Valentine’s Gifts

Valentine's Day is coming up, so put it on your calendar, write it down, set a reminder - whatever you need not to forget! Instead of getting overpriced chocolates and picking up last-minute flowers, you can shop ahead this year with some of our Amazon favorites. While some cynics might argue that Valentine's Day is a commercialized Holiday, there are actually plenty of purposeful gifts to give your partner.

We've compiled a list of great gadgets that will show them how much you love them, like a bouquet made out of LEGOs or a weighted sleep mask for deep relaxtion. Trust us, no one actually needs a teddy bear holding a heart or a cumbersome and expensive box of candy this year.

This Sleep Mask Is Like a Weighted Blanked for Your Eyes

A lot of people overlook the importance of high-quality sleep so giving them a little luxury for their nightly routine is a way of telling someone how much you care. This weighted eye mask works for side and back sleepers without any velcro or ties. The lightly weighted and contoured cushions can help promote relaxation and faster sleep. It can even be stored in the freezer to help with headaches or swelling.

This Wildflower Bouquet That is Made Out of LEGOs

We all know that flowers are the original go-to gift. They are easy to find, smell great, and can show someone you really care. But what I always find with buying flowers is that they are hard to keep alive. They often go droopy after a few days and can make the house smell worse after that. So give the gift of an ever-lasting bouquet made from LEGOs! It's the perfect way to show your partner you care, especially with something you created yourself. It makes for a great gift and a fun Valentine's Day activity.

The Viral Lip Mask For The Most Kissable Lips

This lip mask has been a viral and top-selling lip product for years for a reason, with over 30,000 5-star reviews to back it up. Laneige is a Korean Beauty brand that focuses on hydration and innovation to create skincare, but these lip masks have become their own phenomenon. It won’t hurt to get extra because everyone will appreciate this gift.

This Bath Soak Transforms Your Bathroom to a Tropical Island

This 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free bath soak is a really stand out bath soak. The formula is powered by some of my favorite ingredients for purifying like moringa seed oil and kaolin clay as well as papaya enzymes to brighten and exfoliate. The coconut powder not only deeply hydrates, but has the ability to transport any bath to a tropical island soak.

For The Astrology Girls: This Necklace is The Perfect Answer to “What’s Your Sign?”

If you celebrate a Galentine’s Day, these necklaces make the perfect and most thoughtful gift. Give each of your friends a Tarot card pendant that corresponds to their Zodiac sign and know that they’re not only so cute and thoughtful, but high quality. Gold plated stainless steel is waterproof, won’t change color and is built to last.

This Kettle Is an Interior Design Lover's Dream Appliance

This tea kettle by Smeg is the ultimate splure worthy gift. With its sleek retro design, it transforms any kitchen countertop into a stylish decorative nook. The tea-lover in your life will appreciate how fast this kettle can boil water and how great it looks in their kitchen. This is a great on-trend gift.

This Vintage Puzzle Is the Perfect Gift for Your Matching Puzzle Piece

I don’t know about you but I love having puzzles on hand and the more whimsical the better. This vintage Valentine’s Day puzzle is a sweet design and comes in a box that doesn’t take up so much room, which I always appreciate. A 500 piece puzzle is the perfect size for a romantic night in together.

These Freezing Wine Glasses Are The Key to Not Watering Down Wine

If your partner’s love language is acts of service, make sure you’re doing it right. Bringing someone a crisp and refreshing glass of chilled wine only counts if it’s served at the right temperature, which is hard to maintain. These double wall insulated cups can be stored in the fridge or freezer to reach the ideal temperature and keep your drink of choice that way when serving.

The Cutest, Sweetest, Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker For Valentine’s Day And Every Day

Is there anything more fun at breakfast than a cute waffle? No, there’s not. This waffle maker will churn out the most perfect 4-inch waffles in the shape of a heart. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries or just Sunday to say I love you because it heats up in just minutes. The nonstick surface makes cleaning up super easy and the small size is much easier to store than big clunky machines.

This Cheese Board is The Only Way to Serve a Proper Girl Dinner

Whether dinner is for one, two, or 12, having a nice cheese board makes a difference. Don’t put out cheese on a paper plate. This board is made of water and stain-resistant bamboo so it will last a long time while staying nice, which is ideal for hosting. The self-contained drawer comes with a proper set of cheese knives and it also boasts channels for crackers to keep things neat.

The Perfect Cookware For a Valentine’s Day at Home

Ok last heart shaped item on the list because it is the day for love after all. Every kitchen deserves at least one Le Creuset pot, or if it’s my kitchen, an ever-growing collection. If the way to your heart is through your stomach, give this to your partner as a nudge to cook something special together. Le Creusets are oven-safe and so easy to clean.

