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Megan Cooper

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About Megan Cooper

Megan Cooper is LovetoKnow's Associate Editor. She has a BS in Public History and a MAS in Film and Media Studies. She loves to create and finesse inclusive content on a myriad of subjects. Utilizing her historical training, she has contributed to several academic institutions and cultural publications including My Modern Met, Girl Museum Inc., the Walker Local and Family History Center, and the National Park Service. Megan lives in Charlotte and loves to crochet, watch classic films, and collect vintage/antique goods.


  • An avid researcher and consumer of old films.
  • Always has a pack of gum on her person.
  • Was published in History Matters: An Undergraduate Journal of Historical Research
  • Has amassed a large collection of vintage clothes and jewelry, vintage crochet patterns and tools, and much more.
  • Contributed to the research team for Exploring American Girlhood through 50 American Treasures by Ashley E. Remer and Tiffany R. Isselhardt

Three Things I Love

  • 1970s television shows
  • The fiber arts (crocheting, knitting, tatting, and tambour embroidery)
  • Sleeping in late