Gift Guides

The holidays are a celebratory time when we can all gather together and indulge in one specific love language: the art of gift-giving. If you’re looking to get a jump start on that miles-long list before the holiday crush engulfs us, fear not: we’ve curated a varied and all-encompassing gifting guide that accommodates everyone– from your father-in-law to your nieces and nephews and that kind next door neighbor you share a weekly book club with.

We’ve got everything here: from ultra cozy winter-ready layers that’ll keep your loved ones bundled up in the chilly winter weather to at-home essentials that make those work-from-home days easier, to picks that encourage new habits or fun extracurricular activities, the following selections embrace the generous spirit of the holiday season with aplomb. Plus, you can tailor each pick to a specific person in your life. Time to check this off your list!

This Viral Tumbler Will Increase Your Water Intake

For the health-obsessed friend in your life, this 40-ounce tumbler is a spot-on swap for a popular brand. Keeping beverages colder for longer with a handy insulated design, the lightweight, modern cup also has an ergonomic handle and a straw, which according to reviews makes the leak-resistant find a top-tier and convenient gift.

This Travel-Friendly Crockpot Keeps Food Warm On-The-Go

With the influx of gatherings happening around the holidays, it’s always a good idea to come prepared whether it’s a potluck-style soiree or a wine night with friends, this electric kettle is the perfect addition to any kitchen lineup. It keeps food consistently warm and is so easy to transport from your home to theirs and back.

This Milk Frother Whips up Coffee Shop-Worthy Lattes in Seconds

Speaking of presents coffee lovers will enjoy, this handheld milk frother makes it easier than ever to whip up a perfect latte from the comfort of your home. The ergonomically built electric design whisks away to your heart's content, using a powerful motor and an easy on/off switch for all the top-tier frothing potential.

This Bluetooth Speaker Lets You Bring the Tunes With You

Whether you’re chilling at home, or throwing a house party, this compact wireless speaker makes it easier than ever to fill the room with crisp, exceptional sound that can be heard from any room. Equipped with 24-hour playtime, the small but mighty waterproof speaker stays with you through any adventure, so you can pump up the jams 24/7.

This Viral Red Light Therapy Wand Plumps the Skin

Solawave’s popular red light-equipped facial wand will make any skincare lover smile this holiday season. With seven powerful LED lights, therapeutic warmth, and a soothing facial massage, the four-in-one skincare device works hard to reduce fine lines, brighten dark spots, and depuff with a daily five-minute treatment you can do right from home.

This Pickle Ball Paddle Set Starts the Season off on the Right Foot

Pickleball fans, it's time to share the love. Get your friends and family into the art of the beloved game with a set of durable beginner paddles complete with an ultra-cushioned ergonomic handle. New players can trust these paddles on the court, as the double-layered design is built to last with the best high-tech detailing.

This Cleansing Duo Is Formulated for Sensitive Skin

Any skincare fanatic will tell you that First Aid Beauty always delivers, offering gentle, affordable staples you can rely on. Take this facial cleanser, for example, it’s formulated for sensitive skin, using aloe, glycerin, and more to nourish and calm your complexion while also removing daily dirt and oils. It’s a win that comes with a travel-sized daily treatment.

This Unsuspecting Pen Makes the Perfect Gift for Dad

No, it’s not just a party trick, this do-it-all pen is about to make someone’s holidays all the brighter with a selected set of handy add-ons. Masquerading as a simple writing utensil, this ‘pen’ hides a bottle opener, an LED light, a full-on ruler, a ballpoint pen, and a screwdriver in one sleek package.

This Waffle-Knit Towel Redefines Post-Shower Dry Off-Time

Plush, absorbent, and complete with a waffle knit design, this ultra-luxurious bath towel is not a ‘typical holiday gift’ at the outset. Yet, it’s one your recipient will love and ask where you got it from so they can buy a bunch more! The quick dry Japanese cotton and silk towel is basically a dream come true.

This Timeless Cardigan Makes for a Stylish Layer

Who doesn’t want to feel cozy as the weather dips low and snow starts to blanket the streets? There’s something so soft about snuggling up in a warm cardigan and this longline version fits the bill and then some. The open-front design is one you’ll want to relayer time and time again!

This Viral Facial Serum Is a True Skincare Staple

Any skincare lover would be delighted to receive this viral K-beauty serum! Not only has it earned rave reviews and a cult following thanks to its innovative, gentle formula, it actually does the work, using powerful snail mucin to plump fine lines, brighten hyperpigmentation spots, and hydrate dry skin for a noticeably glowing look that’s hard to miss.