This Hatch Restore Alarm Clock is The Ultimate Gift For Non-Morning People

Even if someone is already a morning person, this Hatch Restore alarm clock only improves the wake up experience. Meant to work with our circadian rhythm and not against it, the light mimics the sunrise to wake up gently. The hatch connects to smart phones for easy controls and customization and uses white noise or nature sounds for a nighttime routine.

This Glowy Skin Serum With Over 8,000 5-Star Reviews

This is another perfect gift for your girlfriends or your partner because it produces visible results. TruSkin Naturals is a best-selling, highly trusted brand in skincare and this serum is its own powerhouse for glowy healthy skin. This is an all-in-one super serum with ingredients like Vitamin C, retinol, and salicylic acid for anti-aging and acne benefits, as well as a long list of hydrating agents.

This Cozy Blanket Is Truly Never a Bad Idea to Gift

I think almost anyone would agree with me in saying that we can never have enough super cozy blankets. It’s really never a bad gift. This sherpa fleece blanket comes in 22 colors and 5 sizes from throw to California King. If you don’t believe me that this is the best blanket, there are over 67,000 5-star reviews to help convince you. Good Housekeeping has also named this a Best Bedding Awards Winner.

This Dry Brush Has Become a Viral Form of Self Care

Dry brushing has taken the body care world by storm lately because of it’s multitude of benefits. While it promotes circulation, it also helps with lymphatic drainage, reducing the appearance of cellulite, dull dry skin, and gentle exfoliation. Giving this professional quality dry brush to your partner or girlfriends is like giving them permission to spend more time pampering.

This Product Is the Hair Salon’s Secret Weapon

I first discovered this at my hair salon, where they transform my dry brittle hair into a soft, manageable mane. Every time I leave I not only have hair that looks and feels beautiful, but the smell is intoxicating and that’s what Milkshake is good at. This Glistening Milk is the perfect Galentine’s gift because you’ll be giving them their soon to be new favorite hair product.

This Gadget Is a Not-So-Subtle Gift for Crazy Calluses

Ok if you share a bed with someone who has ever rubbed you with their foot calluses, this one is kind of a gift for you, too. A glass foot file sloughs away dead skin even better than their favorite pedicurist and more gently than metal files, but this one is also ergonomic and unlike other pumice stones, is so easy to clean and keep sanitary.

Just In Case You Don’t Finish a Bottle of Wine, Close it With a Cute Hat

There’s no shortage of wine stoppers on the market, but something about these is a little extra special. Especially if you’re like me and Valentine’s Day falls in the coldest time of year. These stoppers are leak proof and air tight, which also makes them a great tool for keeping the bubbles in your favorite champagne or prosecco.

A Box of Bath Bombs That Just as Fun as They Are Nourishing For Your Skin

One look at these and there’s no denying that they look like a fun treat to give someone (or yourself) but they’re more than just colorful. Nurture Me Organics focuses on environmentally friendly manufacturing and natural ingredients. These bath bombs are sulfate, paraben and chemical free and are great for even sensitive skin. Oh and also, they don’t stain the tub, so you’re not giving someone a mess.

This Kindle Will Be The Best Gift You Give And You Should Also Get One For Yourself

Get a Kindle for everyone you love, I can’t say it enough. I was always a book person, I even used to collect some books, but ever since I switched to a Kindle, I’ve never looked back. This e-reader gives access to millions of books and takes up practically no space, so if you have a traveler or commuter on your list, they’ll appreciate the compact size.

This At-Home Mixology Set Can Make Anyone Feel Like a Pro

No aspiring home mixologist can excel without a proper mixology tool set like this. This 8-piece kit not only comes with the best tools for making drinks, but it includes a stand that keeps things neat on display and a recipe book to get started. To boot, this set is also dishwasher safe, which I think is a big win when giving or receiving a gift.

This Robe Is Extremely Comfy & One That Everyone Should Own

With the rise of this “mob wife aesthetic” trending, I think the most important piece of clothing to have is a robe, because we know that’s what Tony Soprano would want. In all seriousness, this robe is a great gift for anyone on your list because it comes in 15 colors and goes up to a 3X in size. The microfiber is ultra-plush for maximum coziness. No need to take home the hotel robes with this one.

This Practical Sling Bag Is For Days on The Go

If your partner is constantly on the go or a frequent traveler, a good sling bag is a must have. This bag is super adjustable for waist or crossbody wear and has dual pockets to stay organized. Internal pockets and card slots will keep the most valuable items from getting lost and maximize space. This comes in over 70 styles and is totally unisex so you’ll definitely find the perfect one.

The Most Luxurious Hotel Style Pillows

If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel, you know there is something about the pillows that gives you an incredible sleep. Giving that feeling of a luxurious night's sleep to your loved ones is an incredible way to tell them you care. These down alternative pillows are designed for breathability and maximum comfort for any sleeping position while boasting high environmental and safety standards in manufacturing.

