Amazon Gift Card products

Getting a gift card as a kid always used to feel like a letdown, but as an adult, it feels more like free money. If you're someone who usually gets themselves anything they need and leaves your wishlist short, you might be wondering what to spend your Amazon gift card on. With a gift card burning a hole in your wallet, Amazon is a world of opportunity.

There is no shortage of unique and useful products on Amazon that everyone wants, so this is the opportunity to go for it. I've gathered a great list of items from Amazon that you'll be thanking yourself for getting.

These Fuzzy Slippers Make the Perfect Winter House Shoe

I live in my slippers at home and can never recommend enough that everyone has a couple good pairs. What I love about this open-toed pair is that they’re still plush but let your feet breathe, and the cross top design keeps the slipper on securely and not flopping off. Available in women's sizes 6-12.

This 2-Pack of Cosmetic Bags Are Washable

Sure, it’s just a cosmetics bag, but it still matters and you deserve to like any bag you own. This 2-pack of bags gives you a place for your makeup and another just for brushes. I know I said it’s just a cosmetics bag, but it’s also a statement (and washable.)  It comes in 27 designs and they’re all seriously so good!

This Tool is the Perfect Way to Treat Yourself on Wine Night

Waiter corkscrews are not that comfortable to use, so when you’re at home, you should be using tools that make your day easier. This unique OXO wine corkscrew works with a lever mechanism in one swift motion and a nonstick corkscrew that prevents resistance. It also includes a built-in foil cutter.

These Headlight Croc Clips Make Walking at Night Easier

Ok I know these seem silly, but if we follow viral girl math, buying something with a gift card makes it free, so you can get something silly. One of the features of Crocs is that you can accessorize them with clips so why not go tactical? Honestly, these are great for dog parents who need to take their dog out at night.

This Gadget Gives You the Luxury of Printing Paper Anywhere

In the 90s, we had computer rooms outfitted with a clunky desktop and printer. Now, having a printer at home is pretty rare even though it would definitely come in handy. This wireless, portable printer works by printing thermally without ink even! Comes in five colors and works via bluetooth or with an optional cord.

This Fuzzy Ball Hand Towel is So Unique

When I came across this fuzzy ball hand towel I knew I had to share it with you guys! It's such a unique take on the bathroom hand towel, and dries so much faster, too, since it's made from microfiber. It's a towel that doubles as decor, and you'll get a set of two to use together or in separate bathrooms.

This Ice Maker Has the Convenience Factor of a Water Bottle

Everyone wants ice in their drinks, but unless you have an ice dispenser at home, it means you have to touch the cubes, which is both cold and a little unsanitary if we’re honest. This really special ice maker pack makes it all easier. Just fill with water, freeze and squeeze to release the ice. Also works as an ice pack in a pinch!

This Affordable Set is a Quiet Luxury Wardrobe Staple

This 2-piece knit set is so well done. It’s comfortable and casual for any lounging, but you can wear it out and even dress it up. Straight legs and batwing sleeves are cozy but also flattering. It looks like a luxury set, but it’s a fraction of the cost, so you can get every color. Available in S-XL and is also machine washable.

This Tool Ensures You Never Have to Bend Down To Wash Your Feet Again

Finding your balance in the wet shower to bend unnaturally all just to wash your feet is an unnecessary risk thanks to this mat. This mat suctions right to the floor or wall, and you can scrub your feet through it to keep your feet clean and gently exfoliated. I love having small luxuries like this in my day.

These Wool Balls Combat the Toxic, Wasteful Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are loaded with toxic chemicals and so wasteful and now you can finally find an alternative. 100% natural wool dryer balls will quickly become your favorite laundry day trick. Adding these to your dryer cycles helps prevent wrinkles, reduce static, soften fabric and actually reduce drying time and consequently your energy bill.