This Crossbody Wallet Lets You Carry Only the Essentials

Whether you’re on a jog or just running errands, say goodbye to clunky bags and hello to a compact solution that carries all your essentials in one chic design. With a hidden wallet compartment for any cards, the phone-sized crossbody is a convenient solution for those always on the go.

These Glass Coffee Cups Elevate Your At-Home Drink Cart

As a tried and true coffee mug aficionado, I’ve tried out thousands of seemingly great mugs in my search. Now, I’m here to tell you that these tempered glass mugs are the real deal with a cool modern feel and a cold-to-the-touch handle. It’s a hot beverage lover's dream come true.

This Satin Pillowcase Set Makes Your Sleep Routine Better

For anyone in need of a sleep upgrade, these silky pillowcases elevate the one place you rest time and time again: your bedroom pillow! Using a cooling satin material, the two-piece set is a lesser-known hack that’s gentle on your skin and hair, helping to prevent breakage, irritation, and blemishes over time.

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Brings All the Books to One Handheld Device

For the avid reader in your life, give them the gift of unlimited options. The ever-popular Amazon Kindle is an innovative reading device that makes it possible to store thousands of captivating novels on one sleek, glare-proof screen. With different light options, it’s possible to read in any setting, no matter the time of day.

This Hot Air Brush Creates an Effortless Blowout At Home

Getting an effortlessly voluminous blowout used to require a timely and expensive trip to the salon. Nowadays, there’s an easier and more convenient option you can give to your closest friends. The Revlon blow dry brush is a salon-worthy tool that makes it possible to achieve a red carpet-worthy hairstyle on a daily basis.

This Shower Head Brings a High-Pressure Water Stream to Any Bathroom

Help your friends and family upgrade their homes this season with an easy-to-install shower head. Adding an extra luxe touch to any bathroom setup, the gold 360 design features a soothing rainfall spout and high-pressure waterfall. The low-maintenance upgrade comes with a clean setting, bringing your daily shower routine experience to new levels of calm.

These Sleek and Stylish Bootcut Yoga Pants Are a Cool Everyday Staple

These sleek bootcut yoga pants are an easy-to-wear twist on the usual cut. Prioritizing movement and ease without sacrificing on style or quality, the highly reviewed find is a spot-on dupe for a luxury brand. Made with a moisture-wicking material that’s never seen through, these stretchy yet fitted pants have a high-waisted band and hidden pockets!

This Cozy Christmas Candle Brings the Scent of the Season to Your Home

As Taylor Swift sings in her holiday hit Christmas Tree Farm, there’s something nostalgic and endearingly cozy about embracing seasonal scents. Take this hand-poured candle for instance: the 16 oz soy candle has an endless burn time, filling your space with alluring evergreens, fir, and pine. Strike a match, cozy up, and enjoy the holiday season with a gorgeous scent.

This Sunrise Alarm Makes for Healthy Sleeping Habits

Start your morning off on the right foot with a clock that mimics a natural sunrise for an easily adjustable wake-up routine you can follow. Equipped with a gentle alarm clock, soothing colorful options, white noise, and a Bluetooth setting, this versatile clock helps you wake up easily and go to sleep faster.

This Innovative Rice Cooker Makes[]Meal Prep Easier Than Ever

This do-it-all kitchen device is worth its weight, using six different settings to cook everything from rice to grains perfect for adding to steamed veggies, sizzling soups, and more. There’s something so instantly satisfying about this classic device, maybe it’s that it’s easy to clean or maybe it’s that it’s a reliable appliance that makes perfect rice every time.

This Heatless Curling Set Gets A+ Tousled Waves Every Time

There’s a reason this viral heatless curling method has garnered endless praise– it works, consistently turning out bouncy, gorgeous waves and all you have to do is wrap your hair and sleep on it! The satin set, which includes a soft rod and hair ties, stays in place, transforming your hairstyle without any heat damage to be seen!

These Shearling-Lined Slippers Are an Affordable Alternative to a Popular Style

Just like the cardigan mentioned earlier, these slippers stand out as a cozy staple that’s sure to earn a smile upon unwrapping. The popular plush design is temperature regulating with moisture-absorbing soft shearling lining, for a versatile indoor or outdoor shoe that reviewers say is ten out of ten worth it.

This Self-Heating Coffee Mug Keeps Beverages Warm This Winter

Introducing a mug that you won’t have to reheat. So whether you’re sipping on a morning latte or trying out eggnog at the holiday party, the incredible mug is always at the perfect temperature. With an innovative temperature setting ranging from warm to piping, the design keeps your beverage at the perfect temp…. Just press the on button and enjoy!