This Frother Makes a Great Gift for Coffee Lovers

Going out for a latte every day is an expensive habit, and if someone’s trying to kick that habit or just up their at-home barista game, get them this milk frother. Bodum is one of the most trusted names in coffee, so they’ve thought of everything. Non-stick stainless steel makes this frother a breeze to clean and the compact design solves the bulky storage problem of other frothers.

This Genius Pillow Stand Is for Your Tablet and Kindle

This is the perfect gift for the person who has everything. This pillow pad acts as a stand for tablets and e-readers that frees up the hands and can reduce neck strain. The foam cushion is comfortable and lightweight for travel and the cover unzips right off to put in the laundry. My favorite feature is a little side pocket for things like chargers or headphones.

This Facial Ice Roller Is Inspired By K-Beauty

Unless they’re living under a rock, every self proclaimed beauty guru knows about the benefits of ice rolling for skin health and this roller is sure to impress them. Korean female-owned, this stands out among all its competitors because of its unique roller. The rapid polymer gel head is more gentle on the skin than traditional metal rollers and maintains temperature much longer.

This Tool Is a Way for You to Make Hasselback Potatoes

Your favorite home cook has definitely made hasselback potatoes before. They’re an impressive and delicious way to prepare a potato, but they can be a bit of work to perfect. This slicing station holds a potato securely and forms a guide to slice the perfect potato and create the most impressive restaurant quality side dish.

This Bath Pillow Is a Gift Your Partner May Not Get Themselves

For a lot of people, bath time is a sacred part of their self care ritual and this gift will only make their bath that much more special. This ultra supportive pillow suctions onto the bath or wall and solves the problem that everyone who baths experiences: having no comfortable place to rest your head. It’s waterproof and easy to clean so it also doesn’t harbor bacteria.

These Slipper Socks are Great for Your Partner's Cold Feet

My feet are always cold and I know I’m not alone. These slippers may sound a silly, but they make such a good gift. They are filled with aromatic herbs and can be microwaved to heat up (or also chilled for people whose feet run warm) for ultimate relaxation. My favorite way to use these is to warm them up and put them on to relax in bed after a shower before bed.

This Show-Stopping Tea Set Is Adorable

This tea set is the most show stopping thing on this list of gifts, no doubt. The high quality porcelain set comes with a teapot, cups, saucers, sugar bowl and cream pitcher, it’s everything needed for proper tea except the tea itself. With its display stand, it’s an immediate conversation starter. This is also great for coffee drinkers, in fact I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want this whimsical set.

This Humidifier Will Be a New Favorite Addition To Your Partner’s Nightstand

This humidifier is one of the best gifts I’ve been given recently, which is why I’ll recommend it for everyone else to give to their loved ones. I keep mine on my nightstand to help with my breathing and skin hydration at night because the features are perfect for that. This machine is sleek with ultrasonic cool mist and whisper quiet operations, so it’s not a loud, clunky eyesore and can also be a nightlight if someone wants.

These Noise Canceling Headphones Give the Gift of Peace & Quiet

Sometimes all someone wants is to be left alone, and for those people, the best gift you can give is noise canceling headphones. Aside from a noise canceling feature, these wireless bluetooth headphones are comfortable, foldable for storage and boast a whopping 38 hours of battery life with super high quality sound. They also come with an option to use with a cord.

This Body Oil Is One I’ve Been Swearing By For Years

This is the best shower body oil on the market hands down. I’ve been buying this oil for years for myself and my loved ones and everyone loves it. L’Occitane Almond Oil turns into a milky lather in the shower and doesn’t strip the skin like other soaps. It makes every shower feel like an experience in a luxury spa so it makes a great high-impact gift.

This Murder Mystery Game is Built For The Dinner Party Host in Your Life

I can’t even tell you how many of these games I keep on hand because of how fun they are. It makes a great gift for your partner, your friends or your favorite dinner party host and unlike other dinner mystery games, everyone can play and it can be replayed with different outcomes. Shake up date night or game night with this fun, transporting, immersive game.

This Cuticle Oil Is the Perfect Everyday Gift

Whether someone goes to the salon or does manicures at home, having a good nail care routine shouldn’t be overlooked. This cuticle oil is from OPI’s Pro Spa line and is ultra-nourishing for nails, cuticles, and the skin around the area to prevent damage and even signs of aging. The leakproof tube with a built-in applicator makes it easy for anyone to throw in their nail kit or purse on the go.

This LED Face Mask Is a Perfect Splurge Gift

If you want to impress the self care or beauty guru in your life, this mask will do it. Without invasive procedures, regular use of LED red light therapy penetrates deeply to help with uneven skin tone and signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. This mask from Higher Dose is also slim and great for travel, unlike other clunky alternatives.