waterproof so your documents will stay safe from spills and dirt. Keep track of projects, reports, and homework with these pastel-colored expanding file folders.

These square 4" x 4" sticky notes have a dry erase feature so that you can reuse them repeatedly! Think of them as mini whiteboards for your quick notes and reminders throughout the school year. The sticky notes have a washable adhesive that can be used up to 3,000 times without leaving any residue on the surfaces. This set comes with a dry erase marker and case for the sticky notes. Place these reusable sticky notes in your locker, on your desk, or refrigerator for reminders.

Include this classic pink school eraser on your supply list for this year. These large latex-free erasers come in a pack of 12, so you can have one for each class or subject. These Mr. Pen erasers won't damage your paper as you use them. They'll leave your paper clean, so you can get back to writing quickly.


We found your go-to #2 pencil that's "The World's Best Pencil" by Ticonderoga. This pack has 72 wooden pencils, so you'll be set for school exams and daily use in notetaking and problem-solving. Fun fact: Ticonderoga has been making quality writing instruments for over 100 years!

Tired of smudgy, bleeding, colorful ink as you're trying to color-code or highlight your notes? Try Mr. Pen's No-Bleed Gel Highlighters. This 16-piece set contains eight vibrant-colored highlighters and eight pastel-colored ones. These highlighters also have a space-saving feature and can be twisted to expand or shorten. These highlighters won't dry out if left uncapped! Perfect to use for your school studies and reading.

Achieve an adequately sharpened pencil with this two-hole, long point sharpener. This super compact pencil sharpener has two quick steps to get the most out of your pencil. Step 1: Shape the wood. Step 2: Sharpen the lead. The sharpener includes two spare blades and has a transparent cover that opens for easy disposal of shavings. You can keep this pencil sharpener in your pencil pouch, locker, or backpack.


A notebook that comes with an app? Yes, please! This Rocketbook allows you to take notes across 32 pages with the included pilot pen and scan them with the Rocketbook app on your smartphone. Once your notes are scanned and saved to your phone, you can simply wipe the notebook clean with the included microfiber cloth and start taking new notes or creating new outlines. This handy notebook makes a perfect new school year gift!

Swap out an old lock for this master lock so that you can customize the combination. This padlock is ideal for school and gym lockers and is made of a metal body with a steel shackle. It also has a non-slip grip for easy holding. You can set a four-digit code and view your code in the brightly colored window of the lock.

Start checking items off your school supply list with this set of Mead spiral notebooks. This set includes six one-subject notebooks, each with 70 wide-ruled and clean-tear pages. The pages also come pre-punched to fit into your school binders. The spiral notebooks come in various colors so that you can differentiate each school subject.


Are you studying to work in art, design, or architecture? You'll want to have this ruler, which features three sides with six scales of measurement. The triangular shape conveniently allows you to shift from different measurement scales and won't take up much space for storage. This ruler is durable as it's made from high-impact aluminum, and the imperial numbers are laser cut so they won't scratch off or fade.

Arrange your notes in your binder using these binder subject dividers by Avery. This set has eight dividers with a slot to change subject labels and a pocket to hold extra papers, including packets, notes, and worksheets. The dividers are made of tear-resistant and durable translucent colored plastic.

Don't forget to get your graph paper for the new school year. Mr. Pen's graph paper pad comes with 55 dual-sided sheets, so you get the most out of this school item. The pages are also thick to prevent ink from running through the paper. This graph paper pad also lets you neatly tear sheets and has a sturdy cardboard back to provide a supportive writing surface.


Make your pencil case fun and colorful with these food-shaped erasers. Kids will have fun using these erasers at school from a variety of foods, including cute popsicles, mini sandwiches, vibrant-colored fruits, and more. These school items come in a pack of 30 latex-free erasers. A bonus feature: the erasers can be taken apart and put back together again as individual puzzles.

