Hi, I’m Emily — a beauty, lifestyle, and fashion influencer with the cutest dog named Tofu. With my husband, Justin, and Tofu at my side, I’ve been delving into the skincare and beauty space and recently got a new job working in content creation for a skincare brand.

As if a new job isn’t a big enough life change, we tacked moving onto it too! Amazon has been a massive help in settling in and making our new place feel like home. If you’re looking to restock on some essentials or want a new product recommendation from someone who’s tried them all, check out the things that make their way back into my Amazon cart time and time again.

This Extra Volume Shampoo Brought My Hair Back to Life

Laugh all you want at the TikTok made me buy it trend, but that sweet algorithm helped save my hair. Thanks to my old job, I used to struggle with hair loss. But Moist Diane’s extra volume & scalp shampoo came to the rescue. Over time this absolute gem blessed me with baby hair for days — so much so, that my hairdresser commented on it the last time I went in for a haircut!

PR Packages Always Find a Home in This Three-Tier Rolling Cart

While I’m blessed with a busy PR package train, the boxes sure do add up. From PR boxes to extra storage for my beauty products, this three-tier rolling cart has been a lifesaver. It keeps my things neat and tidy and gives me just the right amount of space to keep my desk drawers from overflowing.

No Day Is Too Gloomy to Film Thanks to This LED Video Light

The secret to a great video is high-quality studio lights. As a content creator, there are some gloomy days when artificial light is all you’ve got. Like many other creators, I love Godox’s LED video light. While it did take me a while to figure out the angles and the light settings, I’m getting more comfortable with it every day.


This Nail Prep Kit Saves Me Money & Time

Fun fact — I do my own gel-x nails at home. Instead of getting them done for $70-$90 a month, I challenged myself to do them on my own and this nail prep kit is always by my side when I do. It comes with great salon-quality nail files and a cuticle oil that I love. And you get all this for only $7.99? It’s so worth it.

These Seamless Boyshorts Go With Me Everywhere in the Summer

If you’re a thick girly like me, you’ve probably got a tub of baby powder for when summer rolls around. Well, you can throw it in the trash because these seamless boyshorts will change your life (like they did mine)! They stay in place all day long and never roll up. It doesn’t matter where I’m going — if I’m wearing shorts or a dress, I’ve got a pair of these tucked in my bag.

My Skincare Starts With This Top-Rated Korean Rice Toner

One of the highest-rated Korean toners on the market is I’m From’s Rice Toner. While a lot of people skip toning, I find that it’s such an important step in my skincare routine. Toner helps your skin absorb other skincare products better, and I love I’m From’s because it’s lightweight and suitable for all skin types.


I Keep My Skin Hydrated With These Nutrient-Packed Sheet Masks

Fans of LE SSERAFIM and Yunjin will recognize these lavender-tinted sheet masks, and like Yunjin I’m obsessed. They give instant glass skin and are super hydrating and lightweight. From ceramides to hyaluronic acid, these sheet masks may be tiny but their ingredients pack quite the punch.

One Swipe of These Melting Lip Balms And I'm Ready to Conquer the Day

I used to hate wearing lipstick, but now I can’t go without a swipe of some to bring color to my complexion. These melting lip balms are by far the best tinted lip balms I’ve ever tried. While they can get a bit sticky, the shades are to die for! My go-to is #3 Sorbet Balm.

I Carry This Hydrating Serum Spray With Me Everywhere

If there’s one thing I always carry with me, it’s a hydrating mist because I love keeping my face feeling fresh. This serum spray from d’Alba is a not-so-hidden K-beauty secret. Many a Korean flight attendant has this spray in their carry-on. I love it so much that I’m almost done with my last bottle!


This Lip Milk Goes Under All of My Lipsticks

I recently got this lip milk and was super surprised at how quickly it sinks into the lips. The formula is anything but lip-balm-thick. And after using it a lot more, I’ve noticed how my lipsticks go on much more even and smoothly than they ever did over regular lip balm.

My Claw-Machine Plushies Live in This Hanging Stuffed-Animal Storage

I’m a claw machine fiend and love winning plushies from them. I’ve amassed such a big collection that I had to find something to store them in. This hanging stuffed animal storage holds up a ton of plushies but keeps them within reach. It has big and medium pockets for any sized plushy, so every stuffed animal has a cozy home.

Our Rugs Stay in Place With These Renter-Friendly Sticky Pads

If you’ve ever had wood floors, dogs, and lots of rugs you know the chaos it can create. Our apartment has wood floors, so I got these sticky pads to keep our dog from tugging the rugs around. These are super renter-friendly because they won’t leave residue or peel up your floor. But they’re so sticky that I avoid using them on delicate string/yarn rugs.


My Dog Tofu Loves His Crackle Heads Ball

My dog Tofu is the King of getting into things he shouldn’t: paper, water bottles, towels, notebooks, pens, you name it. JW Pet’s Crackle Heads ball is Tofu’s favorite dog-approved purchase. There’s a little plastic ball inside so I can hear him chewing away on it! And at only $3.33, it was an amazing find.

Flossing Isn’t a Chore Thanks to This Water Flosser

I hate flossing my teeth with traditional floss, but this water flosser has made it so easy for me to keep my teeth nice and shiny. And I’ll let you in on a little secret — fill it up halfway with water and halfway with mouthwash. Not only can you floss your teeth, but you can rinse your mouth at the same time!

I’ve Sported This Corduroy Makeup Bag Since 2022

If you love makeup like I do, then you need a rock-solid makeup bag. I’ve been using this corduroy makeup bag since 2022 and it’s still holding up even after a few trips through the washing machine. It’s roomy enough for a lot of products and a great price.


I Always Keep This Beef Pho Soup Base On Hand

Unfortunately, there’s no Asian grocery store where my husband and I live. Since we both love pho and don’t want to make a 30+ minute drive to get the ingredients every time we crave it, we keep this beef pho soup base on hand. It makes the tastiest, restaurant-quality pho. Though I have to give my mother-in-law credit (and big thanks) for introducing me to it.

I Keep My Shower Clean & Organized With This Shower Caddy

This shower caddy has kept my shower and bathroom counters safe from that nasty post-shower residue. I don’t like soap holders exactly because of the annoying stains they leave behind. I especially love this caddy because of the multiple soap holders it has.

My Husband & I Are Obsessed With These Pimple Patches

My husband and I are obsessed with these Cosrx pimple patches. I’ve been using them since college and got him hooked after we met. If either one of us needs to get rid of pimples fast, we pop one of these patches on and let them work their magic.


This High-Coverage CC+ Cream Foundation Is My New Favorite Thing

I recently tried It Cosmetics’ CC+ Cream and think it’s the best foundation ever! It’s high coverage and lightweight on your skin. Usually, I need a primer to smooth out a few scars and pores, but I never need one with this foundation. It’s like a smooth filter brought to life.

Christmas Comes Early With This Mini Christmas Tree

It may not be December yet, but it’s never too early to start collecting your decorations for the holiday season. If you’re looking for a petite, artificial tree this mini Christmas tree is perfect. It’s only $26 and fits right at home in a small corner space. I can easily set it up in under 10 minutes, and store it in a big tote bag when the season’s over.