These Sponges Are Like Magic Erasers for Your Sneakers

I don’t believe that it’s possible or practical to keep your shoes looking pristine while also wearing them to live life, but I do greatly believe in having a good way to clean them. SneakERASERS work like miracle sponges just as they proclaim. Simply wet the dual sided sponge to activate and gently buff out stains and scuffs.

This Protective Glove Sits Easily Next to Your Gas Cap

Pump Pal is really such a smart invention. This protective glove magnetizes right inside the door of your car’s gas cap for easy access when you need it just with a small adhesive magnet base. We all know ATMs and doorknobs are filled with germs, so let’s not forget the same caution at high traffic gas pumps.

These Pickleball Paddles Let You Join in on the Craze

Unless you live under a rock, you know that there is no stopping the phenomenon that is Pickleball. There are courts and leagues popping up all over, and if you’ve ever played, you know that it’s as fun as it seems. This set of paddles is great for beginners and advanced players alike thanks to its unique honeycomb design.

This Crossbody Phone Wallet is a Minimalist’s Dream Accessory

When you leave the house with the necessities, it’s usually your wallet and phone. Instead of taking those out of your big tote bag and carrying them or finding a smaller bag, put it all in one with this wallet. This crossbody is a sleek, chic black faux leather wallet that has a slot that fits most phones. It also boasts RFID protection for your credit cards.

This Kitchen Tool Upgrades Your Citrus Juicing Situation

Toss the flimsy plastic citrus squeezer, or even worse, say goodbye to using your hands. This stainless steel squeezer has a unique large base to actually fit larger fruits, which is already an upgrade. The hand polished stainless steel is rust resistant, dishwasher safe and designed to be comfortable on your hands.

These Soap Bars Are Backed By Japanese Skincare Methods

This soap bar is a tiny little skincare powerhouse. Developed with a special Japanese complex, this combines the powers of ingredients like vitamin C, retinol, kojic acid, turmeric and more to reverse dark spot pigmentation. You can use this formula on your face and body to help with discoloration, tone and texture.

This Sunset Lamp Brings Your Own Glow To The Room

Lighting changes a room in an instant and this lamp gives you every opportunity to harness that power from a full 360 degree angle. 16 color settings can project from this lamp to set any mood, and also has music setting options to change with the lighting pattern. Can be controlled with a remote or app.

This Brush Will Make You Wonder Why You Ever Had Any Others

Once you have this, wait for it, self cleaning hairbrush, you’ll never want to go back. Cleaning your hairbrush is humbling, time consuming and generally unpleasant, and this retractable system does it for you. This brush is built for safe detangling with soft bristles and ergonomically comfortable non-slip use.

This Vase is so Good it Should be TikTok Famous

This vase is a conversation piece to say the least, and is unbelievably cool. I love curating unique pieces of home decor like this acrylic book shaped vase. This is great for decorating your entryway, bookshelf or office. Being acrylic, it’s also way more durable than ceramic or glass and is super easy to clean.

This Affordable Robe Feels Like a Luxury Look-Alike

You need a good robe, you just do. An inner and outer belt keep this secure and ¾ sleeves make this wearable through the house without getting dirty. Better than other robes, the waffle knit keeps you warm and looks like a luxury hotel robe in any of the 28 colors. Available in S-XXL.

This Towel Warmer Is Great for Cold Mornings

Having a towel warmer at home is a big flex and something you’ll be so happy you have. This towel warmer bucket fits two oversized bath towels and heats up in just one minute. A timer setting lets you keep temperature for your ideal time for up to one hour before automatic shutoff. Get this before winter is over and thank yourself later.

This Is Your Own Personal On Demand Hand Massager

It’s really not feasible to keep a massage therapist on retainer, so this is the next best thing. We’re all on our phones, computers or using our hands in some way all the time and take them for granted. Give your hands a little break with this cordless massager. A full charge lasts 4-5 hours and it has optional heating to boot.

