This year's Amazon Prime Day is fast approaching, and let's just be honest: we all have things that have been hiding out in our wishlists for a while that we would love to see drop in price. Well, I've got great news for you. The chances are high that they will! Whether you've had your eye on homewares, tech finds, travel gear, or even a streaming subscription, be sure to be on the lookout during July 11th and 12th. You have a good shot at getting your wish.

Oh, and here's a fun tip to keep in mind! If a product on your Amazon wishlist is lucky enough to get a Prime Day deal, you'll get a notification letting you know the price has dropped. So go ahead and click that "add to list" link if you see something you like before Tuesday.

Eternal bookworm that I am, there are few things I enjoy more than cuddling up in my cozy chair with a novel. That said, shoving the half dozen paperbacks I'm reading at any given time into a tote to keep my options on hand while traveling is... not ideal. I've had my eye on a new Kindle for ages now, and I'm desperately hoping the Signature Edition drops so that I can finally snag one.
My daughter is a music-loving dancing queen who hoards access to our kitchen's Echo Show on a daily basis. She's also the type of kid who asks about a million questions totally at random, like "what's the capital of Zimbabwe?" and "what kind of vegetables should you plant in September?" It's time she had a smart speaker of her own - at the very least, so I can check the weather over coffee without "Firework" blasting while I try to get Alexa's attention.
I resisted a video doorbell for ages, because it felt like just a little too much. Nobody wants to feel like they're spying on their neighbors, you know? But this simplified version doesn't require a whole system, just a quick installation, and it will only notify me about movement directly in front of my door (so no pesky alerts over squirrels).
The more I travel - and I've made a serious effort to rack up the miles over the past year - the more I appreciate the importance of great luggage. I also make a point to check my bags as seldom as possible when I fly, so a truly great carry-on is worth its weight in gold to me. This sturdy rolling suitcase not only has a tough hardside shell, it comes in over a dozen distinctive colors that help it stand out in a sea of standard black bags.
There are few fashion pieces more versatile than the ballet flat. Wear them with dresses, with jeans, with office attire, the choice is yours - they suit every possible need. LoveToKnow Editorial Director Carrie Grosvenor snagged a pair of these during last year's Prime Day and adores them, too, so we both have our eyes on expanding our collections this time around.
As a pet mom whose evenings typically include snuggling the world's greatest pit bull mix on my living room couch, a great upholstery cleaner is a crucial necessity. This little green machine is not only marvelously reviewed, it's super portable, so the next time I've got the pooch on a family road trip, I'm not worried about my trusty SUV's seats taking a hit.
After trying their Lip Mask last year, LANEIGE has been high on my list ever since, and I cannot wait to try this overnight moisturizer. Battling dry, sensitive skin can be a total pain at times, which means that a product designed to work while I sleep is music to my ears.
My bedroom television is, sadly, just not cutting it anymore. (I guess that happens when you hold onto a TV for an extra two years after the image starts flickering.) We're long past due for an upgrade, and I've got my eye on this 43-inch beauty.
Between pet dander that flares up my sister's allergies and the smoke drafting down into my neighborhood from wildfires up north, consider me officially paranoid about the air quality in my home. One of these air purifiers is already in my living room. Pretty soon, each bedroom is getting one, too.
While I have a travel-friendly iron (and I truly do love it), it's not for all fabrics. Especially if I'm trying to wear a chiffon bridesmaids dress to a wedding and not look like a wrinkled mess, I'm going to need to invest in one of these bad boys.
I am a pale person. It's fine. Let's not talk about it. The point is this: I like a good tan, and I cannot get one the UV way. I've heard nothing but excellent things about this mousse, and I've got a beach trip to North Carolina coming up soon. One does what one must.
Is anyone else's husband obsessed with YETI everything? Coolers, water bottles, thermoses, and on and on. It adds up! I'm praying to the Amazon gods that this lovely tumbler drops in price just a little so I can surprise my sweetie with something he will most definitely use on the regular.
I feel like the last remote worker alive who hasn't shelled out for a walking pad, but if one of these drops under a price I'm happy with on Prime Day, I'm nabbing it. There's something wildly appealing to me about getting my steps in while answering the morning round of emails.
My en suite bathroom is abysmally tiny. From minimal shelf space to hold my various products to the total lack of perch on which to balance my leg as I shave, I need to accept that there may just be one solution: an in-shower bench. Do I care if it makes me feel like an old lady? Nope. Storage plus no longer slipping on the tile while I buff calluses off my feet is a total win.
Kiddo's closet is in serious need of an overhaul, and step number one is getting rid of the leaning, sagging excuse for a dresser we shoved in there three years ago. Five drawers plus one cabinet with hidden shelves so she can... ahem... organize as she pleases sounds like the perfect solution.
Whether you're a parent to a particularly artistic kiddo (guilty) or you're an artist yourself, chances are good you've got a few boxes full of sketch paper. Don't you think all those deserve to be shown off from time to time? This handy display frame lets you rotate the coloring page of the week - while neatly tucking all previous masterpieces away behind it!