"Time Tested" is LoveToKnow's series about the products that have seen us through it all.

It's official. There is no item in my home I appreciate more than my stand mixer. Between my lengthy process of learning to bake bread to whipping up a last minute batch of game night brownies on a moment's notice, this beauty has proven its worth more times than I can count. Anything that can take the beating my kitchen doles out on a regular basis earns a gold star in my book.

And yes, I know a stand mixer can be a pretty steep investment. The most affordable price point I've seen for a KitchenAid hovers around the $200 mark, but I've done a little math. I've owned my mixer (a beloved gift from my husband) for the better part of five years, which means that for less than a dollar per week, I've quickly and efficiently made thousands of cookies, dozens of loaves of bread, and about a hundred cakes. Given how many attachments this baby can handle, it's fair to say I've also thrown together much more homemade pasta than I would have without it!

The KitchenAid stand mixer pictured here is indeed my own, and it has been well-loved and well-used - but it still looks the same as it did the day I got it! My Dad has had his for probably ten years longer than I've had mine (and he's a far more experienced bread aficionado than I am), and the same is true. I can't tell a difference between the day he unboxed his and today.I'm a big fan of the pasta attachment, and the ice cream mixing bowl is an absolute dream in the summertime when my third grader and I feel like getting crafty! (Between you and me, though, I've got my eye on the shredder attachments for a Mother's Day gift.)While I generally prefer the tilt-head design over the version with the crank that moves the bowl, I've heard strong arguments for both. I find the tilt-head easier to store because it's ever so slightly shorter and (in my humble experience) just as powerful. No matter which you prefer, though, this versatile little appliance more than earns its spot under time tested products we love.

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