Use Mr. Pen's colorful small binder clips that received a rating of five stars with over 2,200 reviews on Amazon! These small but mighty clips can hold up to 50 pages and are made of tempered steel for a solid and secure hold. You can put together class packets, reports, and other documents and color-code each assignment. For under $10, you'll get 100 small binder clips!

Sort your study topics with these pastel-colored index cards by Mr. Pen. The standard ruled 3" x 5" cards are ideal for making flash cards or using them in school projects. You can also use these as notecards for class presentations. Prepare for your school exams or assignments, and bring these compact index cards wherever you go.


Hold classroom announcements or have kids use this Mr. Pen Clipboard as a writing board. This sturdy plastic clipboard features rounded edges for safety and a retractable hole as an option to hang or wall-mount the clipboard. The clip also has two grips to securely hold papers so that you can hang or complete paperwork without it sliding. You can bring this clipboard on the go if kids need to do some schoolwork during travel.

Stock up on glue sticks for the new school year with these purple glue sticks by Mr. Pen. These glue sticks are great for kids as they are non-toxic, acid-free, and washable. The glue is purple so that kids can see where they apply the glue during arts and crafts, then the glue disappears (turns clear) after it dries.

You can easily store this compact calculator in your backpack or bag for the new school year. This standard 12-digit calculator with a large LCD screen makes it easy to read and is solar-powered with an automatic shutdown feature. It comes in muted pastel colors and is ideal for daily use in school!


This three-pack of scissors is great for both left- and right-handed people with comfy soft-grip handles. The multipurpose scissors can be used for tasks including cutting paper to trimming fabrics. The scissors have durable stainless steel blades to withstand various school projects, including construction paper, yarn, and even cardboard!

Brainstorm and organize your ideas for school projects with these ultra fine-tipped EXPO dry erase markers. This pack of eight colorful and low-odor dry erase markers will allow you to sort your thoughts by color. Great to use at home on your dry erase board or at school in the classroom. You and your classmates can brainstorm together with these fun colored markers with easy clean-up!

Be ready for each subject with this pack of six one-inch binders in assorted colors. Each binder holds up to 225 pages, so you'll have plenty of space to hold documents throughout the school year. These binders also have a clear view pocket for you to insert a subject or class label for each binder. The interior of the binders includes a pocket in the front and back cover to store extra papers. Keep your work nice and neat in these durable three-ring binders.


Have this set of sticky notes handy for making reminders and marking pages in your textbooks and reading assignments. This set includes over 400 sticky notes in assorted sizes, from ruled sheets to index tabs. The sticky notes are neon colored for color-coding and quick access. They come well organized in a small binder, so you won't have to worry about searching through a mess of paper for the size you need.

Yes, the composition notebook continues to be a must-have item for grade school supply lists. This classic item comes in a pack of six 100-sheet notebooks with colorful heavy-duty covers so you can have one notebook for each main subject. These wide-ruled notebooks easily fit in any backpack, desk, or locker.

Keep your notes, homework, and worksheets in these heavy-duty plastic folders. These colorful folders come in a pack of 12 with pre-punched holes so they can easily fit in your three-ring binders. A small but effective feature of these durable two-pocket folders is that there are two "stay-up tabs," which keep the top corners of your papers in place so they won't slide out of the folder. Gather your loose worksheets and organize them by subject in these plastic school folders!


Get the kids ready for the new school year with this cute canvas backpack with cool features! This backpack comes fully equipped with a matching printed lunch bag, pencil case, and fluffy keychain. It's a water-resistant and machine washable backpack with a large capacity to hold textbooks and notebooks. It also has a tablet sleeve with a buckle to keep your electronics in place and plenty of medium and small internal pockets to store smaller school items. The convenient USB port will keep your phone and electronics charged, too!

Be prepared for the daily lunch packing with these cost-effective food storage bags. By having these reusable and food-grade storage bags, you'll replace disposable plastic bags and help eliminate plastic waste (#ecofriendlyliving)! These food storage bags come in assorted sizes to fit small snacks, sandwiches, and large food items. The zipper-sealed bags are leak-proof and safe to store in the freezer. You can safely pack lunches and snacks in these reusable storage bags for the school year.

