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With greenwashing on the rise and an onslaught of constant advertising hitting you from all sides, finding high-quality sustainable products can be exhausting. There’s no one right way to live a sustainable life. There are too many factors that impact what sustainability can look like for you. And for me, these are five of my favorite sustainable products that I use all the time.

Before Buying New, I Thrift Whenever Possible

Ultimately, the most sustainable way to buy goods is to find them preowned. This reduces the amount of product waste, fuel consumption, and unethical manufacturing processes that are currently in motion. So, as someone who’s obsessed with vintage shopping — it’s the historian in me — my mind automatically goes to finding whatever furniture, appliances, or clothes I might need secondhand.

5 Sustainable Products That I Use Everyday

However, there are just some things you can’t thrift. And along my sustainability journey, I’ve found a ton of great products that work for people across the socioeconomic spectrum. But there are five specific ones that I use — and love — just about every day of the week.

These 3 Products Show That Beauty Can Be Sustainable

No matter what your stance is on the social compulsivity of wearing makeup, it’s a massive industry. Personally, I’ve been wearing it since I was 13 years old, and I absolutely love the art form. But there are so many unethical and unsustainable brands in the beauty business. Three that tout various sustainable practices are Dr. Bronner’s, EcoTools, and Bésame Cosmetics.

This Bar Soap Smells Great & Cuts Down on Waste

My day is ruined if I can’t take a shower, and one thing that always makes me feel squeaky clean is Dr. Bronner’s peppermint castile bar soap. Not only is it scented with organic oils, but it’s certified fair-trade, not tested on animals, vegan, and packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled paper. It’s gentle and comes in eight different scents. After all, there’s a reason they’ve been around since 1858.

These Long-lasting Vegan Makeup Brushes Are Sustainably Packaged

If you wear makeup on the regular like me, then you’ve probably got piles and piles of makeup brushes. EcoTools’ makeup brushes are a low-cost sustainable option. I’ve been using their brushes for years, and they’ve held up like a champ. EcoTools’ products are vegan and 100% cruelty-free, and their makeup brushes are made from recycled aluminum, bamboo, and cruelty-free synthetic bristles.

This Vintage-Style Lipstick Comes From a Sustainably-Minded Brand

There’s nothing more fun than turning out a vintage look, and Bésame Cosmetics Red Hot Red lipstick is my go-to. It’s creamy, long-lasting, vibrant, and always gets me a few compliments. As a vintage-inspired makeup company, they have several historically accurate makeup tools, products, and shades for you to choose from. Their lipstick tubes are made of recyclable aluminum, their compacts are refillable, and their cake mascara tins are reusable. Vintage makeup production used to do a number on the environment, and these products are fighting back.

Brita Water Filter Pitchers Are the Perfect Pairing for Your Stanley Cup

Now, I’m not a Stanley cup kind of person — all-metal water bottles make water taste metallic to me. But I cut down on plastic water bottle waste with my Brita filter pitcher. It’s unreasonably simple to use, more cost-effective than buying packs of water bottles, and fits right in the fridge.

This Water Filter Pitcher Makes Drinking Tap Water Feel Good

I wish more than anything that I could get behind metal water bottles, but that slight metallic tinge does a number on my sensory sensitivities. Instead of grimacing over each sip, I switched to Brita Filter’s Metro water filter pitcher. It’s BPA-free — a must nowadays — and easy to clean. Pop multiple handfuls of ice cubes into it, and I have a tank of crisp, ice-cold water at my disposal. It single-handedly helped cure me of the dreaded water bottle addiction and can help you, too.

When I Write With Pencils, Only Blackwings Will Do

Now, I can’t afford to buy genuine vintage Blackwing wood pencils, but I’m obsessed with the next best thing. The California Cedar Products Company acquired the historic Blackwing name in 2008 and rereleased the iconic vintage pencil. Today, there are so many variations and special volumes that you can find the right graphite hardness and style for you.

The best part? The company has deep roots in sustainably farming the incense cedar they use, compressing the excess wood shavings into fire-starter and compost bricks and recycling or donating any extra pencils that don’t pass quality control.

While pens are my first love, when I do write with a pencil, I pull out my Blackwings.

These Elegant Wood Pencils Make Writing by Hand Exciting

My 1934 typewriter is as impractical to lug around as it gets, so when I feel like turning my day into a 20th-century fantasy, I break out my Blackwing pearl wood pencils. Made out of incensed cedar, these pencils are expert replicas of the original Blackwing pencil that artistic greats like Truman Capote, Stephen Sondheim, and John Steinbeck loved. You can get different graphite hardnesses, limited edition designs, and replaceable erasers to make your Blackwing pencils last for years.

Living Sustainably Looks Different for Everyone

It’s important to remember that everyone is at a different place on their sustainability journey. Don’t get discouraged by people who make zero-waste living look easy if you’re just starting out. While I rely on a nice collection of sustainable products, there are still so many more to discover. And hopefully, you’ve discovered a few new ones to try out yourself!