This Bed Is Perfect for the Cuddly Dog Parents

If you’re anything like me, every once in a while you find yourself going to your dog’s bed for a cuddle, but who wrote the rules and said you can’t find a better way. Get this oversized, ultra cozy human dog bed with a built-in blanket for the best nap of your life. Keep your favorite book or phone in the pocket for safekeeping.

This Eye Serum Has a Tiny Metal Ball for Cooling Purposes

A good eye serum can work wonders on even the most tired days. This eye serum works exceptionally hard on dark circles and bags with 5% caffeine and other ingredients like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid. The metal roller ball applicator massages the under eyes for maximum depuffing.

This Tool Kicks Face Masking Up a Notch

If you’re going to spend time and money on a face mask, make sure you’re making the most of it. This product spatula and applicator is inspired by Ayurvedic practices to promote lymphatic drainage while masking. The spatula side scoops out every bit of product and helps you apply to your skin. The soft brush on the other end helps you remove and exfoliate.

This Heated Blanket Comes with a Pocket for Your Feet

If we start at the bottom of the hierarchy of blankets, it goes: standard, heated and then this sits in the top rank. Not only is this electric blanket heated for warmth and machine washable, but it also has a designated foot pocket for those of us with cold toes. I have one of these and tell everyone that will listen that they need one every winter!

This Heated Mug Is For The Forgetful Coffee Drinkers

It’s easy to make a cup of tea or coffee and get distracted before finishing it, so you’ll find half drunk cold mugs around by the afternoon. This insulated mug comes with a digital warming base to actually keep your drink at the perfect temperature. Perfectly designed, it also has a heat resistant sleeve and handle to prevent burns.

This Essential Oil Spray Was Made for Your Bedding Collection

Scent can really influence the way a space makes you feel, so it should be considered in every space. This essential oil natural bedding spray transforms your bedroom into a retreat and not only makes sleep feel more luxurious, but can help promote relaxation. Comes in a wide range of scents and combinations for every mood and season.

This Gadget Upgrades Your Shower to a[]Concert Experience

Whether you’re in the middle of an audiobook, podcast episode, or just want to have a jam session in the shower, you need a good way to do it. Putting your phone in the sink to “amplify” doesn’t work and you can’t bring your phone in the shower with you. Get this waterproof speaker and hang it in the shower with the included suction cup.

This Wand Improves Your Skin Without The Invasive Procedures

You’ve probably seen those light therapy face masks all over SkinTok and know that they taut major benefits, with a major price tag. This handheld wand from Solawave can help with anti-aging, acne and discoloration like treatments at a spa, but in a travel-friendly wand and without any needles. The unique wand shape is great for spot treating, too.

The Show Stopping Body Oil I Promise You’ll Keep Repurchasing

I am obsessed with this candle style body oil. Light the lead-free cotton wick and pour out the melted product to meet your new favorite body oil that doesn’t leave your skin greasy. Of course this is a unique product, but it’s also 100% natural with skin loving ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil. Use as a moisturizer or massage oil.

These Bags Swap Out Your Single-Use Plastic Options

Most people are bringing their reusable shopping bags to the grocery store, but these take the initiative one step further. Bringing your own reusable drawstring produce bags to the store means you’ll no longer have to use the provided plastic bags. This pack of 13 offers different sizes and color coding, too.

This Glass Gives Your Nightstand a Luxury Hotel Experience

No one’s nightstand realistically looks perfect, but the magazine ready nightstand is not so far out of reach afterall. Instead of a clunky water bottle or unsanitary open glass, get this gorgeous crystal decanter set. The cup is designed specifically to fit on top of the decanter. This is the most chic way to quench that 3am thirst.

This Is a Functional and Beautiful Gym Bag

Gym bags are a necessary evil for fitting fitness into a busy life, but the standard bags are not a beautiful accessory. This bag is timeless and looks so high end but has everything a gym bag needs. There are separate compartments for shoes and wet or dirty clothes and the material is water and scratch resistant.

