Gifts for the Person Who Says They Don't Want Anything

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Published November 1, 2023
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Gift-giving is a beautiful way of showing friends and family that they’ve been on your mind, but if the person you’re shopping for has it all, then buying a gift becomes stressful. When you come across a friend or family member who appears to own everything they’ve ever wanted, what exactly can you buy them?

Fortunately, there are plenty of thoughtful gifts for your special person on Amazon. From five-minute journals to jot down their thoughts to sunrise alarm clocks and adaptable kitchen gadgets - the gift options available on Amazon are endless.

The five-minute journal is perfect for friends and family who are always talking about their greatest hopes and dreams in life. Give them a place to jot down all of their thoughts in one place. This journal is all about mindfulness, wellness, and inward positivity. 


Waking up to loudly blaring alarms isn't fun for anyone. Your loved one will appreciate what it feels like to wake up from a sunrise alarm clock that simulates natural sunlight from the great outdoors. Waking up peacefully creates better vibes for the entire day.

Depending on how much time your loved one spends in the kitchen, this adjustable rolling pin may be exactly what they need for better baking experiences. The rolling pin is ideal when used for pizza crust, cookie dough, and other soft foods that must be flattened. 

Your loved one will get 12 hours of heat from this refillable hand warmer whenever they're faced with colder temperatures. People who live in areas where it snows or rains understand how chilly their bodies can get. This hand warmer serves an important purpose!


Bringing a cocktail kit everywhere you go during the holidays is a fabulous way of staying in a festive spirit. After all, cocktails make plenty of parties and gatherings more enjoyable. This cocktail kit is portable, so your loved one can pack it up with the rest of their belongings.

Measuring out the proper ingredients for any given recipe is crucial when it comes to the final results. If everything isn't measured correctly, the flavor of your concoction will be slightly off. This set of magnetic measuring spoons helps the cooking and baking processes along. 

The reduction of puffiness and dark circles is beyond crucial if you care about your outward appearance. These undereye masks work to reduce puffiness and dark circles for youthful and vibrant results. After all, everyone deserves to feel beautiful.


When you leave your butter and margarine in its original containers from the store, an extra level of flair isn't added to the vibe of your kitchen. This stylish butter dish certainly adds flair with the adorable "butter me up" phrase printed on top.

Where does your loved one place their jewelry, glasses, and other essentials when it's time to fall asleep? This two-tiered jewelry tray serves as a safe place to hold all of their valuable items while they're getting rest at night. It fits right in on any nightstand.

Having tons of devices scattered all over the place can be stressful. This bamboo wood stand comes in handy by giving all your devices a home. Your loved one can store their phone, Nintendo Switch, iPad, and other tablets on this bamboo wood stand.


These cloud slippers are as comfortable as footwear can get. Your loved one will enjoy wearing them around the house as they walk from their bathroom to their bedroom. These can also be worn outside to grab the mail or walk the dog.

An easy way to build confidence is by wearing outfits that make you feel good about yourself. Your loved one will feel so chic and classy while wearing this lightweight romper. The wide pant legs and midsection belt add to its overall allure.

Drying off after taking a dip in the pool, ocean, or jacuzzi should feel comfortable. When the towel you're using is made of plush material, getting dry feels so much better. Your loved one will appreciate this cotton silk bath towel during their next water experience.


Using hair curlers can be incredibly damaging since the heat from these items has been known to break hair strands. Your loved one will be able to achieve gorgeous curls in their hair without using a curler when they have this satin heatless curls set to use.

Jackets and coats are great when the weather is super cold, but sometimes, a simple cardigan is enough to get the job done. This open-front cardigan is cute, trendy, and easy to wear with any outfit you throw together. It pairs well with jeans and a T-shirt.

What type of jewelry does your loved one usually wear? If earrings are their thing, these spiral earrings should be added to their collection. They are tastefully eccentric in a way that stands out more than typical studs or hoops.



Mugs are usually solid in color, which means you can't catch glimpses of what you're drinking. These double-wall glass mugs are clear, which makes them incredibly unique. They're also insulated to keep warm drinks (like coffee and hot cocoa) at the right temp.

This lighted wool beanie has a built-in flashlight for late-night walks and hikes. The flashlight is located on top of the forehead. This means your loved one will always be able to see where they're headed after the sun sets. Evening walks may just become a regular activity. 

This ceramic garlic keeper is a wonderful way to keep your garlic fresh and tasty for longer periods of time. It has breathable holes along the sides to give your garlic the chance to get some air flow and circulation. 


Having all the right pots and pans to use for cooking makes such a difference in the kitchen. Your loved one will easily be able to cook different meats, veggies, and starches when they have this fabulous 10-piece pots and pans set to utilize. 

This cocktail shaker belongs in your loved one's kitchen if they're the type of person who'd appreciate having an at-home bar setup. Cocktails are just fine when they're stirred, but many people would agree that they're even better when they're shaken.

The colors of your living room should be complemented by accessories that add the perfect level of flair. This decorative pillow set comes in several different colors, which means everything will look amazing when you have guests over. This pillows are meant to mixed and matched.


Customizable jewelry is more popular than ever since it allows people to feel totally unique wherever they go. This gold statement ring can be customized to showcase whatever letter your loved one resonates with the most. The first letter of their name is a starting point.

