As a mom, writer, and pet owner, no two days are the same. Whether I'm looking for the perfect baking supplies, helping my daughter find a solution to tame her hair, or searching for supplements to keep my dogs healthy and happy, I thoroughly research every product for days until I decide it's worth the investment. Some have been duds, but others, like the ones on this list, have also become fast favorites that have further proven their worth over time.

This list includes a variety of my favorite beauty products like a conditioning hair mask and a high-quality, yet inexpensive vitamin C serum (I'm a less is more gal), dog treats that received my picky dog's paws of approval, even a laptop desk stand that has changed how I work for the better. I hope you find something on this list that you love and that makes your life easier, too, even for a moment.

This Stylish Laptop Stand is a Home Office Necessity

I don't know why it took me so long to invest in a laptop desk stand for my home office (two years), but this adjustable and ergonomic one is everything I needed and more. It perfectly fits my MacBook and even has storage space underneath to keep my desk clutter-free (or at least somewhat). I chose the rose gold stand for a pop of color, but it's also available in black, space grey, and silver.
My dog, Lucy, has a laundry list of allergies, from food to environment, which causes her to have dry skin. After talking with my vet, I decided adding salmon oil to her diet would be beneficial, and I landed on this one, which has been excellent. It's made with one ingredient: pure Alaskan salmon oil, and it helps keep my dog's coat shiny and itch-free, which makes me a happy dog mom.
After hearing rave reviews from co-workers and reading even more from people online, I purchased this two-in-one hair dryer and hot brush for my daughter, who hated how long it took to dry her hair. I crossed my fingers for a positive result; luckily, she loved it. I recently tested it out myself and also fell in love. It makes it possible to dry and style your hair easily all at once and helped make my hair look smooth and styled, making me a loyal fan.

You'll Never Want to Take Off These Beyond Comfy Slippers

I love these slippers! Whenever I walk in the door, I instantly slip these on for much needed comfort and support. When my mom came to visit, she tried stealing them, prompting me to buy her a pair too. They keep my feet cozy and warm around the house (even in the winter), and the patterned bottom soles provide outstanding traction so I don't slip on my wood floors.

Take Your Baking to the Next Level with These Non-Stick Donut Pans

This past year, I dove into the homemade donut game. After searching for the "perfect" pan for over a week, I landed on this pan and have no regrets. It's easy to clean, and the donuts don't stick to the pan when removing them, resulting in beautiful and tasty treats.

Keep Your Bathroom Organized with These Sleek Containers

Last year, I was looking for a simple storage bin with a lid to store in the bathroom, and these containers worked out perfectly. They're compact, have lids to keep items contained, and even stack on top of one another for easy organization. And since they're plastic, it's easy to wipe them down quickly when cleaning the bathroom to keep them good as new for years to come.

Give Dry Hands Extra Protection with This Hand Shielding Lotion

Like many, many others, my skin gets super dry in the winter. I'd almost accepted my fate of cracked, dry, and sore hands until I learned about this shielding lotion. For maximum benefits, I like to apply my CeraVe Moisturizing Cream and top it off with Gloves in a Bottle to seal the moisture and keep my hands happy and hydrated. I'll even use it by itself when I need some quick hydration, and it's still fantastic on its own and something I keep close by, especially during the dry winter months.
I used to think a pillow was a pillow until I slept on this Casper Sleep Essential Pillow. It's soft and fluffy, making you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud while still being supportive, especially for this side sleeper. I can tell the difference when I sleep on this versus another pillow, which is why I bring it with me for any overnight excursion.

Keep Your Hair Dry with These Spa Headbands

I initially bought these headbands for my daughter and her friends for a sleepover, and since there were so many, I snagged one for myself. The terry cloth is fantastic for keeping my hair dry during my nightly face-washing routine, and the adorable bow adds a touch of style even when I'm walking around with my pajamas on.
Forget the classic neon highlighters. These pastel picks are taking their place as an essential school and office supply. I love the subtle yet bright colors, including pink, purple, blue, and yellow, and the chisel tip makes it easy to highlight keywords and phrases neatly in books and printouts.

These Rawhide Free Bones Will Be Your Dogs Favorite Treat

My dogs are chewers, so they've tested their fair share of bones. And we always return to these. Though they're pricier, they keep my dogs entertained (at least for a few hours), are made with only six ingredients, and are easy to digest. My doggos love the peanut butter and salmon flavors, but there's chicken, beef, and venison to appease almost any dog.

Keep Your Dog Entertained with This Bright Snuffle Mat

My dogs are both under three and full of energy. When taking them for a walk is impossible, I like to break out this snuffle mat as an engaging and fun activity. I hide treats and kibble throughout the mat and then let my dogs loose, watching as they sniff and forage every last bite.

This Semi-Permanent Hair Color is Excellent for a Vibrant Pop of Color

When my daughter wants a pop of color added to her hair, I always reach for Manic Panic semi-permanent hair dye. Their dyes are vegan and seem to last much longer than other brands we've used. The colors are always beautiful and vibrant, but wear gloves when applying to prevent staining your hands!

A Ceramic Planter Just Waiting for Some Succulents

I have big dreams of being a successful plant lady. Unfortunately, I'm not there yet, but this modern ceramic planter is helping to make my dreams a reality. It looks great when filled with beautiful succulents and sits perfectly on my windowsill. There's a hole on the bottom for proper draining, and the wooden bamboo saucers prevent leaks from seeping through.
At first, I was unsure about the quality of this band since it's so inexpensive, but it exceeded my expectations. The pine green color looks just like the picture, and the band is comfortable around my wrist. I quickly attached it to my watch without issues and was ready to move. If green isn't your style, there are over 30 different colors to choose from.

A Rose Gold and Reasonably Priced Curling Iron? Add to Basket!

This rose gold titanium curling iron has a beautiful color palette and, more importantly, creates the perfect curl. The 1.25-inch version creates quick and easy bouncy curls no matter the occasion. It also only takes 30 seconds to heat up, so you're going quickly.

Avoid the Nuisance of Dry Lips with Aquaphor Lip Repair

Sometimes the best beauty products are straightforward and inexpensive, which is totally true for Aquaphor's lip balm. I make sure to have a tube nearby at all times for instant relief from chapped lips. It's also fragrance-free and goes on clear for easy everyday wear.

Drift Off to Sleep with This Weighted Eye Mask

I tend to get tension headaches, and when they come on, this sleep mask is a saving grace. It provides light pressure on my eyes and has dual materials sides: one that cools and the other that warms. Even better, there's a loop on the sides to easily wrap it around your head and keep it in place as you sleep.

A Hydrating Mask That Nourishes Your Hair While You Sleep

I get my hair highlighted often, making it essential to give my tresses extra care and hydration. A few months ago, my hair desperately needed some TLC, and this hydrating mask helped nourish my locks back to silky smooth health. I apply it before bed and wake up with noticeably softer and hydrated hair. It also smells fantastic, making that a bonus as I drift off to sleep.
I was recently searching for a new (to me) vitamin C serum that was under $30 but filled with brightening and skin evening benefits. After three days of research, I took a leap of faith and purchased Bubble's Day Dream serum, and (drumroll) I love it. It has vitamin C, niacinamide, and plant-derived ceramides to keep my skin happy and glowing.