The 25 Biggest Amazon Home Deals

We scoured Amazon to find the best deals on home products we know you'll love.

Published October 9, 2023
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We all appreciate home and kitchen essentials that make each day a little better or more comfortable - especially with the latest technology! These gadgets and wares save time, too, but can be costly. There is simply no better time to purchase vacuums, small appliances, bedding, and other necessities than during Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days when everything is discounted to some of the lowest prices you'll see all year. 

We scoured Amazon to find the best deals on well-rated products from reputable brands like Bissell, Keurig, Black + Decker, Crock-Pot, and more. There's no reason to wait until Black Friday! Skip the rush and shop now. 

Reviews say these cooling, down-alternative pillows are hotel quality and perfect no matter what position you sleep in. Made with cotton covers, they are fluffy, durable, and said to alleviate neck strain. Grab a few sets now while they are 15% off! 


Bissell is a well-trusted brand in vacuums, and this deep-cleaning machine goes a step further; it removes even tough stains and odors on carpets, upholstery, curtains, and more. It's small and portable, making it easy to thoroughly clean your whole home -- and the before and after photos are impressive! 

I bought this Levoit air filter when a dog-allergic friend visited to reduce allergens in my home, but have had it on all the time since! It reduces odors and airborne contaminants while being so quiet it's barely audible. It's a number-one bestseller for a good reason, and there is no better time to purchase while also a great deal! 

Instant Pot is the original all-in-one phenomenon -- inspiring thousands of recipes and countless social media posts. This one appliance just does so much. It can be used as a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and more, and who doesn't love a set-it and forget-it helper in the kitchen? Grab it for 30% off during this Amazon event!


Stop causing back and body aches by working in a chair not equipped for all day sitting behind a desk! This well-rated ergonomic office chair provides lumbar and hip support while being perfect for people over 5'6". Lean back, and it leans with you, providing the needed neck support. Reviews call it "heaven"! 

Never again eat soggy leftovers or feel guilty about French fries with the original Ninja air fryer! This large-capacity appliance can do much more, from baking to dehydrating. Save a fortune making your own homemade kale and apple chips, eat crispy-crusted pizza, roast or broil vegetables and meats, and more. 

Did you know that different types of tea and coffee are optimally made at different temperatures? For the cuppa connoisseur or a perfect gift for one, this best-selling electric gooseneck kettle has five presets and will keep water warm for up to an hour, perfect for hosting. It's stylish enough to leave on your counter!


There's something so rewarding about putting ingredients into a crock pot, leaving it for a few hours, and returning for a hot, tasty, home-cooked meal! This large capacity seven quart Crock Pot will feed a family with minimal effort using smart technology, and right now, it's nearly 30% off! 

There is no joy like watching baby sprouts pop up in your indoor garden pods until you harvest the herbs! These compact, energy-efficient gardens grow greens, flowers, and more -- even in low-light homes. Also, a perfect gift, no green thumb required! And a tremendous deal at 70% off right now.

If you have multiple people and/or pets in your household, cleaning requires a powerful vacuum. Enter this one from Shark, with built-in HEPA filters to trap dust and allergens. It has a crevice tool for tight spots, and reviews say it works even better than that well-known, pricey brand. 


It's difficult to make a bad meal in a cast iron Dutch oven; that is why they are so beloved, but some brands can be costly. Lucky you, during this Amazon sale, you can get a top-notch Crock-Pot Dutch Oven for a whopping 60% off! It comes in the prettiest shades and different sizes and will be used for decades. Did you know you can even bake bread in them? 

It can be challenging to cook eggs in the shell without breaking them! From the makers of the cutest mini appliances, Dash, a convenient and versatile egg cooker for just $16 is a wise investment! It also poaches or scrambles eggs and comes in decor-friendly hues -- a perfect gift for any omelet lover. 

What is better than wrapping up in a comfy blanket on the couch or bed? Not much, so we found the perfect comforter you can use in every season, and it's just $25 during this sale! With nearly 125,000 happy reviews, people say it's super soft and a great bargain. 


There's nothing as great as freeing up space in your home, and being able to store a spare bed is peak convenience. Airbeds have come a long way in comfort; the OlarHike Queen Air Mattress has a built-in air pump and is 13" high, so your guests feel properly elevated! 

Make any movie night on a big screen -- 100 inches, to be exact! This affordable mini projector includes a screen and is excellent family entertainment. It has Bluetooth technology to connect to Firesticks, speakers, headsets, mobile phones, and more, taking your viewing anywhere you'd like!

During this huge sale, treat yourself to the gift of less time spent on chores with the game-changing Roomba Robot vacuum! It works on hard floors or carpets, is perfect for battling pet hair, and even connects to Alexa. This Jetsons-reminiscent automated vacuum is on sale for 45% off the original price!


When you purchase this top-selling Bissell vacuum, be prepared for a shock -- it cleans so well that you will be amazed at how much dust and dirt it finds that you didn't even see! Yet it's super lightweight, and the extension wand will clean your blinds, baseboards, molding, and more in just one swipe. 

Stop throwing out your back or making five trips to the car after grocery shopping with a helpful and durable collapsible cart! It folds down to just five inches wide yet hauls up to 200 pounds when in use. Also great for camping, tailgating, and more, you'll only wonder how you lived without it for so long. 

Even the most comfortable memory foam mattresses can cause you to break a sweat, but this TopTopper cooling mattress topper will change that! It will also add to the comfort of your bed and protect the mattress while being washable, and right now, you can grab one for 40% off.


Iced vanilla latte, anyone? Make yourself a frothy cup of iced coffee quickly and easily, and power through your day properly fueled -- or keep it classic hot. It's up to you! From Keurig, a one-cup wonder with a small counter footprint will provide rich and dark whenever you need it! 

This cheeseboard set is perfect for hosting guests, giving as a gift, or just watching movies! This set includes ceramic containers, cheese knives, and more so that your entire spread is serving-ready in moments and you won't have to look for utensils. Just open a bottle of wine, and you're done!

Make Alexa a member of your family and pick up the cult-favorite Echo Dot. With this device, you can set alarms, check the weather, control your smart lights, and make a shopping list... Alexa does it all. The 5th Generation Echo Dot comes with a new audio experience for your music or audiobooks, too. You can even connect a few of these together to create a home theater system with Fire TV. Did we mention it is on sale?


If you love dried fruits, veggies, meat jerky, and more or appreciate the convenience of having those snacks on hand but find them pricey, grab this dehydrator for just $44. Never again worry about what kind of artificial ingredients were added to your family's food, and it even makes dog treats!

A cordless, lightweight stick vac from trusted brand Black + Decker is essential for quick cleanups. With the floor light, you'll be able to clean even under furniture thoroughly, and reviews mention how easy it is to empty the collected dirt. Grab it for just $79 during this sale.

The Ring Doorbell is currently 45% off! These video doorbells connect to your phone through the Ring App and lets you see, hear and speak to anyone who is at the door. This newest version has updated motion detection and night vision. Elevate your experience by connecting with other selected Alexa-enabled devices or subscribe to Ring Protect to store video footage.

The 25 Biggest Amazon Home Deals