An oversized crewneck will keep your loved one feeling cozy and warm while they run their daily errands. Even for someone who already has it all, adding something like this to their closet can only be beneficial. The fuzzy material is the icing on top!

Your closet should be full of staples you can depend on for every event on the calendar. One staple that will always come in handy is a long-sleeved bodysuit. Your loved one can pair this item with their favorite leggings or jeans.



Have you been listening to your loved one complain about sleepless nights and restlessness at bedtime? If so, this weighted eye mask might be life-changing to their situation. It provides a great level of compression around the eyes for deep sleep.

Some pillowcases are made with materials that aren't exactly great for your strands of hair. Your loved one will know their hair is in a safer and healthier position when they fall asleep onsatin pillowcases. Satin is known for promoting healthier tresses.

When hosting parties and gatherings, it's important to set out delicious foods and snacks for guests to enjoy. This bamboo wood charcuterie board is a simple way to present bread, crackers, meat, cheese, and different dips to your guests as they arrive. 


Mud masks have great reputations for bringing more clarity and healing to your skin. There's a reason this stuff is so popular at spas and resorts. This dead sea mud mask is even better than you'd guess since it's also infused with lavender. 

Adding greenery to your home is a great way to shift the vibe of your space in a more positive direction. Your loved one will be able to experience that feeling with this artificial leaf vine. It can be hung on different walls, doors, or walkways.

Your loved one's favorite photo and favorite song can be loaded up on this acrylic Spotify plaque. Since this gift is personalized, it will feel undeniably special and unique. It also comes in multiple size options with additional LED lights on the edges.


Sore muscles are universally uncomfortable. After a tough workout at the gym or a long hike up a hill, dealing with sore muscles happens to the best of us. This massage oil can be used while kneading out your muscles and trying to relax.

Plenty of people carry tension and stress in their neck and shoulders. There’s a reason necks and shoulders are so commonly massaged at professional parlors by masseuses. This heating pad is specifically designed to bring total relaxation to the neck and shoulders.

Sipping liquor out of cups that are basic and boring is not the move! These whiskey glasses are undoubtedly classy based on the way they sit together on one mahogany tray. Scotch, vodka, and bourbon belong in these glasses, just as much as whiskey does.


Messy jewelry is just the worst! When your bracelets and necklaces get tangled up, it can be really difficult to undo those metal knots. This jewelry organizer makes it so much easier for every special piece of jewelry to dangle safely. 

These shower caddy shelves stick right to the walls in a shower stall or bathtub space. They come in handy by holding every bottle of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash you might have. This is the type of item that leads to much cleaner bathroom spaces.

It becomes instantly effortless to take note of all the beauty products you own when you’ve got a rotating makeup organizer on hand. This useful makeup organizer rotates at 360 degrees as it holds makeup brushes, lipsticks, and everything else. 


Your loved one might come across as someone who already “has it all," but do they have this? It’s a cell phone sanitizer that uses UV light to break down germs. Phones gather tons of germs and they aren’t sanitized nearly as often as they should be. This device changes that. 

This AirPod cleaner kit will have your products looking like they’re brand new. Unfortunately, it’s easy for AirPods to get dirty if they are used consistently without breaks. Listening to music and podcasts on a daily basis is perfectly fine, but making sure your AirPods stay clean is also super important. 

Overspending on all the wrong things is a huge mistake people make when they aren't being thoughtful with their budgeting. This budget planner serves as a simple way to focus on your financial goals in an organized and written manner.


Most people take one or two showers each day to maintain their hygiene. Bidet toilet attachments are great for those in-between times throughout the day. They help you stay fresh and clean after every bathroom trip. These can easily be attached to any regular toilet.

Who doesn't love a great back stretch? Dealing with a tense back or poor posture isn't ideal for anyone. This wheel foam roller exists as a device that helps you stretch your back muscles out with a comfy layer of padding. It comes in black or blue.

Anxiety attacks are terrible! Whenever you feel panicked about anything, it's difficult to relax and unwind. This crystal bracelet is supposed to promote peacefulness and calmness as a way of fighting back against the terrors of anxiety. 


Slippers made with memory foam are designed to be worn for extended periods of time. They're as comfortable as they are for a reason! These animal paw slippers are the perfect gift because they offer memory foam and cute imagery printed on top.

Using lip oil is a wonderful way to keep your lips hydrated and smooth. Your loved one will appreciate lip oils that make a significant difference in the texture of their lips based on the weather they're dealing with. Cold and dry weather can be the worst of all.

Night lights are useful for people of all ages. They aren't just reserved for babies and young children. Adults are free to use night lights too – if that's what makes them happy. This toast lamp doubles as a night light that adds some cuteness to your bedroom.


Having soft skin is a huge win. One of the simplest ways to achieve soft skin all over your body is by using a sugar scrub. Sugar scrubs are known for providing an ample amount of exfoliation, which is important after waxing, shaving, or other methods of hair removal.

It's time to banish dry and calloused feet forever. These foot peels make such an impact on any areas of dry skin that need true TLC. Slide your feet into these peels and leave them on for an hour. Once 60 minutes have passed, your feet will feel much smoother.

Cold feet aren't pleasant to deal with during the chillier months of the year. Fortunately, these plush slippers can be worn after they've been microwaved to bring some added warmth to your feet. The soft material and microwavable heat are a great combo. 

Gifts for the Person Who Says They Don't Want Anything