When my editor first asked me to write an article about all of the products I use in a day, I kind of drew a blank. I have a 3-year-old son and a 1-year-old daughter, so my life is a bit of a blur. I crawl into bed every night and wonder how I managed to get my son to preschool, keep my daughter entertained while trying to get work done, make meals and bath time happen, and get both kids down at a reasonable hour. And while it seems impossible, (most days) I make it happen, but not without a few essential products.

From a magical stain remover to a concealer that makes me look like I got more than four hours of sleep, these are the 20 things I use every day and couldn't imagine my life without.

This Gigantic Water Bottle Keeps Me Hydrated

Okay, I know what you're probably thinking. "That water bottle doesn't look that big." But trust me, the photo does not do it justice. It's massive. And even though it gets kind of heavy to lug around once it's filled with 64 ounces (YUP) of water, I love that it stays cold for hours and that I can fill it up in the morning and sip on it throughout the day.

These Pacifiers Soothe My Teething One-Year-Old

My daughter has a few teeth coming in, and although we've tried every type of teether under the sun, these MAM pacifiers are the only things that seem to bring her comfort. The air holes in the front help to avoid drool rashes, and they even come with a little case that allows you to sterilize them in the microwave using just water.
I'm 36, and I still struggle with breakouts. Yes, it's embarrassing, but I've come to terms with it, especially now that I found this acne face wash from CeraVe. I would describe it as being more creamy than foamy, but it definitely clears up my face, takes off my makeup well, and is gentle enough for my extremely sensitive skin.

This Lotion is the Only Thing That Helps My Psoriasis

Here's another embarrassing admission: I have psoriasis! I had all but given up on it getting better without getting a prescription, but then I decided to give this psoriasis lotion a try before making an appointment with a dermatologist. I put it on my elbows and knees before bed, and the next day it was almost completely cleared up. I was shocked. This stuff is literally life-changing.

This Spray-On Styler Tames My Son’s Unruly Mane

My son has extremely thick hair that grows straight out of his head like a helmet. He's been wanting me to put gel in it lately before school, and this kid's spray-on hair styler is a much less messy option. It doesn't include sulfates, parabens, or synthetic dyes, and the lightweight formula isn't sticky or greasy.
I can't be the only parent who struggles to remember to brush their kids' teeth, right? I've at least been trying to make more of an effort lately, which is why I bought this training toothbrush for my daughter. She loves to hold onto the little elephant ears and brush her teeth with it herself, so much so that she screams when I try to take it away.

This Concealer Covers Up My Dark Circles

I'm on my third cup of coffee right now, and I'm still tired. Both of my kids wake up a lot at night, so my husband and I ping-pong between their rooms trying to get them to do the only thing I ever want to do these days: SLEEP. This Shape Tape Concealer from Tarte is the only one I've tried that masks my dark circles and makes me look like a living human.

These Eye Drops Make Me Look More Awake

These Roto eye drops are another trick I've been using to look more well-rested and awake. I tend to get horribly bloodshot eyes when I don't get enough sleep, and these make them look so much brighter and whiter. I no longer show up to preschool drop-off looking like I just rolled out of bed. Or, less so, at least.

This Deodorant Uses Natural Ingredients (and Actually Works)

I've tried a lot of natural deodorants over the years, but Native is the only one that hasn't left me sweaty and smelly after roughly an hour. Native is formulated without aluminum and uses baking soda, probiotics, coconut oil, and shea butter, so it hydrates as well as deodorizes. I'm currently obsessed with the Eucalyptus & Mint scent.

These Food Storage Containers That I Love for Meal Prep

Taking my kids to a restaurant is less than enjoyable, so we cook almost all of our meals at home. I bought this food storage container set a few weeks ago and have used it almost every day since. I use them to store ingredients for meal prepping or to keep leftovers fresh. The 14-piece set is leak-proof, airtight, and safe for the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer.

This Magic Bullet is Perfect for Morning Smoothies

My son is not a fan of vegetables, but when they're sneakily hidden inside a smoothie? He can't get enough. This Magic Bullet blender makes it quick and easy to whip one up, even when I only have a few minutes for breakfast. I love adding frozen fruit, spinach, yogurt, and milk. The set even comes with a to-go lid, so you can take your concoctions on the road.

This Vitamin C Serum Brightens My Skin

I've been using this vitamin C serum on my face every night for two years now, and it's made a huge difference in the texture of my skin. It also lightened up some small sunspots and made my pores look smaller. I can't stand thick and heavy creams on my face, and this serum has the perfect lightweight formula that absorbs beautifully.

This Three-Day Growth Polish Keeps My Nails Strong

I have a horrible habit of picking at my nails, which leaves them brittle and jagged. This 3-day growth nail treatment goes on like a shiny clear coat and makes my nails grow so much faster than they do on their own. The keratin formula also strengthens them so they don't break as easily. The best part? The price.

This Baby Lotion is Essential for Dry Winter Days

I live in Wisconsin, and both of my kids get really dry skin when the weather turns frightful. I slather on this Pipette baby lotion after bathtime and have even used it on myself a few times. It uses renewable, sugarcane-derived squalane for deep moisturization, and the rose, geranium, and patchouli scent smells amazing.

This Swiffer Wet Jet is WAY Easier Than Mopping

Who has the time or energy to haul out the mop and bucket? I sure don't. But I do have five minutes every day to use my Swiffer Wet Jet. This set is specifically formulated for cleaning hardwood floors and leaves them shiny and streak-free. I tend to avoid cleaning at all costs, but I actually look forward to mopping the floors with my Wet Jet. Is that sad? Probably.

These Reusable K-Cups Cut Down on Unnecessary Waste

I hate creating unnecessary waste, but I also love my Keurig coffee maker. These reusable coffee pods are the perfect solution. I just fill one up with the handy little scoop, attach the magnetic lid, pop it into my Keurig, and brew up a cup as I would with a disposable pod. They're compatible with a variety of K-cup styles and save me a ton of money on groceries.

This Water Filter Gives Me Peace of Mind

I live in a 112-year-old house with lead pipes, so a good water filter is a must. This water filter pitcher from LifeStraw removes lead, mercury, chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, dirt, and those scary "forever chemicals" that we've been hearing so much about lately. The membrane microfilter lasts for an entire year, so I don't have to constantly remember to replace it.

This Spot & Stain Remover Works Like Magic

When we bought our couch, it came with a little note recommending we buy this exact stain-removing spray in case of spills. And, since I have two incredibly messy children, we've used it a lot. Nearly every day on every piece of furniture in our house, in fact. I've even used it to remove a week-old coffee stain from a couch cushion and it worked like a charm.

This Hot Air Brush is a Total Game-Changer

The first time I used this hot air brush, the hundreds of perfect five-star reviews suddenly made sense. I'm usually hopeless at styling my hair, but after using this blow dryer/round brush combo, I look like I just walked out of a salon. My hair is silky, smooth, and beautifully bouncy. And since it styles my hair as it dries it, I'm done in half the amount of time, so I can fit it into my routine on even the craziest mornings.

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