Megan Cooper

Megan Cooper

Megan Cooper is a content writer from Charlotte, North Carolina. She has a M.A.S. in Film and Media Studies from Arizona State University and a B.S. in Public History from Appalachian State University. Utilizing her historical training, she has contributed to several academic institutions and cultural publications including My Modern Met, Girl Museum Inc., the Walker Local and Family History Center, and the National Park Service.


As a trained historian, Megan has always had a passion for the material culture of the past and has cultivated a unique expertise in antiques, particularly those dating from the 20th century. She has a fondness for antiques and vintage items pertaining to the Cold War Era as well as those from film and music history. Pieces from her personal collection include early 20th century lithographs, antique Kodak and Polaroid cameras, and various mid-century household goods, advertisements, and prints.

Gender & Women’s History

Another of Megan’s passions lies in researching historic gender roles and how the people of the past used fashion and style to express their gender identities. She’s written for History Matters about Sean Connery’s portrayal of James Bond’s impact on British masculinity in the 1960s, and has also helped research sites of girlhood for Exploring American Girlhood through 50 Historic Treasures, which is currently available for purchase.


Fascinated by cocktail history and armed with the knowledge gained from her Barsmarts Spirits and Mixology Certification, Megan works towards demystifying mixology for the casual cocktail lover and amateur mixologist. She focuses on taking classic cocktails and making them accessible for anyone to be able to enjoy at home.

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Visit the collaborative blog To Doing Things for more of Megan’s work.

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