The 28 Best Halloween Gifts for the Ultimate Spooky Season

Looking for Halloween gift ideas from silly to scary? Kiddos, grown-ups, and everyone in between will delight in these finds.

Published August 29, 2023
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For a Fall Girl like me, getting into the Halloween spirit is easy. Decorative cobwebs go up and plastic bats are strung as early as August. Pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls are suddenly a breakfast staple, and my favorite set of skeleton pajamas becomes my new favorite outift. 

But sometimes, what I love most about the season is getting others in on the silly spookiness I love so much. Whether it's the perfect mug for their morning witch's brew or a goofy game full of monsters, these are some incredible Halloween gifts I'm so excited to share with my fellow ghosts and ghouls. 

Especially with so many kiddos in my neighborhood, this candy caddy is an easy pick. Have one customized with either a child's name or the family name, fill it with Halloween goodies, and deliver it as a special, personalized treat (or trick). 


Got a baker in your life? I know I do! While there are a handful of great gifts that bakers are sure to treasure, these cookie cutters are truly singular. Bring these over, and have a ball (even a Monster Mash) baking Halloween-themed sweets, like monster cookies! 

This way-too-cute picture book is the perfect Halloween gift for any kiddo, no matter their interest in all things spooky. Make a night of it by bringing over this kindly encouraging story about making new friends, then dress up as ghosts yourselves to practice being brave! 

Grab this decorative find for the consummate host who just can't help but have their Halloween decorations up weeks in advance. I may just need to nab this one for myself - it will perfectly complement the giant fluffy spiders I hang from my roof each year! 


This is a great find for teachers who go all out decorating their classrooms every October, bartenders with themed cocktails they're excited to share, and even influencers who get into the spooky season! Add a message of your own to the sign before you gift it to make it extra special (and skip the card!). 

Coffee lover? Me, too. It's tough not to get addicted to seasonal sips (Pumpkin Spice Latte, anyone?), and this handy little tumbler will allow you to take yours anywhere. Grab a handful of these to match with your friend group, or host a scary movie night and have these as party favors! 

It's tough not to smile at these creepy cute, open-toed slippers. A pair of these make the perfect gift for your most beloved homebody friend, but I particularly love the idea of getting sets for everyone in my family to match as we rewatch Hocus Pocus


I love stuffed toys that flip inside out as a communication tool for kids (and adults) to let people know how they're feeling. This black and white ghost does the same with a Halloween twist (or flip) and makes a great gift for plushie collectors of all ages. 

Who doesn't love a versatile gift? This beautifully decorative skull vessel holds anything from makeup brushes to cooking utensils to office pens and pencils, so no matter your recipient's need, this gift adds some Halloween flair to any room in their home. 

I don't know about you, but my little one is always itching for another craft to do, and she adores Halloween just as much as I do. A set like this will keep her and her friends occupied all afternoon before we are ready to go out trick-or-treating. 


After trick-or-treating is over, you'd better believe my husband and I are kicking back with a bottle of something special. What better way to uncork my favorite pinot grigio on All Hallow's Eve than with this batlike little tool

Whether you're throwing a Halloween party and need some unique party favor options for little ones or you want a few non-candy treats to hand out on the Big Night, you really can't go wrong with these popping toys

No matter what your poison, be it a cocktail, a mocktail, or just some plain old iced coffee, an easy way to creep it up is with some skull-shaped ice cubes. I gifted my husband this ice tray mold last year, and he's been using it year-round ever since. 


For the ones who aren't super into dressing up for the occasion, this baseball cap is a great solution. Gift this to oldest sibling who's gotten too cool for the family costume theme, or better yet, a dad in charge of chaperoning trick-or-treating. 

Need I explain? This adorable pair of ghosts couldn't be cuter. As far as Halloween gifts for your significant other go, you really can't go wrong. 

In all my life, I've never heard anyone ever say, "I have too many pairs of socks." These fun, festive designs are not only seasonally appropriate, they're a sweet gift for that person you never know what to buy for. Socks are a universal equalizer. 


Have someone in your life who loves a vibe? Sets a mood like no other? These flickering, decorative LED candles feature sinister designs that offer just the right ambience for any Halloween get-together. 

Remember those Halloween cookie cutters for the baker in your life? You don't even need to be anywhere close to a professional to whip up a batch of mini waffles with this little iron. Even better, they'll look oh-so-perfect first thing Halloween morning. 

Another super cute option for friends or even to offer out as party favors, this little glass tumbler is a trendy way to keep your favorite seasonal beverage on hand. How sweet are the ghost kittens?! 


No Halloween movie night at home is complete without plenty of cozy blankets. Whether you're looking to summon some poltergeists or you just want to curl up with Scream 2, this ultra comfy plush throw is how to do it. 

I am nothing short of a total witch before I've had a measure of morning coffee, and I happen to know a handful of friends who are the same way. Quite a few of them are getting this cauldron mug from me this Halloween. 

For the youngest kiddos who aren't ready for things like crafts and candy, you can still gift them this snuggly stuffie. To be honest, I can think of a couple of bigger kids who would cherish it just as much. 


If you happen to have a jewelry lover on your hands, this charming jack-o-lantern necklace is an easy win. Give this to a friend when you get together for pumpkin picking at your favorite local patch. 

Frankenstein's monster is an iconic Halloween symbol, and seeing him with the Bride of Frankenstein is a true match made in heaven. This pair of salt and pepper shakers brings together a monster pair your Halloween table needs. 

For anyone who spends an absurd amount of time driving around, these three silly skeleton diffusers clip to the air vents in a car to offer up both scents and spooky vibes. 


Everyone's favorite kooky family comes out to play during Halloween, and as someone who gleefully dressed up her own family as the Addams just a few years ago, I can't help but love this Wednesday tote. 

Families looking for some good clean fun outside of trick-or-treating might look for a Halloween themed game or two. These bingo cards are an easy, all ages way to celebrate the season without scaring anyone silly with Freddy Vs. Jason. 

If this little ghost offered me candy corn, I might actually consider liking it. Look how precious this dish is! Gift this to anyone whose desk gets a ton of traffic or whose home is always ready to welcome guests with Starbursts and spooky tunes. 

The 28 Best Halloween Gifts for the Ultimate Spooky Season