This Honey Server Keeps the Mess Away

This glass syrup dispenser belongs in every kitchen. No matter the honey or maple syrup bottle, whether a pour spout or squeeze bottle, it’s gonna be sticky. This dispenser is specially designed to solve that problem. The no drip dispenser works with just one touch and rests in a provided mess free stand.

These Eye Masks are the Gold Standard

These cult-favorite hydrating gold eye masks do it all - depuff, reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles, and make you look so much more awake than you feel! You'll get 30 sets of these top-rated eye masks to brighten and smooth your under eyes. Pop them in the fridge before use for extra zing!

This Scrubby Buffer Uses Glass to Kill Your Calluses

Picture it: you're about to pull on your favorite sandals for the first time this season when... oh, no. You didn't realize how much dead skin was camped out on your heels! Put those woes to rest with a scrubber that gently and effectively buffs away any unsightly flakes and callouses. This Bare August foot file uses etched glass to gently-yet-effectively remove all that built-up dead skin without cutting or irritating the health skin below it, like metal foot rasps and powered removers so often do.

This Cutlery Organizer Streamlines Your Kitchen Drawer

Trying to store cutlery in a small space is tough, but Joseph Joseph's genius Drawer Store makes it a breeze. It fits nicely into even small drawers and holds up to 48 pieces of silverware. The stacked design creates more room in your drawer to fit even more stuff, and it's incredibly easy to wash. Joseph Joseph makes some of my favorite kitchen gadgets, including knife blocks that fit in your drawer.

This TikTok-Loved Alarm Clock

I can see why this mirrored LED alarm clock is so popular on TikTok. Its futuristic good looks and sleek style look great on your bedside table, and the large numbers are easy to read even from across the room. A thoughtful touch is the three-level brightness setting in case you don't like too much light while you're trying to sleep.

This Ponytail Baseball Cap Saves Bad Hair Days

Don't let a BHD get you down. Manage to look put together and stylish, even though it only took you five seconds to get ready with this ponytail baseball cap. It comes in eight pigment-washed options for the perfect casual look that'll go with all your at leisure.

This Top-Selling Mascara Almost Broke the Internet

It's the mascara that almost broke the Internet - this Lash Princess mascara has over 213,000 glowing reviews right now. It seriously makes it look like you're wearing false lashes thanks to the special wand that creates so much volume, the before and after reviewer pics will amaze you! The cruelty-free mascara lasts all day so you can be confident it won't smudge, smear, fade, or flake on you.

This Genius Invention Packs a French Press into a Straw

For anyone who loves the bold flavor of French press coffee, but hates the cleanup (and the wait), I present the JoGo. Invented by two nature guides who wanted access to high-quality coffee everywhere, this clever straw filters your coffee or loose-leaf tea as you drink it, making it perfect for delicious brews on the go, without the need for - or mess of - a press. The stainless steel JoGo disassembles for easy cleaning, and works just as well as a non-disposable metal straw. I recently got my hands on a sample JoGo, and it's legitimately awesome. Beautifully made, works perfectly, and incredibly easy to clean.

This Leave-In Conditioner That Protects Your Hair

This Milk_Shake leave-in conditioner protects color-treated hair and hydrates dry strands. This is perfect for all hair types - especially for those who have their hair colored. The milk proteins in this conditioner helps regenerate your hair, making it more manageable when styling. They also include natural ingredients in their products, like a fruit exact and honey formula, which we love. The leave-in conditioner has an overall 4+ star rating on Amazon - we are not surprised!

This Laundry Door Prop Prevents Stinky Washers

We have a front-loading washer that gets incredibly stinky if the door's closed for even a few minutes. I've been using this popular laundry door prop to keep the airflow going, and it's made such a difference! The super strong magnet holds the gadget on your washer securely, and the rubber-coated arm won't scratch the finish.