This Glowing LED Birch Branch Adds the Perfect Holiday Feel to Any Space

‘Tis the season to go all out, so why not bring a little bit of luminous cheer to your home with a gorgeous birch branch decked out in 100 glowing LED lights? The simple, battery-operated decor piece operates on a timer, adding an unmistakably warm holiday ambiance to any room, or event.

This Neck Pillow Travel Set Makes Any Plane Ride Comfortable

Want to ensure that your in-law's next visit is smooth sailing? Give them the gift of comfort with this plush memory foam travel pillow for a luxurious plane nap that won’t strain their neck. With accompanying ear plugs, and an eye mask, the supportive travel set is adjustable, washable, and snaps onto any suitcase!

This Single-Serve Mini Keurig Brings Convenience to Every Home

Who here relies on a good cup of coffee to wake up? Whether you’re gifting this mini Keurig to an off-to-college relative or introducing your parents to the simple joys of K-cups, this sleek, compact, and easy-to-maneuver design makes the perfect cup of coffee every time, using speedy efficiency and only one cup of water.

This Unique Candle Brings All the Welcoming Vibes to Any Housewarming Party

The perfect gift for new friends here! This sweet-smelling candle is an extra thoughtful find that fills every new home with a warm, alluring scent. Evoking the exciting fresh start feelings of a new home with jasmine, sandalwood, and cedarwood, this candle sets the ground for new memories. The hand-poured soy blend is one they’ll love to light.

This Weightless Oil Smoothes Frizz & Fights Heat Damage

As most TikTok girls know, hair oiling is an essential part of any thorough hair care routine, and this particular oil does the hard work with ease, taming frizz, improving shine, and helping your hair heal with bonding properties! The lightweight oil protects from heat damage and according to reviewers, is a holy grail find for haircare experts.

This Steel Corkscrew Makes It Easy to Open Up Tough Bottles

Say goodbye to the endless twisting associated with old-fashioned wine openers! This innovative automatic corkscrew makes it easier than ever to open and enjoy a classic bottle of wine. Utilizing an ergonomic handle with comfortable leverage, the convenient design uses a non-stick screw to automatically release any cork and cut through the foil with one simple move.

This Jade Gua Sha and Roller Duo Makes Self-Care a Daily Habit

Indulge in self-care this holiday season with a jade gua sha and roller duo. The tried and true set helps to depuff, increase circulation, and firm skin for an instantly lifted glow. Swipe the roller over fine lines, or use the gua sha to release jaw tension, either way, this handcrafted high-quality set will excite any skincare lover.

This Nifty Electric Kettle Makes a Great and Convenient Cup of Tea

Delight your tea-loving friends with an electric upgrade that’s guaranteed to make their daily beverage in a snap. With a heat-resistant handle, a glowing LED light, and a handy auto-off feature, the high-quality glass kettle is a true improvement, heating up water lightning fast and lasting a lifetime’s worth of tea.

This Electric Gooseneck Kettle Is a Blend of High Tech and Traditional

I know we touched on gifting electric kettles earlier– and if you’re reluctant to add a modern appliance that harkens back to an old tradition, there’s still a good in-between option that optimizes the sleek nostalgia of a gooseneck kettle with the speedy efficiency of the modern electric updates. This matte black design combines it all in one lightweight package.

This Bluetooth Numeric Keypad Allows for On-The-Go Calculations

Okay, maybe you don’t need a numeric keypad to do on-the-go calculations, but the small yet effective separate keypad is a time-saving God-send for anyone in STEM. Allowing for endless computing on a comfortable, quick-to-respond keypad makes your work days all the easier, whether you’re tallying word count or in the actuarial field.

This Color-Changing Blush Is Going Viral for Good Reasons

Have you heard of this oil-based color-changing blush? The cruelty-free formula reacts to your skin's natural pH for a personally customized color that only you can create. The weightless oil formula is long-lasting so you can create a buildable everyday sheen. Focusing on color and moisture with skin-soothing aloe, the flattering blush is a big hit!

This Sleek Pour Over Coffee Maker Makes a Simple and Classic Cup

Give the gift of delicious coffee with this tried and true Chemex pour-over. The timeless glass design was created in 1941 with the intention of creating a perfectly balanced pour-over that filters expertly. It still exists today and is known as the pinnacle of at-home coffee making any coffee lover will surely recommend it with aplomb.

These Affordable Gold Hoops Add a Sleek Feel to Your Everyday Accessories

Go for gold in your everyday life with a pair of sleek gleaming hoops. Trendy and perpetually in style, these weightless gold earrings channel your inner Selena Gomez. Adding a set of everyday hoops to your rotation can feel like a commitment but when you find ones you can rely on, they become a staple accessory.