Mr. Pen's 36-pack of vibrant colored pens will brighten up your daily studies. These are super fine line pens (0.4 mm, to be exact) and will help you create color-coded outlines and notes throughout the new school year. The pens have an ergonomic triangular barrel so that you can complete your tasks with comfort. Keep these colorful pens in their included clear case or your pencil pouch at school.


Add this handy three-hole punch to your set of school supplies. Simply fasten this steel tool into your binder to hole punch class worksheets and notes. This hole punch also has a 12-inch translucent-colored ruler for quick measurements. This dual-purpose three-hole punch can easily fit in your binder or backpack.

Spare yourself the time waiting for the wite-out paint to dry, and opt for this mess-free wite-out tape instead. You'll get four assorted color tape dispensers that are compact to fit in a pencil pouch, backpack, or case. Each of these wite-out tape dispensers has tear-resistant correction tape that doesn't require any drying time and won't make a mess. This wite-out tape is a great solution to revise or omit words and lines from your notes, drafts, and reports.

Cover your textbooks and notebooks with these stretchable nylon book covers. They do not have or require any adhesive. Simply stretch the book cover over your textbook, and you're done! These book covers are reusable so that you can switch the colorful and fun designs of covers among your books.


These ballpoint pens by Paper Mate conveniently have an eraser on the caps. So when you're taking notes and need to make a quick correction, you can quickly erase the error and keep up with your studies. These erasable pens come in a box of 12 medium ballpoint pens. You can keep them in your pencil pouch, backpack, and locker.

Store your pens, pencils, and spare erasers in this binder pouch with zipper pulls. You get five pencil pouches of assorted colors, each with a clear window for easy visibility to grab your go-to pen, pencil, or subject tools, including a protractor, compass, or standard compact calculator. These pencil pouches easily fasten into your three-ring binder so that you can have one in each of your binders for school!

Get colorful crayons, markers, and pencils for the new school year from the famous and trusted brand, Crayola. This bundle includes two 24-pack of crayons, one ten-pack of fine line washable markers, one ten-pack of broad line washable markers, and one 12-pack of pre-sharpened pencils. Kids will be ready for arts and crafts throughout the year with this Crayola Back to School Bundle!


We know you're hands are busy taking notes which can often lead to calluses on your fingers or discomfort. That's why we found this 12-pack of colorful pencil grips to provide comfort and support. This pencil grip guides your hand to an ergonomic position to relieve pain. You can also use these pencil grips on most pens, crayons, and markers of similar sizes.

Don't forget to get this protractor and compass set for the new school year. The translucent green-colored protractor pairs with the green and grey colored compass to help with your math studies. This accurate and sturdy set is budget-friendly, priced under $10!

Save your work on these handy 16GB USB flash drives by Verbatim. These come in a pack of five multicolor flash drives and are also conveniently retractable to keep the USB port safe and compact for storing in your backpack. There's also a space on each flash drive to loop a keychain or lanyard, so it doesn't get misplaced in your school bag.


You can't go wrong with these pocket-sized Kleenex packs of facial tissues. These portable tissue packs are great to keep in your backpack, school bag, or pants pockets. For all-year-round use, especially during allergy and cold seasons. These facial tissues come in eight packs of ten tissues, and each pack has a simple, colorful print.

Remember to get a lunch bag for the new school year! This durable lunch bag features a spill-resistant fabric, an adjustable and removable strap, and a handle for easy carrying. It's also expandable so that you can pack extra school snacks! The magic of this solid two-tone lunch bag is in its roll-up closure, which seals cold and hot air to preserve your hot or cold meals with three layers of insulation.

Add this slim magnetic mirror to your locker for quick daily checks. This mirror has rounded edges with a plastic frame around a glass mirror. The heavy-duty magnet on the back will keep your mirror in place as you open and close your locker between classes. It can attach to any metal surface, so you can leave it in your locker or bring it for any travel after school.


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40 Back to School Necessities to Buy on Amazon