This Classic Black Beanie Is a Tried and True Winter Staple

In the words of Doctor Taylor Swift, some things really ‘never go out of style’. Take this classic, cozy black beanie. The warm knit hat adorned heads everywhere, keeping you warm during the chilly winter months. Both a staple in any winter-laden closet and a classic in every sense of the word, Carhart makes beanies worth buying.

This Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner Uses Coconut Oil to Hydrate Dry, Damage Strands

Winter cold can wreak havoc on your hair, so why not keep it hydrated and soft with a simple leave-in conditioner? This smoothing elixir uses a blend of nourishing coconut oil, hyaluronic acid, and more to add needed moisture, while also protecting against heat damage and taming frizz all in one go.

This Innovative Filtered Straw Brews Coffee and Tea on the Go

Grind coffee, add water, sip out of straw, and prepare to be amazed. This multipurpose stainless steel design makes it easier than ever to brew up a perfect morning beverage with zero hassle. Featuring an unscrewable filter and a heat-regulated top, reviews also point out that the modern find keeps any and all grounds out of the finished cup.

This Teakwood Spoon Set Adds an Elegant Feel to Any Kitchen

Give the gift of gorgeous kitchenware with a set of polished natural teak wood cooking utensils. Sure to last a lifetime, the high-quality six-pack set comes with everything from a soup spoon to mixing spoons and a beautiful matching holder that adds a nice homey touch to every kitchen setup.

This Patterned Knit Cardigan Checks All the Boxes

Am I suggesting you purchase every cozy sweater on the list? No, I’m not, but they’ll always be a surefire win. Take this stylish colorblock sweater for example: it’s lightweight yet warm, in a cool, eye-catching pattern that remains timeless, skirting trends and focusing on a wearable soft staple you’ll reach for every winter.

This Handcrafted Garlic Keeper Looks Elegant on Your Counter

For the talented chef in the family, who is constantly creating new recipes, this handcrafted pot is the gift for you, allowing your garlic to breathe, while simultaneously keeping the aromatic vegetable fresher for longer. The sturdy and beautiful terracotta design is handcrafted in the U.K. and is made specifically to promote good airflow.

These Cool Apple Airtags Make Finding Things Easier Than Ever

We all have that one friend who tends to lose everything, but there’s a way to ensure they’ll find it with an innovative tracking device. The Apple Airtag keeps track of easy-to-misplace items and sends a nifty signal, alerting you to its location. People use them to keep track of their pets, their phones, and yes, heavy winter coats.

These Trendy Gold Hoops That Add an Effortless Sleek Style to Any Outfit

Jewelry is a universally beloved gift because it’s both personal and unique, working across various lives. By adding a gleaming touch of confidence to even the most casual of outfits, these modern and minimalistic golden hoops, for example, are a lightweight 14k yellow gold design that adds a classic, polished feel to any look.

These Bright Blue Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Have a Long Battery Life

When one of my good friends asked for an affordable headphone recommendation, I sent them this link because the wireless Bluetooth design stacks up against viral brands for a fraction of the price, and double the battery life Which, in turn, makes it the perfect gift for your loved ones, whether they’re working from home, or heading off to class.

This Mug Warmer Keeps Your Beverages At the Perfect Temperature

Keep your warm beverages hot for longer thanks to a portable plug-in warming tray. This electric coffee warmer brings ease and innovation to your life, cutting down on rewarming microwave trips during those long work-from-home days. Equipped with an auto-off feature, this simple yet life-changing tray has three heating settings and an endless amount of power.

This Ice Roller Makes It Easy to Depuff and Revitalize Your Skin

Start your morning off on the right foot with an icy skincare tool designed to invigorate your skin, stimulate circulation, and relieve tension. This sleek ice roller is made to depuff and destress with an easy-to-roll handle and a smooth, cold, and effective icy end. Glowing reviews mention the high-quality design, durability, and pleasant chilling effect.

This Lightweight Striped Sweater Makes for an A+ Wardrobe Staple

Err on the side of classic this season with a trendy striped sweater. This cozy pullover will earn you all the style points with drapey sleeves, a cropped hem, and a stylish striped design. It’s a lightweight yet perfectly thick knit, adding a warm, cozy layer to your wardrobe to help beat the winter chill.

This Backup Portable Charger Duo Keeps Electronics at Full Battery

Much like the Apple Airtags mentioned earlier, this gift fulfills a staple need instead of focusing on entertainment. By keeping your phone charged, the fast-charging two-pack comes in handy on long travel days and more. With two USB ports and a sleek design, this portable charger duo will surely get endless usage for years to come.